Feb. 11th, 2012

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So that addiction to Pandora I was talking about two entries ago?

Yeah, it's a fully fledged confirmed addiction. I have a Yoko Kanno station now. BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME. The current track is off of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. I'm in music heaven right now.

In other news, I'm writing more fanfiction using the tried and true methods of Word of the Day prompts - for Gundam Wing of all things. I'm also working on chapter 9 of Boxes in the Attic, which will hopefully conclude in chapter 10. I'm finding it a little slow going, if only because most of the major revelations were done in the first few chapters. Hm. I should have started on the ground level.


So yes, I'm still writing. And once Boxes in the Attic is done, I'll start some Haven WOTD fics. The selection from Wordsmith.org is pretty good, and a lot of the words fit the show so ridiculously well that the drabbles more or less write themselves. It's pretty fun, actually. So no, if you were wondering, I have not abandoned Boxes, it's just being difficult and I will finish it when I finish it.
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When five notes into the new song you can immediately identify it - and as a song that you wouldn't normally associate with the channel you're currently listening to.

So remember that Yoko Kanno channel I made?

Currently playing David Lanz and Paul Speer's "First Light." And I knew that it was "First Light" five notes into the song.

Cue the, "WTF, Pandora, this is the Yoko Kanno channel. I'll make that David Lanz channel eventually..."


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