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Actually, I kid.

But I have stayed up until two AM reading fanfiction, so make of that what you will.

With my husband fishing with his dad this weekend, I've been hanging out at the Amorra TinyChat talking to the lovely ladies (and the few lads) and all in all BSing about stupid things and asploding from Amorra related feels. Don't judge me. Since Amorra is my crack!ship of choice (mainly because it gets all the awesome fanfic and fanart), I've decided to actually participate in fandom for a change. And I've been loving every God damn second of it.

In other news, today I shall clean the apartment, which includes, but is not limited to, doing the dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, and putting the guest room back in order after tearing it apart to get to something in a box that was shoved back in the corner.

Oy with the poodles already.


I shall turn on Pandora on the HTPC while I work because I always do better with music to motivate me. And since I'm home alone I don't have to worry about if my music annoys my husband or not.
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This weekend my state has free fishing (meaning no license required, in hopes of people who go out this weekend will have so much fun that they'll pay to go get a license so they can keep going all season), so my husband and his dad are out trying to catch dinner. Since I've left my husband on plenty of occasions to go and have fun and he's stuck with all the cleaning, I've been going at it quite industriously since ten-thirty(ish).

The kitchen is cleaned up, save some serious scrubbing that I may or may not get to today. The bathroom is spotless except I am as yet to return the bathmats and the towels to it. I'm going to vacuum the whole apartment even if it kills me, primarily around the windows were the bug infestations seems to have begun.

I really want this place sparkling, or as close to sparkling as I can get. Which isn't saying much, since as a general rule my husband and I keep it as clean as we possibly can. But there is some incidental cleaning that just doesn't get done until I have nothing better to do. Since the other option for today is sitting and watching the Anne of Green Gables TV movie that I got from Netflix and cutting out pattern pieces for my Steampunk costume, I'm going to go with getting cleanning done first. I may have to wait until my husband gets home before I can go through some of the accumulated junk mail on the dining room table, though. Otherwise damn near everything else has been cleaned out and off. Which lemme tell you is a little odd, because there's almost always clutter SOMEWHERE.

Alas, break time is over. Time to get back into the swing of things.
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I'm sure I have mentioned the fact that my husband and I have a spare bedroom. It's primary function is crash space for friends who go out drinking with us and can't drive home or hosting out of town visitors. It's secondary function is storage for stuff that doesn't go anywhere else. It currently hosts a plethora of costumes and my dress maker's dummy. To the point where you can't see the bed.

I decided that I should recover it, especially if [ profile] forgotten_relic is going to be visiting soon and need crash space. I've almost unearthed the bed, which included finally putting Sheena away after her trip to Sakura-con (I'll post a photo or two eventually), finally putting the final parts of the My Little Pony away (the pants and jacket had been put away almost immediately following con; the tail, shirt and wig were an entirely different matter), and hanging the saree. But! Now that most costumes and pieces are put away, I can start looking forward to 1) sewing the costume for Halloween (which will eventually double as my Sunako from The Wallflower) and 2) sewing a new outfit for Sophia, who is going to look like a total dandy compared to the rest of the crew of the H.M.S. Persephone.

Since I bought an under bust at Sakura-con, I see no point in letting it go to waste - I'm going to incorporate it into Sophia's new costume. This also means that I'm changing her color scheme to red and black, which include red and black boots, a dress made out of black suiting (if I can find black suiting with red pinstripes even better) with red accents. I also need to get a small steampunk pistol for her to carry (I want to put it in her garter, but it might end up in her boot or hidden under her bustle) and well a pair of goggles. Cooking with oil on an airship? She's going to need them! I should also make her an apron, but that may be her secondary costume. She may have a couple - one for when she first gets on the boat and the second being after she's been on board a while. Will most likely incorporate pants.

I'm hoping to make it to Steamcon, which is why I want to try and get Sophia done this summer. Also, I want to get Sunako done as soon as possible. I was toying with the idea of making period appropriate underthings - but I might just settle for making a pair of bloomers and wearing my full Victorian corset under the dress. Even if the corset is bright blue, 1) the satin is thick enough and 2) there are enough layers that theoretically it shouldn't bleed through the rest of the costume. (I hope. After this entry is posted I will probably end up in the guest room with the fabric for Sunako's dress and the corset testing just how badly it'll bleed through.)

