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Since I'm going to sit down in earnest today and start sewing like a mad woman, background noise is a must. With only the lining and interfacing sewn together, I still have quite a bit of work to do. Since it's been a while since I've watched Fruits Basket, I'm going to put that in while I work. It makes for great background noise, and since I've seen it enough times that I don't need to actually watch it. Other than sewing, I really only need to poke at the dishes, make the beds (both master and guest bedrooms), and run to the bank since I got paid yesterday.

I think I'm going to finally order my shoes today, but I'm debating if I get the sevens or the eights. I suppose with the eights I can wear socks over my tights to pad around my feet or easily put inserts in that won't crowd my feet...I think the eights win. I could theoretically wear the sevens - my Doc Martens are sevens and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I own. At any rate, I'm planning on ordering my shoes from Clockwork Couture, since they have by far the most reasonable price on the shoes I want and since they're based of out California, the shipping isn't atrocious. What I'm looking forward to is telling my husband that I put another $50-$60 on the credit card. XD No doubt he'll just sigh and roll his eyes.

Anyway, I should get going. Steamcon is in mid October, but in mid-October I hope to be mostly done with the dress I'll be making for my husband's company Christmas party - though part of me kind of wants to do it off the rack this year. And while I do have a whole two months to get this dress sewn, I'd prefer to get it done sooner rather than later, as I am horrible about procrastinating.
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A couple anyway. These were taken by my friend Krys. I need to get the photos of me from [ profile] sideshow_ericka as well. I should poke at her to have her post them to Facebook. First up is Sheena, from Tales of Symphonia.

Behold, several large photos and explainations!! )
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So, with my parents all over the local (and even non-local, is some cases) news, I'm expecting some chaos tonight. Probably not helped by the fact that when I used the Captain Mal's Wisdom app on Facebook yesterday, my dear Captain said, "It never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?"

I really hope that it's just a fluke and not a prophecy for tonight. :/

Anyway, I really should be eating a light lunch (because dinner will be early because of what time I have to get over to my parents' house to help out tonight) but I'm not really hungry, coupled with the fact that I have no idea what I even want to eat. At any rate, I'm probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon doing some tidying up around the apartment because I'm going to invite my parents over to watch the Seahawks game tomorrow because they won't be able to really watch it tomorrow. Not that their house lacks TVs, but I just figured I'd extend the invite to come watch it in HD at my place because their usual TV (the behemoth that lives in the corner of the living room) is currently covered by Halloween decorations.

All things considered, what I should do is have a quick bite to eat, followed by doing a little cleaning (mostly picking up odds and ends from around the apartment and dusting), and then sitting down and working on the slip stitching on my dress.

Speaking of my dress, it's more or less fully constructed, with the final bit being to slip stitch the bodice lining to the rest of the dress. I finished hemming it yesterday, so aside from the slip stitching and making a few tacks to get it properly fitted (and maybe a little clean up on some of the edges and folds), I'm practically done. Because Lydia is a series of straight lines along with the spider webbing being drawn on by hand, she'll take me all of an afternoon to complete.

Of course, I also need to start thinking about NaNo - which will probably be all kinds of fantastic, as the first couple of days will be combined with sewing in some way, which may mean my first couple of days aren't very productive. It also means that the first couple of days will be spent writing on the couch when I'd rather be writing at the dining room table. Ah well, not much I can do about that until I get everything cleared off the table and that won't happen until Lydia is done. So.

High time I find some food so I can get on with the rest of what I should be doing. Even if I don't get all of the cleaning done today, I really should get as much done as possible so I don't stress myself out trying to get everything done before tomorrow's football game.
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So I got the zipper installed yesterday. Today I attached the back to the main part of the dress - though I may still rip it out and try again in an attempt to get it to fit better. Or it may come down to a series of tacks because aside from being a little loose around the shoulders, the rest of the dress fits fine. The zipper isn't pretty, but it runs down the side and will be under my arm most of the night. Also, if anyone gives me any grief, I can at least retort that I made my dress instead of buying off the rack. All this leaves is hemming and slip stitching. I may start the slip stitching tonight, or else I'll hem it tomorrow and and start up with the slip stitching when I'm done with that.

Whatever, I'm down to the two final things to do before I get going on Lydia, and aside from making a few cuts and a couple of straight lines, will take me probably all of an hour to finish. Yeah - I'm pretty excited about that.

