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Years ago I inherited a dresser. It's nothing spectacular, and if I had to guess it was built using leftover apple crates. I think it was made by my great-grandfather in the late thirties or early forties. And I still have no idea how I ended up with it. I do know that no matter how ratty the damn thing got my mother refused to get rid of it, so years ago my step-dad sighed and painted it before putting new pulls on it.

Of course when I moved out I got to take everything that was in my bedroom with me - including the dresser. The paint was starting to flake and one of the pulls had fallen off, so my husband asked if we could strip it, sand it down, and then repaint it. Since we repainted a bookcase a few summers back, I didn't really see an issue with that. Of course the contents of the dresser are currently strewn about guest room - mostly various cosplay pieces.

With most everything stripped and sanded down, I started repainting the drawers yesterday. I got one coat of paint on yesterday after getting done with my various other errands and tasks, and then realized that the second coat wouldn't be done by the time my husband got home from work. With his bike not having a kickstand he can't store it in the little shed our complex has for bikes, so it lives on our balcony. Which is also where we're currently trying to refinish this dresser.

Three coats of paint later the drawers are done, which means I need to finish sanding the dresser, but I need to ask my husband what parts need to be finished. I think he's got the top done, which means I just have to get the last of the paint off of the sides and then I can repaint that sucker. With summer here (finally - it's been spring since mid-March), the weather is perfect for getting all of this done. Also, I want my dresser back.

In other news, I'm going to be helping a friend at the pub at the local Scottish Fest on Saturday, so I have to wait until Monday to see the latest episode of Korra. I've never actually attended Scottish Fest before, which is kind of sad seeing as I'm of Scottish descent. (No, really. I know I talk about my Cuban heritage a lot, but I can trace my family to Clan Campbell, thank you very much, in just two generations. It also explains the ginger highlights that are in my hair naturally. I've just opted to go red all over with a little help from a bottle.) I'm going to be sitting at the entrance of the pub checking wrist bands to make sure that no underage kids get in. I imagine it'll be a drunker, if not as smelly, experience not unlike checking badges in the game rooms at Anime Expo. I'll be doing it with my friend [ profile] travellyr, and I'll also get a couple of breaks where I can actually go out and check out the rest of the Fest. I want to see if I can find a scarf in my clan tartan. (Look up the Campbell tartan, it's freakin' gorgeous.)
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So my hair dryer died this morning. Normally this would not have been a big deal, but I had just washed my hair, it's below sixty degrees outside, and thus wet hair is not a fun option. I had to towel dry my hair to the best of my ability and wait for it to dry enough before going out and buying a new one.

On the plus side my new hair dryer is of salon quality, with precision and volumezing attachments, a retractable cord and a folding handle for easy storage.

I also took the opportunity while I was out to pick up more sleeves for my high school scrapbook, more stickers and a couple of light weight long sleeved shirts with the intent of layering because I ♥ layers when the weather gets cold. And it will be getting cold again here before too much longer.

Anyway, I'm going to put Slayers NEXT on again and work on the scrapbook some more. I went though my photos again last night and pulled more from though out the school year and graduation, which hadn't already been pulled. The result is what seems like a billion pictures from high school. And while my scrapbook may end up looking more like a super creative photo album, that's fine with me. There are some fun memories (and not so fun, now that I think about it) that I've been remembering.

As a totally lame aside here, it's windier than all get out where I am. I was almost blown away walking between the stores and my car. It also looks like a huge rainstorm is blowing in. And it is teh suck.
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When I got married, instead of a traditional Guest Book where people jot down their name and short message, I opted for something slightly more....creative. I found a nice wedding scrapbook kit that already had pages and some stickers and whatnot, but I then went out and bought MORE stickers and decorative borders and pens in the colors of my wedding. Guests got their picture taken as they came in, and as the photo printed, they could decorate the page the photo would be on as well as jot down a little note.

It was fun and personal and while not everyone opted to have their picture taken, it was a lot of fun. And something that others have noted for future use.

Anyway, I also have a scrapbook for high school. Which is currently sitting, half finished, in my guest room. I'm thinking that sometime this week I'll try and actually put it together. I have photos, but I'm going get some stickers, more photo tape, and believe it or not I already have pens. I might need some more pages, though. Good thing I have a coupon for Jo-Ann's - I can stock up on what I need to finish this scrapbook (almost ten years later, mind you) and get that project taken care of. And cleaned up and out of the way because really, it's just sitting around taking up space, space I could be using to store OTHER THINGS.

I think I'm to kick back and relax the rest of the evening. I may or may not start into the scrapbook tonight while I watch Leverage with Wil Wheaton. I've already selected all of the photos that I want to include from the bazillion (well, not really, it just seems like a bazillion) that I took in high school. It's just a matter of sitting down and getting them all onto the pages and into the book. And if I have the time tonight, I might as well get started, right? Right.

In slightly less important news I have a new car battery that isn't corroding. I had to reset all of the preferences and settings on my car stereo, but it was worth it if it meant that I wasn't fighting my car to get it to start when it gets cold out there.
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Tomorrow my husband and I are having dinner with a couple of friends from high school. Both of them were in band with my husband, and the wife was actually my husband's section leader (lol, clarinet players). This all came up in a very roundabout kind of way.

While my husband and I were on vacation I asked my mom to take care of my plants. I'd invested quite a bit of time into getting them to grow and I wasn't keen on leaving them for a week and coming home to finding them dead. My mom came over after work to briefly water them, once bringing my sister (who is just learning how to drive) with her.

Fast forward to today.

I was over at my parents' house doing some brief computer work (regarding anti-virus programs and the like) when I asked my sister if she had gone to the apartment with Mom to water the plants. She said that she had (since they stopped while she was out driving). I asked if she had seen my finished projects (the counted cross stitches) around the apartment and I started naming them off. Then she informed me that she had missed several of them, which was odd seeing as that was the afternoon she and Mom had been poking about the apartment looking at all of the little odds and ends that decorate it.

When I got back to the apartment I snapped some photos of the projects and put them up on Facebook so my sister could see the ones she missed. Of course everyone on my Friends List can see the pictures as well, and a couple of them also commented on them, including the friend I'm having dinner with tomorrow. She noted, wistfully, that she wished that she had the time to do similar projects, but her almost two year old baby kept her busy. She then asked if I knew anything about sewing.

...*crickets chirp*...

Naturally I responded that I had some experience with sewing and I inquired if she needed some help.

She replied that she could write me a novel with all of the questions she had. She then offered to make me and my husband dinner so I could get over there to help her out. I can't say that I'm one to pass up a free meal and of course I'm always willing to help out my friends when they need it.

Thus the dinner tomorrow night. I'm waiting to hear back so I can get directions to her place, as well as nail down a time. I'm thinking that six would be good, as that would put us at the tail end of the Hanford 500, and it's not too late so that their daughter can get to bed on time. Aside from bringing a salad or some other side dish, things are going to be pretty easy, with probably a good chunk of the evening being me helping her to get started. Though that could easily bleed into a weekend or a weekday afternoon. We'll see.

Anyway, I do enjoy visiting with friends I haven't seen in a while, and this particular couple I haven't seen since I finished my BA.


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