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I went to see The Avengers yesterday.

thasdnijhq832tja8dthnsduivauksg uihaedgpadgha h uidgfhuiasdgf asfh GUH.

Just go watch it. That is all on that front, thank you. (Also, as it is a Marvel movie, sitting through the credits is a must.)

And also, ajismeskfiasnfdiasf *FLAIL* about yesterday's episode of Korra.

So I have this sort of not-so-cracked-out theory...

…that Mako does like Korra but keeps himself aloof because he knows that Bolin’s head over heels for her and he’s always taking care of Bolin and trying to give his baby brother everything - so he’s denying his own feelings for her.

And then she calls him on his bullshit and he doesn’t know what to do.

And I do think that he genuinely likes Asami because Asami is actually pretty cool, but at the same time he can’t exactly forget that he likes Korra even though he wants to be happy for Bolin.

Honestly, I think Mako’s logic is that Korra is the first girl that Bolin’s shown more than a passing fancy for and the fact that Bolin sees that Korra is more than just pretty, or, *le gasp!*, the Avatar, and shows serious interest in her. He wants to encourage his brother to engage in a normal, healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex. I’m willing to hazard a guess that most of Bolin’s relationships up until now have involved his fangirls and are never anything too serious. Mako’s big brother instincts would like that to change, mm’kay?

I’m starting to see that the target audience for this show is obviously a bit older than Avatar: The Last Airbender (so how much stuff went flying past the radar in this episode alone?), and that’s just in terms of how the relationships are presented. But holy crap, we’re entering into soap opera territory at this point! (So, does this make it a kung-fu opera? I know there are space operas, but I don’t know about kung-fu operas…)

So...yeah. Korra is killing me dead with feelings.

In other news I have a food hangover (where you eat a lot of really delicious but decidedly bad for you food and then feel sick and miserable after but it was totally worth it because that food was delicious, damn it) so I'm currently sipping tea and reading trashy fanfiction because I can.

And also because I need to entertain myself while my mother in law watched an episode of CSI: Miami on VHS in my bedroom because her VCR isn't working.
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