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I've decided that I'm not going to make a new costume for Sakura-con this year, instead opting to just wear Sheena again. She's comfortable, travels well, and best of all, doesn't require a lot of hair and make-up. I'm going to order a pre-styled wig after I officially get paid so that it will hopefully be here. I also still need to register, but that will also happen after getting paid. And paying taxes. :p

However, I'd like to do something different for 2013, I was thinking about Zelda's "maiden form" from A Link to the Past.

One of the perks of this particular outfit is that few cosplayers actually do it. )

I already found a costume pattern that I can modify and the Trifoce earrings I can make easily enough out of Sculpy or Fimo clay. In terms of footware I was thinking Victorian style walking boots. Part of the reason why I want to do the Maiden Zelda is that she's rarely done - most cosplayers either do her most recent incarnation or her official "Princess" gowns from past games. I've seen a few do her maiden form, but personally I like the gown and the simplicity of it.

I will admit that I'm a little concerned on how to pull of the ears. Obviously a quick Google search should turn something up, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm actually ridiculously excited about this - I've always wanted to do Princess Zelda but the idea of doing her full princess mode has deterred me in the past. I'm such a perfectionist that I couldn't do the costume without getting all of the details right. I figure this way I do Zelda in a way that's rarely done, along with something simple enough that I won't go nuts trying to make it happen.
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So I bought the fabric for my new Steampunk costume last week. Over one-hundred dollars later (and saving seventy-five), I'm more or less ready to start cutting. I will, however, still have to dye the muslin. Which may become a rather creative process in my bath tub at some point this week. I do know that I have to wash the fabric first, and while it's still damp start the dying process. I'll probably run to Big Lots for a cheap, medium sized garbage can to do the actual dying in, while wearing really ratty jeans and my painting tee shirt. At least it's only four yards of muslin and not seven. I don't even want to think about what it would take to dye seven yards of muslin. @_@

Anyway, Jo-Ann's was having their Firefly Sale so I picked up all of the notions for the project. I'm set to start cutting fabric out once the muslin is dyed and dried. And there is A LOT of fabric. I already figured that it was going to be A LOT, but cripes! I think I only made things worse by opting for the bigger bustle which required far more fabric than the smaller one. FAR MORE. But Sophia has a very specific look and she requires the bigger bustle. At least it's just fabric and not caging or boning - which would make sitting damn near impossible.

I still need goggles and shoes, though. Thankfully the local Ren Faire is next weekend (so is Cool Desert Nights) has a vendor that sells Steampunk goggles - or at least they did last year and I'm hoping for him to return this year. As to the shoes, I'll just be ordering them off of Clockwork Couture, as that's the best price I've found them for online. I'm also debating a parasol. Sophia is the kind of girl who would carry both a parasol and a fan (hey, she's fresh from society - it's only natural) and I'm thinking that a black lace parasol would be perfect for her...which is also something that I could get at the Ren Faire.

Who knew that Ren Faires were a treasure trove of Steampunk items?

Anyway, once I start sewing I'll show everyone the progress. :3 I'll probably post regular update photos, which is now easy thanks to my dress maker's dummy.
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A couple anyway. These were taken by my friend Krys. I need to get the photos of me from [ profile] sideshow_ericka as well. I should poke at her to have her post them to Facebook. First up is Sheena, from Tales of Symphonia.

Behold, several large photos and explainations!! )
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Yesterday I went out and bought the clips for my My Little Pony ears, as well as binder rings for the tail (I also picked up one of those multi-pocket file folders for work, too, because there was no way I was writing a check for four dollars). I watched Sailor Moon as I cut the yarn to the appropriate lengths for the tail, and the tied it off around the binder ring. My biggest concern is that there will be red fuzzies all over the back of my pants, so one of things I should seriously consider buying is a lint roller, if someone hasn't packed one already.

