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I don't feel any sort of compulsion to add a comment to this picture. I think it speaks for itself.

My Little Doctor takes on the Weeping Ponies. )
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Meme from [ profile] earthstar_moon:

1. Comment with "DON'T SAY GOOD-BYE!"
2. I will give a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

1) Tamaki Suoh - Ouran High School Host Club: Oh Tamaki-kun, you're just precious. No. Really. He's a total moron, truth be told, but he's so genuinely sweet that you can't help but think of him like a humanoid golden retriever.

2) Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket: She's a special brand of love that can defrost even the coldest of hearts. Like Tamaki, she's genuinely sweet, but behind her kind smile is a seriously broken girl. Thankfully, for all the love she gives she seems to inspire it in return.

3) TARDIS - Doctor Who: Don't tell me the TARDIS isn't a character. She is! She stole a Time Lord (or the Time Lord stole her, we're not sure) so she could see the universe! She knows the Doctor's moods and knows where he should be even when he's not entirely sure where he should be. She will always be his sexy thing.

4) Tenebrae - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World: In a world of either super cheerful determinators or really angsty emo heroes and villans, we got Tenebrae, All Mighty Snarker and Centurion of Darkness. A welcome breath of fresh air as he snarked and sniped about EVERYTHING.

5) Trowa - Gundam Wing: I can't even pinpoint why I love him. Just everything about his character, the hidden depths that we're teased with but rarely see is probably the main reason, though. That, and I thoroughly approve of his use of MORE DAKKA to get the job done. One Macross Missile Massacre coming up!

That said, I really had to wrack my brain to come up with answers for this, as Tamaki and Tohru were the only ones who came to mind. The rest required sifting through my different fandoms to find characters who qualified. Apparently there aren't a lot of characters whose names start with the letter T in my fandoms. Hmmm.
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Because it's just not the holidays until someone is singing "The Twelve Pains of Christmas" under their breath. The video is mostly Tennant, which is fine in my book. X3

And Achmed the Dead Terrorist and "Jingle Bombs" for good measure:

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I'm fairly used to weird dreams. By all accounts they usually make sense shortly after I wake up. It's after a couple of hours that it strikes just how genuinely WEIRD they are.

So my husband and I have gotten series 5 of the new Doctor Who from Netflix and have been gleefully working our way though the episodes. Matt Smith is a adorkable, and while he is not David Tennant, he's doing a damn fine job of establishing his own idiosyncratic version of the Doctor. He even wrote fanfiction for it. (Ascended fanboy, in a sense, much like Tennant before him and of course series executive producer Steven Moffatt.)

The last episode I watched was The Time of Angels. Those of you familiar with the new Who, know o the rather infamous episode "Blink" in which Steven Moffatt successfully scared the SHIT out of everyone, adult and child, who watched it.

"Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe, don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck."

The cosmic horrors known as the Weeping Angels return. In the first part of a two parter. And let me tell you, I wasn't happy when I heard that the Angels were returning and I certainly wasn't happy about the episode last night. Steven Moffatt is very, VERY good at scaring you shitless. He's also very good at tugging on your heartstrings, if "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" and "The Girl in the Fireplace" are any indication. Because I can't stand the Weeping Angels and have been having nightmares about them for the last couple of days, I decided it was time to binge on Slayers Try to try and get something funny implanted in my brain to dream about instead.

Didn't dream about the Burn Notice season finale, though, as most loose ends were tied up and I usually don't dream about that unless I'm dreaming of Miami and suddenly Bruce Cambpell walks by but it's NOT Bruce Campbell he only looks like Bruce Campbell...

So when I started dreaming I was dreaming of Slayers and the Weeping Angels.

Wait, WHUT.

Yup, apparently Zelgadiss had some sort of immunity to the Angels because he's part golem (something about stone being immune, I guess?) and Lina was attempting Dragon Slave them out of existence. I think she decided to use the Giga Slave when I woke up. And was confused as all get out.

"What the FUCK did I eat last night that would make me dream about that?!"

Anyway, post lunch will find me making phone calls on the behalf of the KNRC. My main concern is getting my cell phone to cooperate, especially since the battery is getting old and dies a lot quicker than it did when I got it. Of course I have the charger handy, but that's a royal pain to deal with. Oh well, not much I can do about it.