Anyway, I should probably try again to recover the guest room. It's really a shame that I let it get as bad as it does.
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So in today's earlier post I noted that I was running around the apartment cleaning because the weather sucked and I should have done it over the weekend.

I can now honestly say that I am done. At least with the stuff that I can take care of on my own. Apparently my husband has plans for the old home theater system and he's flat out refusing to put his books away. (I should note here that all of my books are on the shelf where they belong, alphabetical by author, and then reading order within certain series or order of publication.) The dining room table is mostly cleared off, and by mostly I mean that there's the folder with all of the KNRC fundraiser stuff in it, some junk mail and receipts I have to sort through, and then a print I bought in Cannon Beach back in May of '08 that I still haven't framed and put up still left on it.


The point is that things are recovered to the point that should a complete stranger want to see the apartment I would not be embarrassed to let them in. Of course now I've just noticed the wilting roses from Valentine's Day that I should toss...but I'm thinking that's a job for tomorrow. It's not even a matter of things being dirty - as a quick broom to the kitchen and the bathroom will take care of most of the messes there.

Of course I'm now worn out. It's why they call it house work. And while I do not want this to be my entire life (do not expect me to be that perfect 1950s housewife with dress and the crinoline and the apron and the heels and the pearls, I'm more likely to stab you in the eye with a dull spoon that wear that all day), I do find it cathartic to toss things I don't need anymore and clean away the dust and the cobwebs.

I'll probably spend the rest of the evening sitting back and watching a movie, but I'm not sure which one...
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Since the entire state of Washington is under a winter storm watch/advisory, I've decided that today is a good day to clean house. Especially since I didn't feel like exercising today and cleaning house can actually burn a lot of calories. There is a reason why they call it "house WORK."

It is currently windy as all get out (in the Tri-Cities, NO WAY!), and trying rain/hail/snow/slush. WE HAVE PRECIPITATION, OKAY.

Since my husband and I said that we were going to vacuum and deep clean on Sunday (and then didn't), I'm doing it today. I'm going to try and recover the dining room table again and then unearth the guest room, seeing as in little over a week my baby sister is going to be sleeping there.

I'm not too terribly worried about the dining room table - most of it is paperwork I need to shred and toss, and put my CDs back into my car. There is also the small matter of cleaning out the box that I'm going to store the TCLBA documents in, but I'm also planning on getting around to that today as well. The guest room requires me to find something to do with our old home theater system, as we have no use for it now. The DVD/CD player is a little wonky, but otherwise it works just fine. I think we were going to try and pawn it off on my husband's sister or parents, otherwise we were going to take it in for recycling. I then get to tuck boxes, bags that were brought down due to traveling, and try and find a place for costume pieces. Which may or may not include me taking everything out of the closet to try and get everything to fit. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

At the moment I really should have lunch and get going again, and remind myself to put on a sweat shirt before I go into the guest room because we have it closed off and it's cold in there.
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Yesterday I went bowling with my immediate family. It's something of a winter break tradition with us, where we meet up at the bowling alley for bowling, beer and fries. It was fun and I bowled fairly consistently - 112 for my first two games and then 116 for the last game. My thighs are killing me, though. Though that could be the bowling in tandem with the fact that I went a mile on the treadmill yesterday, running the last quarter mile.

Today I have a party at my friend Sabrina's house. [ profile] travellyr, [ profile] sideshow_ericka, [ profile] chaosblue, [ profile] irksnapple and [ profile] amberdexterious will all be there, along with pretty much the rest of the gang. It doesn't start until eight, so about seven I'll start making rice to go with the curry and I'll probably send my husband to pick up a couple of take and bake pizzas from the grocery store. He wants to use his Star Trek pizza cutter pretty badly, and what better time than at the New Year's party? (He also wants to use his titanium spork, so I'm fully expecting that to show up as well.) I need to remember to pack Apples to Apples and some Wii games as well, and most likely along with our Wii because we have all of the save data. I also need to remember my can of Cougar Gold and the turron. I just can't remember if anyone in the group is allergic to almonds or not. (Off to Facebook to make a quick inquiry.)