I also started messing with the ears and barrettes, only to find that baring some serious sanding (which I do not have time for), there's no way that the ears are going to stay on the barrettes. So this afternoon I get to run out to the craft store and buy more Fimo Clay to mold ears this afternoon which actually conform to the barrettes, and then hot glue them on. Hmm...maybe I should pack the hot glue gun as well... I haven't bothered messing with Sugarberry's wig, but part of that was that she was going to be styled on the spot, rather than pre-styled.

And speaking of styling wigs, I applied another coat of gel to Sheena's bangs and forelocks, which means that hopefully they'll stay put. Otherwise I'm going to get creative with the bobby pins. (Or one of my friends will.) I did seriously consider fluffing out the ponytail, but I have no practical way of doing that. And yes, that sound you hear is me banging my head against the wall because I should have just buckled and bought the pre-styled wig, because at this point the cost is roughly the same.

Also, I need to bite the bullet and buy my Sailor Venus wig, and then look into attaching red ostrich feathers to a comb rather than doing the Red Bow of Doom. I think the ostrich feathers are more Burlesque than the bow. But if I do the bow, I'm going to do it a la PGSM, where Sailor Venus has the strands of beads and jewels hanging from her bow. My biggest beef with Burlesque Sailor Venus is that 1) I need to lose about ten pounds and 2) she's going to be expensive because she's going to require expensive fabrics (and here I was thinking that my Sunako was going to be the most expensive - sheesh!), accessories and wig! (For a Sailor V length blonde wig, it's well over $50, and that's if you don't get it pre-styled. Augh.)

So, remember kiddos! The moral of the story is Cosplay: It's More Expensive Than Crack and Can Just as Easily Ruin Your Life.

In other news, I'm going to start in on packing and laundry today (hopefully). The biggest thing is that I need to wash my pants (or at the very least my jeans, cause it's time) and determine if I'm actually going to brave the swimming pool at the hotel. (It's indoors, and I know at some point I'm going to be "OFMG HOT TUB NOW.") I'm also thinking flannel pajamas because this is Seattle in April (which is also why I maintain that my MLP costume will have actual sleeves instead of the arm warmers). Naturally I'm really excited (we leave in two days) but I'm also really terrified and nervous, which I guess is normal right before con.

Well, I suppose I should be off to get the clay for my new pony ears. Fun times, fun times.
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So, to start things off, a DeMotivational Poster:

demotivational posters - Rainboom Doctor
see more Very Demotivational


And now, the real post.

It's time for another convention and my mind is whispering, Okay, you can panic now! )
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So I had that oh so wonderful epiphany about five seconds ago that it's less than two weeks until Sakura-con.

It's weird, because I'm excited but at the same time I suddenly realized that, "ZOMG I HAVE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO FINISH SHEENA'S WIG AND GET CLIPS FOR MY MY LITTLE PONY COSTUME EARS AND I STILL NEED TO MAKE THE TAIL AND AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH." I feel that abusing caps lock was necessary to convey exactly how I feel at the moment.

The actual My Little Pony costume will have arm warmers instead of sleeves, but since this is Seattle in April, I'm going for actual sleeves. I'll probably try on the shirt with the jacket just to make sure everything fits the way it's supposed to, and probably invest in a binder ring to attach the tail to my jeans (it's made out of red yarn). My biggest issue now comes from the fact that I have to find a way to attach the ears to the wig - my best guess is that I'll get some broad, flat clips and glue them on, and then just get creative with the wig. I had originally thought about putting them on a headband, but the ears aren't conformed to the curve of a headband and even if I glued them on they probably wouldn't stay. Yeah...not really looking forward to fighting with those.

At any rate, I need to start making a list of everything that I need to remember (beyond the usual of a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shirts and the usual safety pins, make-up, and hair supplies) to bring with me. I'm tempted to even bring my computer, for the sole purpose of being able to charge my iPod. (And you never know when I'll reach con burn out and need to retreat to the relative safety of the hotel to play on Facebook for an hour.) I also need to talk to my friend who lives in Seattle about the possibility to meet up and get something to eat, granted he doesn't randomly decide to attend the con for a day (in which case I would totally insist that he take me out that night - any day I don't have to eat con food is a good day).