I haven't made any more progress on NaNo - though part of that is because I'm sort of at a road block. Obviously some of the characters are based on real people, with flaws taken Up To Eleven for the Rule of Funny. However, I don't think that the remaining character building should be too much harder.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit burnt out from all of this sewing, so I'm going to indulge in some fanfiction and tea.
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So I finished sewing Sheena today. All that's left is painting the shoes, so when I get the chance I'll be running over to the fabric store to buy the paint, as well as looking to possibly buying the fabric for the Christmas party dress and Lydia.

I'm glad to be done with the bulk of the sewing, especially since I started having troubles right up at the end. Apparently the thread I was using is weak in places, so instead of the stitches catching like they should have, they were breaking and clogging up my machine. I finally pulled off a yard or so of thread and started over with success this time.

I think I'll take this little down time to make the banner for my pins. I like the idea of making it out of the leftover blue fabric from Sheena's costume. It'll match the decor of the rest of the room that way.

Hopefully my time swearing at my sewing machine is over.

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Today was pretty typical for Saturday. Got up, had breakfast, did my Wii Fit Plus body test and then showered. The grocery list was made, then we went grocery shopping, and then came home and had lunch. Once lunch was done, I had my sewing to work on.

I cut out the fabric for the boot covers, and then got everything sewn together. It's not as pretty as I would have liked, but all in all it's as good as it's gonna get. I just need to sew on the buckles and the fabric that will go through the buckles. It should theoretically only take me an hour. Maybe two, depending on if how easily things go.

And then I'll be done.

^^ Honestly I never thought I'd be so happy to be done sewing. Of course, after that I need to get all of the fabric for the party dress and then also for Lydia. I'm opting for cartoon Lydia, so it's a matter of wearing a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of black pants. Woohoo, comfy! And of course, the red cape, but that's two triangles of red fabric sewn together to make what is essentially a poncho. Oh yeah. Easy.

All in all I'm coming into the home stretch and I'm glad. I'll probably want to keep myself from sewing for a while.

But that's why I have my zombie cross stitch projects. :3

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No, I'm not done. However, after three attempts, I finally have the pattern for the gloves worked out. Tonight I'll probably cut out the fabric and sew them together which will leave, you guessed it, the boot covers.

I'm thinking that the best way to start on the boot covers is to just take some scrap fabric and mark and pin in places, then measure between marks and pins and try to figure out how that's going to translate on a piece of paper which will then serve as the pattern.

But, the good news is that I'm about 75% done with the costume. The shirt is done. The robe is done. The obi is done. The bow is done (but needs minor tweaks). I bought pants. The glove pattern is done and I just need to cut out the pieces and sew them together.

Of course when this is all done, I have to get the fabric for the Christmas Party dress and I need to get the fabric to make Lydia's cape for the funeral. Yes, you read that right, the funeral. (But more on that later.)

Anyway, I have a head ache and I need to figure out what the hell I'm doing for dinner.

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Today I've been dealing in bubble-gum pink broadcloth. Sheena's obi and bow are bubble-gum pink (it goes nicely with the lilac and the blue), and the main sewing on those pieces are done. I need to hand sew the snaps on the obi (because faking it is so much easier) and then sew on loops of thread to thread the obi-jime through so it stays centered on the obi itself. That shouldn't be too hard, and should only take me about an hour total to get taken care of.

Tonight, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll officially make the mock-up of the gloves, just to get a feeling for the pattern and to see if it's actually going to work of if I have to start all over again. Of course I have to go digging through the closet and find my scrap fabric to play with and also make sure that I can find enough of what I need. I think I'll just leave the pink thread on the sewing machine - this is a mock-up for crying out loud, it doesn't have to be perfect - so I can see where the stitches are and if I'll need to adjust those.

I may venture out tomorrow to get fabric paint, shoe glue and pants, and when that's taken care of I should be about 50% complete with costume. From there it becomes a matter of finishing the gloves and the boot covers and then I'll be done. (Okay, yes, I'll have to go and buy product to style my hair and the temporary hair dye, but I can wait on those until closer to Halloween.)