My husband and I spent the morning cleaning the apartment, because we were out of town on Sunday and failed to do it on Monday. I'm quite relieved that everything is clean again, and I really need to go over the dining room table one last time and toss all of the adds and crap that we aren't using anymore and make one more feeble attempt to reclaim it. (I doubt it will work but it's at least worth a shot.)

Anyway, I need to finish up the cleaning and maybe I'll play some more Donkey Kong Country Returns. Damn that game is addictive.
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I don't really have any big plans for today. My husband and I bought a new battery for my car at Costco (about twenty dollars cheaper with a three month warranty than anywhere else) and probably this afternoon or tomorrow morning he'll change out the old battery with the new one. The old one will be taken back to Costco so that they can dispose of it properly.

While at Costco we decided to stock up on a few essentials. I'm pretty sure we now have enough toilet paper to get us through the Apocalypse, along with a crapton of lotion (because winter dries me out like nobody's business), and some supplements. I've been having wrist and hip issues, my husband's bad knee is going from bad to worse, so glucosamine and a daily multi-vitamin were picked up. We'll see if that helps at all.

I've decided that I want to make some Gurren Lagann icons, especially since another member of the GL comm uploaded screen shots of both movies. I'm also toying with the idea of making a GL mood theme. Mostly because I can and I think it would be funny. And what else do I really have planned for today?

Though, I probably should finish cleaning the guest room. My dad called me yesterday and asked if it were possible for him to stay with me when he came up to visit. I'm not entirely sure what the plan is beyond him spending Christmas with my sister and her kids. I know that he wanted to visit with me on the 22, and I have no idea if I'm supposed to be making dinner, but that may be the night that I plan for something that could possibly be good for 3 people. Hm, my turky-loaf, perhaps. That said, he also mentioned traveling on the 23rd. I have no idea where to - I know he was talking about going up to Pullman for a quick visit but I have no idea if he was planning that before or after Christmas. And where he proposed trip to the Walter clan in Wenatchee was planned for.

Anyway, I've got roughly two weeks to finish getting things cleaned up around here - mostly because I do want things clean when my dad get here. (Which means I should try and find a frame for a print I picked up in Cannon Beach over two years ago. It's still not framed and thus not hanging on the wall like I originally intended.) I have to try and recover the dining room table again because 'tis the season of copious amounts of junk mail and catalogs. I need to sort through the ones that I might potentially be ordering out of, or else stick them in to be recycled. I also need to find a home for the poinsettia that I've inherited from my mother-in-law. At the moment I think it's going to end up on the coin operated candy dispenser right next to my aloe.

Okay, it's official. I don't want to do anything right now so I'm gonna just sit on the couch and play video games.
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I'm five minutes back into the Slayers fandom and I've already done archive diving for smut. Lina/Gourry smut. Written by [ profile] dqbunny no less. Tee-hee!

At any rate, I've managed to watch the first four episodes of the first season and I'll probably keep picking away at it during loads of laundry and phone calls to potential dessert donors this week. Also somewhere in there I need to recover the guest room, which will probably include finding a way to either hang Sheena or clear out more drawers so I can fold her up and put her away because guess what, she can actually fit in a drawer and doesn't need to be hung up. I can probably get away with folding up the My Little Pony as well and attempt to free up some space in the closet because hoo-boy it's near to bursting.

Huh. Maybe I should just tackle the guest room full on. It's reached the point that you can't even see the bed any more because it's so covered in crap. So perhaps that should be my goal - I've only been putting it off for weeks. ^^;; (I'm a master of procrastination, except for when it came to my college papers, in which case I dove straight in with reckless abandon and didn't surface until the first draft was written.) I just need to pull on a sweatshirt and get to work like I've been telling my husband that I was going to do until the shiny distractions of either the Internet, Christmas shopping or something else would come up. However I really don't have an excuse today. I have time to get the guest room cleaned out and since I've more or less reached the point of finishing my Christmas shopping online it's not like I'm going to be out of the house for hours on end attempting to find that perfect gift for someone. I have the time and rather than goofing off I'm going to buckle down and JUST DO IT. /inspirational speech

Most importantly I need to get those boxes of clothes out of the guest room and ready to be taken to Goodwill. I promised my kid sister that I would let her go through them so that she could pick out the stuff she wanted and then whatever was left would be donated. If I'm not gonna wear them and she's not gonna wear them, might as well get them to somebody who will. Wins all around.