I suppose that after I get home and get work squared away, it's time to start getting everything ready for con.

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So I've finished cleaning the bathroom and am currently waiting for the sheets to finish in the dryer so I can make the bed and start in on laundry that is overflowing from my hamper. (Not that I need to do laundry today, but I think it's high time to vacuum the entire apartment again and that requires getting the dirty laundry off the bedroom floor.)

I'm also planning on going to the hair salon and possibly get a much needed trim. Or a whole new cut because while I don't dislike my hair, I don't particularly feel that the length works for me. Pretty much the only reason why I was growing out my hair was for my Renge cosplay for Sakura-con this year, and that's fallen through as no one has even started on their costumes yet, and only half of the group is actually going to Sakura-con this year, anyway. I figure I could probably safely get my hair cut to my shoulders again (layered, still, as my rather straight hair just hangs limply without them) and it'll grow out to shoulder length by Sakura-con next year should we actually get around to doing our full blown Ouran High School Host Club cosplay. (See this image for what we're doing. It's definitely got that Victor/Victoria feel to it, and lucky me, I'm one of two people who actually have a "normal" costume.) Thankfully my hair is the right color for Renge and I don't need a wig for the costume to be complete, but only if my hair is at its current length. (I will need an enormous pink bow, but that's another thing entirely.)

My husband was planning on going to get his hair cut this afternoon anyway, so I figure I'll tag along and at the very least get the much needed trim. I have to say, the idea of shoving ALL of my hair into a wig cap is a little daunting at the moment, and shorter hair will theoretically help that. (Also, French braids.) I'm also getting a little frustrated with the length of my hair and while I do like how it looks when it's long, I do hate it when my husband rolls over in his sleep and pins me by my hair without even realizing it.

Maybe it's time for a cut after all.

Anyway, I should really make the bed now that the dryer is officially done. Then I'm waffle on my hair before I actually decide that most of it needs to go.
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I got the notice today that my wigs had shipped from Amphigory. I ordered my wig for my My Little Pony and a my wig for Sheena. They should be getting here sometime next week, when I'll have to spring four a couple of wig heads (I'm sure I can pick those up at Sally Beauty Supply) so that I can get to styling. I'll also have to pick up some styling products as well. I don't actually own hair gel (well, gel that doesn't react to black light, that is), so I'm going to pick up a bottle of Got-2-B, which is what [ profile] sideshow_ericka suggested because it'll wash out should I need to restyle. However I think Sheena's wig will just be Sheena's wig and unless I don't have another choice for a wig, I won't restyle it. I don't think I'll be doing much styling with the My Little Pony wig, probably just combing it out and getting it to lie the way I want it.

I also got the notice that my saree had shipped and it should be arriving on Friday. I'm really exited about that, as Friday is the "last" Bollywood night before Maria gets married. If the saree does arrive before I head over to her place, I'll probably take it with me so that I can try it on (and show it off, because I'm like that).

I think that about wraps things up here. I still don't know how my grandpa is doing, but hopefully I'll be talking to my mom this afternoon and I can get that all sorted out. I also get to deal in invoices, which is always very intriguing and fascinating. Please note all intended sarcasm.

I suppose I should eat because it probably won't be too much longer before my mom calls to ask me to come in.
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So the Seahawks lost to the Da Bears today, which isn't really that surprising. Part of it had to do with the loss of tight end John Carlson in the first quarter, leaving only backup tight end Cameron Morrah in his place - and while Morrah's done some good this season, most of the practiced plays were with Carlson. Then safety Marcus Trufant was also injured in the third quarter and all things just sort of went to hell in a hand basket after that.