In non-cosplay related news, my abs are killing me. Wii Fit Plus has training programs now, where there are pre-selected activities that will work various parts of your body. I've selected to work on my abs and hips (being my most problematic areas right now) and since I've been neglecting my abs, they're protesting the sudden use. By the end of the week they'll probably stop bitching and I can move around without my abs aching over every little movement.

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So I have everything that I had previously cut out sewn together and I'm now doing the requisite slip (read: hand) stitching. I'm about halfway done with the slip stitching on the robe, and only have a little bit to do on the shirt (total). I'm happy that everything fits over my bewbs, and it now becomes a matter of getting everything to fit together and not blouse out or slip down. That may require pinning the sleeves of the shirt to the robe. Or fitting them with snaps. Either option is completely viable.

Once I get the top half more or less figured out, it becomes a matter of sewing together the obi and the bow. I figured that I would separate the two parts, but I wasn't sure how to logically pull this off. [ profile] desertkitsune pointed out that I could easily pull this off by making the bow a separate piece from the obi itself, and have it tie on with the obi-jime which was looking like it was going to be sewn into place. Instead I'll put a couple of small loops for the obi-jime to be threaded through so that it stays centered on the obi, and it'll serve the purpose of holding the bow (which it'll be sewn to) in place in the back. I didn't really relish the idea of trying to tie the bow just right and I'm all for cheating when necessary.

Of course, once the obi and bow are figured out, I'll move on to sewing the gloves and the boot covers. I have quite a bit of spare fabric floating around, so I'll do a mock-up of the gloves to see if the pattern works, and then tweak where necessary. I'm still wracking my brain on how to turn that sketch of the boot covers into an actual pattern. Or I'll just do mock-up with spare fabric until I find something that works.

So there's still quite a bit left to be done, but the fact of the matter is that I've already accomplished quite a bit, so now the task seems a lot less daunting than before.

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So, an addendum with this earlier post.

I started sewing Sheena today, because I swear every time I've said that I was GOING to start, I've found some reason to put it off. But now I have all of the notions and any excuse I might have had before has gone flying out the window.

I have the robe more or less's now just a matter of slip stitching the band that goes around the collar and the front of the garment. It'll probably take me a couple of hours, and will probably be my project for tomorrow. The shirt itself in probably a quarter of the way assembled. The lining is sewn together, and I'm working on getting the front of it sewn together. I still need to attach the zipper to the lining, and then sewing the front to the lining. Then I just have to assemble the sleeves, and sew those on.

From there it becomes a matter of assembling the gloves. I made a point of getting a lot of extra fabric so that I had room to play and get things figured out. I took various measurements of my arms and hands, trying to figure out how big to make the various parts. I've tacked on an extra inch to all of the measurements in order to give myself some room because the gloves are supposed to be a little loose, and enough room to sew the seam.

So that really leaves getting the boot covers assembled. Again I took measurements of my feet, though I should probably take measurements of my foot in my shoe and see how it compares to the measurement of my foot. I also did important things like measuring my calf, the length from the top of the boot cover to my ankle (though I should remeasure and go all the way to the bottom of my shoe and arch). Hopefully, from there, I can start sketching out the pattern pieces for the boot covers. The problem there is that I'm having issues trying to figure out how the shape will translate into a two dimensional drawing and completely undone.

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So for Halloween I figured that I would do my Sheena cosplay. I've got the pieces for the robe and the shirt cut out, and I need to make a pattern for the boot covers and gloves and buy pants. I think I'm going to take my old, beat up Sketchers that I got for work years ago and modify them to be the shoes, partly because they're ridiculously comfortable and partly because that means I don't have to go and buy new shoes. :p

As it turns out, I went and bought fabric and notions, going off a check list that I had made, hoping that I had gotten everything that I needed. Except... I needed bias tape and quilt binding. And now I need MORE bias tape and buckles. >_< Apparently I should have made my check list while studying the character artwork rather than from memory. That way I could just sit and sew today. Or mostly sew. That whole making patterns thing is also going to take some time.

A memo to new friends who are probably looking at this entry going, WTF is with her?! )

What I need to do next is get the small load of laundry I did yesterday folded and put away, followed by getting the dining room table cleared off except for necessary materials to either make the patterns or start sewing the costume. And at some point in the near future I need to cut out the pattern pieces for the Christmas party dress. I suppose it's not the most exciting way to spend Labor Day, but I'd rather feel like I accomplished something rather than doing nothing at all.


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