I also want to write a thinky post about slacktivism and the latest Facebook trend. Facebook and Twitter are breeding grounds of slacktivism, something I was thinking about today as I was going about my morning routine. But that can wait for later. Much later. I may need to do a little research and get back to everyone with that.
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I exercised for fifteen minutes today. Which is better than the zero I was thinking about when I got up. (This is what I get for going through my hard-drive to weed out unnecessary files until one am.) After spending a couple of days not losing any weight, I've started a slow crawl towards my goal. So either I was eating a shit-ton of junk over the last couple of weeks, or my body has decided that it's going to plateau early. I shouldn't hit my plateau for another month, thank you very much! As it stands, it'll probably be another month before I really start seeing results, though I have noticed that my pants are feeling a little loose.

The oven is now all clean, thanks to nearly five hours at nearly 900 degree heat. There's a little bit of ash at the bottom that I need to wipe up, but that should take all of two minutes. I also still need to do all of the usual cleaning, but aside from that, things are pretty laid back today. I'm planning on going and buying my fabric today so I can start on the Christmas party dress next week. I'm serious when I say that I will not be sewing during NaNo. I got the pattern cut out while the oven was doing it's thing (and watching discs two and three of Saiyuki), so now all I need is the fabric.

Now that it's fall here, I've started the tedious switch out. The bulk of my tee shirts have been moved into storage while the long sleeved shirts have moved into the bedroom dresser. I've long since moved all of my capris into storage and the bulk of my jeans are also now in the dresser. I'll probably move the lighter fabric pants as well, and just keep the jeans for the winter. Any idiot to says that living in a desert doesn't get cold has obviously never been to a desert in the middle of winter. We get cold. Really cold. Most of the time without snow.

Anyway, I should get going, even if my body is telling me to flop on the couch and stay there the rest of the day. Memo to self, go to bed directly after the season finale of Haven tonight.
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So I took the time a few nights ago to get caught up on Saiyuki RELOAD and Saiyuki RELOAD Blast and Saiyuki Ibun. TokyoPop is dragging their feet (or they just haven't gotten all the chapters) on volume 10 of RELOAD and hopefully when they're done with that, they've move on to Gaiden (which is complete) and then RELOAD Blast and Ibun. The former of those last two titles tells us that it's been two years since they've all left Cheng'an, so Sanzo is now 25, Hakkai and Gojyo are now 24 and Goku is 20 (plus or minus 500 years - no one knows how old he really is). The latter is Koumiyou Sanzo's back story, telling about his training to be a Sanzo monk and how he ended up with the Manten scripture - a sutra traditionally held by a youkai ( makes sense in context). I'm fairly certain that Ibun will probably run all the way through to Koumiyou Sanzo's death, and perhaps we'll see Kouryuu's childhood from his point of view. I've always had this sneaking suspicion that Koumiyou Sanzo knew that his death was rapidly approaching, which is why he named Kouryuu as his successor at such a young age.

Also, while reading, I found two of the scariest images in Saiyuki history: here and here.

Proof that body swapping in the Saiyuki 'verse is NOT OKAY.

Needless to say, I have saved those images to my computer and I'm now coloring them in Corel Painter. X3 Icons will be made and shared, if you were wondering. I may also take the opportunity to see if I can find artbook scans that will also be turned into icons. Anyway.