Despite that, though, they managed a late rally to close the point gap to eleven, when it HAD been a shut out at 28-0. Anyway, we pulled off a field goal in the third and then three touchdowns in the fourth to at least make it look semi-respectable. Unfortunately, both Carlson and Trufant are in Chicago with concussions are will not me moved until the local medical staff are confident that they can be moved without risking further injury.

Aside from that today has followed the usual routine of cleaning. After the loss I diligently scrubbed the bathroom and did laundry. My husband has spent the last couple of hours playing Epic Mickey and I've been dinking around on the Interwebz. I really should have worked on fine tuning the sketch of my burlesque Sailor Venus, but I haven't really felt like it.

Which brings me to another point. My cosplay group would rather enjoy doing the Sailor Senshi as burlesque performers, and if we do it, I was nominated to be Sailor Venus because, well, for starters I'm not a proper LDS woman with garments and not afraid to show a little skin and two, I'm curvy. And because Sailor Venus is going to be the one front and center (because let's face it, she is one big hoochie mama), I was the ideal candidate. (Aforementioned reasons are also why I get to be Wonder Woman if/when we do super heroines.)

On Tuesday I'm going to go and sit over at [ profile] travellyr's place and nag her to clean, all while picking at my actual job and probably reading. I might even take a sketch book and try and sketch out a couple of ideas for the Sailor Moon Burlesque thing. Maybe. Probably not, now that I think about it. I'll probably poke at my work and read the whole time. XD
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Tonight we collected 232 food items. Combined with the 475 from yesterday, that brings the grand total to 707 items of food (hell if I know how many pounds that is) for the local food bank. Also, something like ten bucks. (But cash is good, it allows them to get perishable items and things like infant formula and baby food.)

All in all, it was a successful venture and we got a great community response. I don't know if we'll be doing the same thing again next year - Halloween is on a Monday so I suppose it's possible we'll be open Sunday/Monday in order to continue the food drive, or perhaps since it's established people will just bring donations. Which would be all kinds of awesome.

I think I'm going to sit and chill for a bit - maybe go diving for fanfiction. I'm tired but not exhausted, and I managed to spend most of tonight in the house because Sheena's a little on the thin side. (Duh, she's made of broad cloth.) My baby sister was freaked out by the size of my boobs (for my new friends from the ToS community, read this entry about my adventures in getting a bra to give me the proper bust for Sheena) which are, for all intents and purposes, foam. Yes, those wonderful Bombshell bras from Victoria's Secret really do add two cup sizes. I go from a D to a DDD in a matter of seconds. And they jiggle when I laugh. Apparently, they also make it really awkward to hug me, as my sister found out today. My mom snapped a few photos when I was at the house, and once she gets them posted on Facebook, I'll figure out a way to share them with my friends here.

Okay, I think I should probably start the wind down, now. G'night everybody.
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I headed over to my parents house at 5:30 last night as we were starting at six. That would give me enough time to get my costume on (you try driving in a full crinoline - it ain't happening) and help with the last minute stuff before the first people started arriving.

After moving cars around, we got everything squared away and I took up my post out back, collecting the donations from the visitors as they left. After a while, my sister and I switched places, and I took over candy duty and she collected donations. Several of my friends stopped by, also bringing donations, everyone oohing and ahhing over the decorations. We closed up shop at about nine thirty (which is when everyone cleared out), all in all getting 475 food times for the local food bank. We're running the same hours today, and while we were originally only going to do the food drive yesterday, all media covering this stated that it was Saturday and Sunday. If we get donations today we'll certainly accept them, and we'll see what we get tonight. The 475 we got yesterday was certainly more than we thought we would get, so whatever we get tonight is icing on the cake.

As far as my costume goes, I've got my hair started. I've pulled it into a ponytail, and then divided that into several smaller bits which I've moussed, twisted, and then coiled. My goal is to make a poofy pony that will then be sprayed down with the temporary black hair dye. Once that's all in and dry, I'll wrap the pink ribbon around the ponytail holder and tie it up. I'm hoping to get at least a few pictures - I'll post them so you can see. Though hopefully the best photos will be taken at Sakura-Con next year.

I suppose I should start thinking about dinner, since I technically have to finish hair and make-up before heading over to my parents' house and I need to eat because I refuse to eat nothing but candy tonight. We've got leftovers in the fridge (thank goodness) so it's just a matter of finding what appeals to me.

Most importantly, though, I've finished my party dress, aside from minor fit adjustments and some finishing. I'm relieved, because that means that I can quickly get Lydia sewn tomorrow and still get a good start on NaNo. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to get my dress done in time, but thankfully the minor stuff can be done in an hour a few days before the actual party. That means that tomorrow morning, after Lydia is sewn, I can clear off the dining room table and reclaim my writing space. I don't think I'll do anything special for the NaNo kick off - I'll probably make a pot of tea, maybe get some cookies or biscotti, and just sit and write and see what I get out of day one.
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Though, my guess is a lot of you on LJ aren't set up the way that I am. Our county does the bulk of our voting via absentee ballots, so everyone in our county votes by mail. EVERYBODY. This means that if you're on top of things, you can vote by mid October and be done. Today I sat down with the voter's pamphlet and my ballot and read through various measures and initiatives and filled out the ballot as I went. Now I just need to run over to the local branch of the auditor's office and drop off the ballot in the drop box out front. I refuse to pay forty-something cents to vote. Would it kill the county to pay for the postage? (Probably, now that I think about it.)

I should probably sew some more, but part of me kind of doesn't want to. I don't know if that's procrastination due to fear of the upcoming zipper installation or a general lack of interest, but either way I look at it, I'm really not all that enthusiastic to finish this dress. Which is weird if you know anything about me and my sewing. The minute I get going, I can't stop until I'm done. I will sit and sew for hours on end finishing a project and for some reason, with this particular project, I'm more than happy to put things off. Which is very unlike me.

Maybe I'll just run out and put some gas into my car, drop of my ballot (in that order, maybe), and then run to Jo-Ann's to take advantage of the 50% off coupons I have to get the fabric for my Sunako cosplay. She's wearing a pimped out dress, which I will sort of be recreating with this pattern. As you can imagine, there is a LOT of fabric involved in this dress, and while it won't be nearly as floofy as the illustration, there will still be plenty of poof and floof to it, especially since I'll be wearing a crinoline under it. And because of the type of fabric I'll be using for the dress is on the expensive side (it's a fairly heavy weight satin), I need to take advantage of the the fact that the coupons will take half off. So yes, it'll be kind of pricey, but less so than having to pay full price for all of the fabric. It's going to be a soft blue and ivory, with minimal lace embellishments. I want the dress to be elegant in its simplicity, and there aren't a lot of lace embellishments on the dress to begin with (mainly on the sleeves).

Needless to say, this project will probably be spending quite a bit of time on the back burner before I officially get around to making it, though having a dress maker's dummy will help quite a bit.

I suppose I should get going. I'm not going to accomplish much by just sitting on my butt.
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So I think I've finally finished Sheena. The shoes are painted (I have touch up one little area today, but that's really easy) and I finished the spell cards. The spell cards aren't pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but they'll get the job done and in most photos you won't even be able to tell just how crappy they are. I'll probably get all done up again today, with complete shoes and spell cards, and take a couple of photos to post here and on Facebook.

In other news, things are slow for me. I really need to start fleshing out Travis Deveroux for my NaNo effort this year. I believe he'll be the primary antagonist of the story, so it's important to create him as a fully fleshed out character and not some two dimensional stereotype. I also need to nail down a time line for the story (because apparently I haven't done that yet, heh) so I can figure out exactly where the hell I'm starting from and get most of the facts correct. I've dug out most of my research from last year (what was saved on my computer from last year is saved in my NaNo folder and the books are all within grabbing distance on a shelf) and re-read the story. I just need to really re-establish the characters (most of them will be a year older in the second books) and get going on the planning before November.