Today's big project will be cleaning the oven. Of course that means five hours that I can't leave the house. So while I thought that I might go and buy fabric, I realized that it probably won't happen today. Tomorrow it is! Right now the oven is mocking me, as are the dishes, so I really should get going on them. It's relatively cool out today - I think it's only supposed to be in the low seventies out today. Perfect, considering that the oven will be heating up to something like 900 degrees while it cleans itself.
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I'm taking a short break after my shower to write a quick entry. First of all, I've gone in a completely different direction with NaNoWriMo. I was originally going to write a follow-up to Magnolia Blossoms - last year's completed effort - when I had a little brain storm that wouldn't go away. So I opened Word, started jotting everything down, and lo and behold, I have a completely different story idea for this November. You can read more about it at my NaNo LJ, [ profile] penismighter. Also there is the link to my official NaNo profile. :)

Secondly, today will be spend doing more cleaning. The oven needs to be pre-washed (to get the worst of the gunk out, and may be assisted by boiling some water, sticking it in a dish, and letting the oven steam for twenty minutes or so) before running the self-cleaning cycle, tables and whatnot need to be dusted, and the whole apartment should be vacuumed for good measure. I'm also going to run the excess plastic bags down to be recycled as well as pick up a few boxes to start putting Goodwill bound clothing into.

Of course, I still have all of the usual things to do today - doing dishes and making the bed - never mind that all I want to do is play around with the special features on Beauty and the Beast. Also, I want to watch all of Saiyuki again. Maybe what I do is put Saiyuki in as I work so I have background noise. Besides, I think my major plans for once the cleaning is done is to cut out the pattern for the Christmas party dress. I'll probably go and pick up the fabric tomorrow. I'm going with that dusty, rose pink. It has light peach undertones, but I can wear it. Plus, I have a coupon for 50% off of a fabric purchase. Now seems like a pretty good time to go and get it, that way I can get the dress sewn before NaNo starts.

In other news, I finished Naked Heat last night, but that's an entry in and of itself. And in case you were wondering, there really is a Firefly reference on page 141.
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So yesterday's apathy is gone. Thank goodness. Today I have plans, and if they don't get done today, they'll probably take the rest of the week.

First of all, I need to hunt down the oven manual and see about doing a self clean on it. It's not gross, but certain foods (particularly the ones that stay in the oven at a relatively high heat for any significant amount of time) are starting to come out with a slightly smokey flavor. When that happens, it's time to run the self-clean. And if for some reason that doesn't work, I'll pick up some oven cleaner, rubber gloves and some sponges and get to it the old fashioned way. Hell, I may still do it *after* the self clean. I also need an appliance bulb for the oven - the light went out over a year ago occasionally I'd like to be able to see what the hell is going on in the oven.

(EDIT - Upon doing a little research, it's going to take just shy of five hours for the self-cleaning cycle to do its thing. So the cleaning the oven won't happen today, and tomorrow it'll be too warm. But! Tomorrow I'll do the pre-cleaning (getting the major debris cleared out) and run the cycle on Thursday when it cools down again.)

Secondly, I need to reorganize the tupperware cupboard. I realized this as I was putting away clean tupperware yesterday and about half of it nearly cascaded to the floor. That's not good at all, so in a few minutes it will all be pulled out, sorted, and then put back in a manner resembling organization.

Third, once again I need to go through my clothes and find the stuff that won't fit or is too holey to wear anymore. If the stuff it too holey, I may look into upcycling it into quilt. As it stands, I have several anime based tees that simply don't fit, but I don't want to get rid of. I figure I'll just turn them into a quilt I'll put in the back of my car (along with the other emergency blankets, lulz), just in case I ever need it. If the stuff is in good condition but doesn't fit, I'll let my sister pick through it, take what she wants, and then the rest of it is getting trucked to Goodwill. (In all reality, this is probably a project for the rest of the week. I have a lot of shit to sort through.)

Fourth, [ profile] travellyr is coming over to look at the HTPC this afternoon. It's the beastly machine, built with the sole purpose of being a home theater. She's looking to build a computer, and since my husband built the HTPC (and his own PC) we offered to let her come over and take a look at them to get an idea about them being roughly what she wants/needs. After that, she and I are going to the CREHST (Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology) Museum to check out the new exhibit on Suffragettes in Washington, as well as allow Trav to see it for the first time. I'm also going to inquire about volunteering there. Let's face it, how many volunteers do they get who have history degrees and don't have to constantly look up the facts? I figure it would get me out of the house a few times a week, and if something should open up at the museum I could get a job where I actually use my degree. Works for me.

Finally, I have my usual cleaning. Since dinner was leftovers last night, the amount of cleaning today is what I used to make cookies last night and breakfast dishes. And making the bed takes all of five minutes anymore. Yup. Easy, easy.