Of course, today I worked my butt off in Wii Fit and now all I want to do is crawl back into bed. That isn't an option, however, because I really need to get the patio/balcony cleaned off. The cobwebs are taking over (again) and there's been just enough wind that everything is dusty. Add to that the need to clean off the grill, and what you get is how I'll be spending my afternoon. There are probably worse ways to spend the time, but the fact that I have The Lazy isn't helping things. Perhaps it's time to just creating that "Power Up" playlist in iTunes that I've been thinking about. I can use it to motivate myself to clean and exercise. Now it's just a matter of figuring out which songs would go on that particular list. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I should probably eat something and then get to cleaning. Seriously, why can't I be like one of the Good Faeries from Disney's Sleeping Beauty and just enchant the broom to do the cleaning on its own? /whine
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So I finished sewing Sheena today. All that's left is painting the shoes, so when I get the chance I'll be running over to the fabric store to buy the paint, as well as looking to possibly buying the fabric for the Christmas party dress and Lydia.

I'm glad to be done with the bulk of the sewing, especially since I started having troubles right up at the end. Apparently the thread I was using is weak in places, so instead of the stitches catching like they should have, they were breaking and clogging up my machine. I finally pulled off a yard or so of thread and started over with success this time.

I think I'll take this little down time to make the banner for my pins. I like the idea of making it out of the leftover blue fabric from Sheena's costume. It'll match the decor of the rest of the room that way.

Hopefully my time swearing at my sewing machine is over.

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Today was pretty typical for Saturday. Got up, had breakfast, did my Wii Fit Plus body test and then showered. The grocery list was made, then we went grocery shopping, and then came home and had lunch. Once lunch was done, I had my sewing to work on.

I cut out the fabric for the boot covers, and then got everything sewn together. It's not as pretty as I would have liked, but all in all it's as good as it's gonna get. I just need to sew on the buckles and the fabric that will go through the buckles. It should theoretically only take me an hour. Maybe two, depending on if how easily things go.

And then I'll be done.

^^ Honestly I never thought I'd be so happy to be done sewing. Of course, after that I need to get all of the fabric for the party dress and then also for Lydia. I'm opting for cartoon Lydia, so it's a matter of wearing a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of black pants. Woohoo, comfy! And of course, the red cape, but that's two triangles of red fabric sewn together to make what is essentially a poncho. Oh yeah. Easy.

All in all I'm coming into the home stretch and I'm glad. I'll probably want to keep myself from sewing for a while.

But that's why I have my zombie cross stitch projects. :3

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No, I'm not done. However, after three attempts, I finally have the pattern for the gloves worked out. Tonight I'll probably cut out the fabric and sew them together which will leave, you guessed it, the boot covers.

I'm thinking that the best way to start on the boot covers is to just take some scrap fabric and mark and pin in places, then measure between marks and pins and try to figure out how that's going to translate on a piece of paper which will then serve as the pattern.

But, the good news is that I'm about 75% done with the costume. The shirt is done. The robe is done. The obi is done. The bow is done (but needs minor tweaks). I bought pants. The glove pattern is done and I just need to cut out the pieces and sew them together.

Of course when this is all done, I have to get the fabric for the Christmas Party dress and I need to get the fabric to make Lydia's cape for the funeral. Yes, you read that right, the funeral. (But more on that later.)

Anyway, I have a head ache and I need to figure out what the hell I'm doing for dinner.

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Today I've been dealing in bubble-gum pink broadcloth. Sheena's obi and bow are bubble-gum pink (it goes nicely with the lilac and the blue), and the main sewing on those pieces are done. I need to hand sew the snaps on the obi (because faking it is so much easier) and then sew on loops of thread to thread the obi-jime through so it stays centered on the obi itself. That shouldn't be too hard, and should only take me about an hour total to get taken care of.