If you were wondering, I think yesterday's apathy was caused by the realization that I didn't really have any big plans for this week (which I obviously changed, lol). I was working my butt off on Sheena, and when she was done I was cool with a little down time. Except I figured that I was going to take a few days off and then start in on the Christmas party dress. Well, by now you should know that there were some serious hiccups when it came to that so my plans were derailed.

So you know, I tend to be very goal oriented. I think it's why I survived college. I have a paper due on D day, so by X day I need to have research done, and by Y day I need to have the rough draft ready to be proofed. It worked. Anyway, it's not like I completely go 'round the bend when plans are derailed, but sometimes it confuses me and I don't like that. And in the case of having my plans derailed as far as sewing projects went, it resulted in me having something akin to the BSOD (that's blue screen of death, for those of you not familiar with it) where all I wanted to do was just shut down and do nothing.

After a couple of people pointed it out, I realized that I probably should get out of the house more or not allow myself to not have something to do. Not that I dislike being a homebody but every so often I just need to get the hell out and see other people. I think volunteering would help with that, as well as the occasional trip out of town. (Maybe I should go visit my godparents again?) Since I went over to visit with [ profile] sideshow_ericka and her roommates yesterday, I've had some socialization beyond my husband today, and I'm planning on going to my baby brother's football game tomorrow. And yes, I'm seeing Trav today so there's more socialization!

Anyway, I've wasted about half an hour on this entry and I really should get down to business. Forward ho!

WTF is there an emergency poncho in the drawer with the appliance manuals?
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First off, acting legend Tony Curtis passed away this morning at the age of 85. Needless to say, today will be spent on the couch, watching my two favorite Tony Curtis movies: Some Like It Hot and The Great Race. I'll take that time to cut out the pattern pieces for my Christmas party dress. If I have left over time, I'll start on one of my zombie cross stitch projects. :3

Secondly, I went to my baby brother's football game yesterday. He was supposed to be starting, but at the last minute the coach changed the plays and so he only took part in ten plays or so for the whole game. They won (which is better than their last two games where they got totally spanked), and I'll be attending the next game to see if they can win again. I just feel bad that my brother, who's working his butt off, is hardly getting any time to play. Hopefully that will change next week.

Lastly, I need to do a little touch up cleaning around the apartment. I was noticing that the cobwebs are taking over again and I should probably do something about that. Since I managed to get the balcony under control, it's high time that I get interior of the apartment under control as well. I also need to look into possibly hanging up costumes that haven't been put away yet, because they've officially taken over the guest bed (but admittedly, that's not hard to do with the crinoline sitting on top of it).
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So, on the docket today.

1) Clean. It's Sunday. This should be a no brainer.

2) Go to my cousin's wedding. I forgot to RSVP, but he didn't RSVP to mine, so I think that makes us even. Besides, I don't think I'm going to spend that much time hanging out there. Go for the ceremony and probably leave after cake. And I'm probably not going to drink anything more than water.

3) Do a little yoga. Yesterday I finally tried out Wii Fit Plus. I didn't think that I really worked anything...and I was wrong. I'm ridiculously sore today, so methinks all I'm going to do is stretch myself out and hope that eases some of the pain.

I think that wraps up all I have planned for today. I'm going to wear the skirt that can be worn 15 different ways (more, if I feel like getting creative) as a dress since it's cute and light enough that I won't die of heatstroke (though today is only supposed to get up to 80 degrees, so it shouldn't be that bad). I also have to remember to get a gift card for them, since I have no idea what they already have or need, and a gift card seems like a great way to make sure that they can get what they want/need.

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As Sunday's go, today has been pretty laid back. [ profile] forgotten_relic came up to visit (again) because her niece was born yesterday morning. Since the family wasn't expecting the baby until some time today, her early arrival meant that Relic ended up coming down to spend the day here yesterday when she had originally not been planning on it. Once she finished visiting with her brother and the new baby, she came to my place to crash (natch). We were up until 2:30 this morning gabbing, because it had been almost a year since we'd had some time to girl talk.

At any rate, she left shortly before lunch today (she was going to be lunching with her family), so I took a quick shower before starting in on the cleaning. When that was done, I opted to just chill for the rest of the day, though I'm probably going to dig out some fabric scraps here before too long to piece together to make a banner. Said banner will be to display my growing collection of pins (kind of like [ profile] travellyr's, if you know what I'm talking about) that are currently living in a plastic bag in the guest room closet. I'd like to display them, and I'll probably hang them up on the empty hook in the living room. My husband can just deal with it. X3

Further more, I've found all of the official cover art for the Mercy Thompson books online. I have downloaded it and now I shall make icons. I also have some stills from various Harry Potter movies as well as Doctor Who with the intent of making icons for that. I do have an icon journal ([ profile] angelrelic_icon that only have Fire Emblem 9/10 icons. Ultimately I need to just sit down and make the icons, which will also have me pulling out my tablet (I find it much easier to do photo editing with my tablet than with a mouse, which is something that I thought I'd NEVER warm up to).

Lastly, my computer seems to have completely recovered. No sticky keys. It shuts off and STAYS off. No more jittery screen. All in all things seem to be working better - but I'm still gonna back up my music on the HTPC and then start backing up important documents, etc. onto CDs. (Though...theoretically I could just transfer them onto a flash drive and then insert the flash drive into the HTPC and put ALL of my files on to DVDs...but I think that's more work than I'm willing to put in, at the moment.

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Lilium Inter Spinas )

Today's scent is Lilium Inter Spinas from the Ars Amatoria collection. It's Hibiscus syriacus, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, apple blossom, and green fig. Soft and floral, on me it smells like baby powder. Seriously, what is it about these scents that smell like baby or talcum powder on me anyway?! I like it, but not enough to buy it.

In other news, today I was bit by the cleaning bug, so I've been busily getting stuff that has accumilated where it doesn't belong back to where it does belong. I've also vacuumed because yesterday I came to the startling realization that the apartment probably hadn't been vacuumed since I went to SakuraCon, and that was almost two months ago. Not that our apartment really gets enough foot traffic to warrant vacuuming every day, it should be done at least weekly for the sake of cleanliness.

Further more, I need to get a trash bag to throw out clothes that are too small/ripped beyond repair followed by a box to put clothes that are still in pretty good condition and can be given to either Plato's Closet (who will pay me for whatever I bring it) or Goodwill. I have an entire dresser full of clothes that I just don't wear anymore, either because they're too small or they're just not what I wear anymore. I do want my sister to pick through and find the things she wants (because she's the right size and age to wear them) before taking my haul in. As it stands, there are quite a few things that she's claimed in the past that I know she'll be quite displeased if I get rid of without asking her if she wants them, first. But since school is almost out, I may just wait and do this when she has a free day from school so I don't have to deal with my step-dad asking what the heck I'm doing trying to pawn off my stuff on my sister. Never mind that most of the stuff she claims she's wanted for a while.

But I digress.

Plugging along in my second play through of DotNW. I may not play a lot today, as I want to transfer Zettai Kareshi to the HTPC, and will probably end up transferring Tales of Symphonia: The Animation and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon for the heck of it. It's not like the HTPC doesn't have the room and if I watch them again it makes sense to watch them on the HTPC as it's hooked up to the TV and will be far better for watching than on my computer.

And somewhere in all of this, I need lunch. Too bad I have no idea what I want to eat.

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Today's BPAL scent is The Light of Men's Lives, inspired the Grimm's Fairytale "Godfather Death." I don't really know how to describe the scent - bittersweet, I suppose, with a hint of wax and musk. And the vague scent of something burning, as well. I think it's supposed to be reminiscent of a burning candle. It's okay, but it's not a favorite.

Anyway, I'm gearing up to face the final bosses in DotNW - so I'm currently revisiting past temples and dungeons to pick some fights and gain some experience points to boost Emil and Marta's stats. I want to try and get through the final bosses without using a bazillion items. And see if I can't get at least two of Marta's speed cast abilities. Unlike the original, side quests are a long running affair and about the only way you're going to get them is if you instigate them in previous chapters. Well, I suppose it's something to keep in mind for later play throughs.