Tonight, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll officially make the mock-up of the gloves, just to get a feeling for the pattern and to see if it's actually going to work of if I have to start all over again. Of course I have to go digging through the closet and find my scrap fabric to play with and also make sure that I can find enough of what I need. I think I'll just leave the pink thread on the sewing machine - this is a mock-up for crying out loud, it doesn't have to be perfect - so I can see where the stitches are and if I'll need to adjust those.

I may venture out tomorrow to get fabric paint, shoe glue and pants, and when that's taken care of I should be about 50% complete with costume. From there it becomes a matter of finishing the gloves and the boot covers and then I'll be done. (Okay, yes, I'll have to go and buy product to style my hair and the temporary hair dye, but I can wait on those until closer to Halloween.)

In non-cosplay related news, my abs are killing me. Wii Fit Plus has training programs now, where there are pre-selected activities that will work various parts of your body. I've selected to work on my abs and hips (being my most problematic areas right now) and since I've been neglecting my abs, they're protesting the sudden use. By the end of the week they'll probably stop bitching and I can move around without my abs aching over every little movement.

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So I have everything that I had previously cut out sewn together and I'm now doing the requisite slip (read: hand) stitching. I'm about halfway done with the slip stitching on the robe, and only have a little bit to do on the shirt (total). I'm happy that everything fits over my bewbs, and it now becomes a matter of getting everything to fit together and not blouse out or slip down. That may require pinning the sleeves of the shirt to the robe. Or fitting them with snaps. Either option is completely viable.

Once I get the top half more or less figured out, it becomes a matter of sewing together the obi and the bow. I figured that I would separate the two parts, but I wasn't sure how to logically pull this off. [ profile] desertkitsune pointed out that I could easily pull this off by making the bow a separate piece from the obi itself, and have it tie on with the obi-jime which was looking like it was going to be sewn into place. Instead I'll put a couple of small loops for the obi-jime to be threaded through so that it stays centered on the obi, and it'll serve the purpose of holding the bow (which it'll be sewn to) in place in the back. I didn't really relish the idea of trying to tie the bow just right and I'm all for cheating when necessary.

Of course, once the obi and bow are figured out, I'll move on to sewing the gloves and the boot covers. I have quite a bit of spare fabric floating around, so I'll do a mock-up of the gloves to see if the pattern works, and then tweak where necessary. I'm still wracking my brain on how to turn that sketch of the boot covers into an actual pattern. Or I'll just do mock-up with spare fabric until I find something that works.

So there's still quite a bit left to be done, but the fact of the matter is that I've already accomplished quite a bit, so now the task seems a lot less daunting than before.

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So, an addendum with this earlier post.

I started sewing Sheena today, because I swear every time I've said that I was GOING to start, I've found some reason to put it off. But now I have all of the notions and any excuse I might have had before has gone flying out the window.

I have the robe more or less's now just a matter of slip stitching the band that goes around the collar and the front of the garment. It'll probably take me a couple of hours, and will probably be my project for tomorrow. The shirt itself in probably a quarter of the way assembled. The lining is sewn together, and I'm working on getting the front of it sewn together. I still need to attach the zipper to the lining, and then sewing the front to the lining. Then I just have to assemble the sleeves, and sew those on.

From there it becomes a matter of assembling the gloves. I made a point of getting a lot of extra fabric so that I had room to play and get things figured out. I took various measurements of my arms and hands, trying to figure out how big to make the various parts. I've tacked on an extra inch to all of the measurements in order to give myself some room because the gloves are supposed to be a little loose, and enough room to sew the seam.

So that really leaves getting the boot covers assembled. Again I took measurements of my feet, though I should probably take measurements of my foot in my shoe and see how it compares to the measurement of my foot. I also did important things like measuring my calf, the length from the top of the boot cover to my ankle (though I should remeasure and go all the way to the bottom of my shoe and arch). Hopefully, from there, I can start sketching out the pattern pieces for the boot covers. The problem there is that I'm having issues trying to figure out how the shape will translate into a two dimensional drawing and completely undone.


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