I thought I would have most of this weekend to sit around and play, get my bearings, see if I could totally beat all dungeons, etc., because my husband was supposed to be going out of town this weekend with his dad. They were supposed to do some pest control in back woods Idaho, but the weather is teh suck there, so now they're not going. >_< There goes my nice, relaxing, weekend.

Bleugh....I have to clean out the fridge now. The left-overs are starting to reach critical mass.

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Today is cool, overcast, with a chance of rain. The perfect kind of day to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. Admittedly, I have some other stuff that I should be doing (like, you know, looking for a job) but the book and tea idea is infinitely more tempting.

Of course, I once blew off school work to sit on the couch and read Anne of Windy Poplars while it snowed several winters back, so you can obviously see which choice is going to win.

Further more I have some cleaning to do around the apartment, as things are becoming cluttered again. I also need to remake the guest room bed, as I actually remembered to strip the sheets yesterday and wash them. I may give them a quick tumble in the dryer to get the wrinkles out (because they've been sitting in the dryer all night) before I tackle that specific task. I also wanted to start on those skirts - I think it's best that I get them done before I really start job hunting, as I can only imagine that it's going to be a major pain in the ass to sew while also juggling a job. And it's not like skirts are hard to sew in the first place.

And thinking of other things I should be doing, going down the gym to hit the treadmill comes to mind. Though I might come up with a "Gym Playlist" of happy, peppy music that motivates me to get moving. Anyone have any suggestions?

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So I can check a few of those items off of the "To Do" list for Seattle.

1) Car Washed
2) Oil Changed
3) Interior cleaned
4) Tires inflated

At about eleven this morning my husband and I headed to his parents house to change the oil in my car. I hadn't had it done since December, so obviously it was about time (even if I had only driven about 400 miles since then). That was a bit of an experience as my car is low to the ground and getting it up on the ramps to elevate it enough so my husband could get under it took some work.

After changing the oil we headed to Freddy's to pick up a few odds and ends for the car (and an aluminum water bottle for me) before heading to the car wash to get all of the dirt and grime that my car had accumulated since we bought it at the end of October of last year.

I hardly recognized it once we were done.

Once the car was washed, we headed back to my in-laws house to wax and clean the interior. All of the upholstery was cleaned (and stain guarded), all of the floor mats vacuumed and spot treated, and all of the plastic and faux leather was treated. (The car now has a lovely chemical clean smell.) While I worked on the interior, my husband worked on the waxing, and my car is now so shiny, I can see my reflection in it.

Once all of that was done, he inflated the tires, including the spare. And it was a good thing he inflated the spare because it was roughly 49 psi UNDERinflated. So if I had gotten a flat, I would have been S.O.L. The tires on the car itself weren't bad. A little under, but not dangerously so. However, now that they are properly inflated, I will now see that I get a little better fuel economy.

On the Thursday before we leave, I'll gas up the car and get some snacks. As I now have a Rewards Card with Freddy's I don't have to harass my husband for the fuel card anymore. I still have to fill out the paperwork and hand it in, but it's not like there won't be time. As it stands, I was thinking about going and getting another pair of pants from Freddy's ANYWAY so it's not a huge deal.

Anyway, I'm glad my car is clean and aside from the fact that I need to put in my new air freshener, everything is looking good.

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Things are freakishly clean around here. Today's cleaning day, but today was a deep clean. Post-holiday cleaning always seems to tire me out because it seems like all the little things that I've put off during the holidays have multiplied exponentially. Today things were dusted, vacuumed and put away. The last of the Christmas decorations were packed up and put away, and the apartment has more or less returned to a state of normalcy. I still need to clean off the dining room table, which may be my project during the Titans/Seahawks game.

My projects for this week will be to clean the master bedroom and straighten up the guest room. My brother, for some odd reason, will not sleep between the sheets, and instead slept on top of the blankets with just the comforter over him. This does mean that I don't need to wash the sheets in the guest room so it's just a matter of getting things cleared away and ready for [ profile] forgotten_relic. Bleh...I also have massive amounts of laundry to do - I've been putting it off for far too long.

All in all, I'm suddenly in dire want of a nap but unable to sleep. There's still quite a bit of cleaning and picking up to do. ::looks at dining room table and whimpers:: Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it.


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