Anyway, FOOD!!
mercy_angel_09: (Shigure WTF) has been sounding like the TARDIS is landing in my kitchen/dining room for the last twenty minutes. :3

A while back I decided that while I ♥ Firefly and Captain Mal, I needed to change up my cell phone scheme. My current wall paper is from Miss Mimi-Na (OHMIGOD! I THOUGHT I WAS SPECIAL!) and my general ringtone is the Series 4 (new series, mind you) Doctor Who theme. My message alert is the sound of the TARDIS engine. So every time I get a text message or a voice mail, I hear a key on a piano's bass string.

My little sister just spent the last twenty minutes sending me texts.

My husband was wondering if I had been chosen as the Doctor's next companion. (*snorts* I wish.)

We finished with series four this evening, and tomorrow I'll probably put on "The Next Doctor" and "Planet of the Dead" while I cut out fabric for skirts. Well, one skirt since I got the first one cut out while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

...Whoops, got distracted. Where was I?

Oh yes, my Doctor Who themed cell phone. It's even blue. :3 But really, I should move on.

In any case, I have a couple of sewing projects, and if I can ever get a hold of anyone in my family, I know if I'm making my cousin's fiancee's wedding dress. Apparently she wanted my grandma to make it, but Grandma's pretty busy so I was volunteered for the job. I have no idea what's supposed to be going on with that as I haven't heard anything from anyone, other than that my mother volunteered me to make the dress. It sort of makes me wonder if I should try and get into a fashion school so that I can open up a dress shop or something.

Thankfully, I have movies on the way. I ordered a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I know how it ends, so you really don't need to give into the meme on that one), Alice in Wonderland (went to go see that one in theaters) and because Barnes & Noble was having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free special, I picked up a copy of Iron Man for free. It's a ridiculously fun movie, and it was free. And as nice as it is to be able to watch stuff streaming for free on Netflix or simply getting the DVDs in the mail, there are some movies which are better when you can just pick them off the shelf and watch them whenever. Background noise is always nice as I'm working.

Anyway, I've reached the point where I'm just rambling. I should probably go to bed.

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In which I ramble about Doctor Who. )


I should probably stop rambling now. I'm fairly certain that this post will make no sense to anyone but me.

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My friend has a kitten. His name is Raja. In less than two weeks, some of his boy-bits are getting removed. That's right, we're going Bob Barker on his ass...sort of. Since his appointment is at a vet clinic an hour away (because it's considerably more affordable there, as opposed to staying in town), she's making a day trip out of this and I've been invited to go along. We're going that extra hour past the vet's office to Ellensburg to do some shopping, even when there really isn't that much there. But it'll at least give us something to do for a couple of hours.

This coming weekend, most of my friends are headed to Seattle to see Abney Park. They're a steampunk band, if you were wondering. Anyway, it sounds like lots of fun (since there will be steampunk demos on top of music), but part of me just wants to do nothing more than sit on my balcony with a glass of iced tea and read a book. I'm really likin' the idea of a weekend off, where I'm not stuck in a car for four hours, not rushing off to some big, local event, and best of all, not getting up at the ass crack o' dawn to take care of animals. Woo!

In other news, still plugging through Doctor Who. Up to the fourth season of the new series, and of course went diving through the archives looking for relevant information, particularly in the cases of Continuity Nods. And of course, the specials for various charity fund raisers and whatnot. So yes, I found Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death, and then nearly wet myself I was laughing so hard. Imagine, if you dare, Rowan Atkinson as the 9th Doctor. Richard E. Grant as 10. Jim Broadbent as 11. Hugh Grant as 12. And then Joanna Lumley as 13. Jonathan Price as The Master. The Daleks as Themselves. If you can find it, watch it because, Hoooooooooboy is it funny. Keep in mind, as you watch, that both Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant were serious contenders for the title of "The Doctor" before the series was canceled back in the mid eighties. Yes, you read that right. Could you imagine if either of them were the Doctor now?

...Yeah, my brain nearly asploded, too.

Anyway, things are pretty chill around here. I think that Bollywood Movie Nights are becoming a regular thing with me and the girls, though I'm pretty sure that's a good thing and is keeps up sane. :3 *eyes Main Hoon Na and sighs* Buuuuuuuuuuut, I think I'll watch more Doctor Who before I go diving back into Bollywood.

Weird little side note, but does anyone my F-list remember the Psych episode titled "Bollywood Homicide?" In case you were wondering, the song that plays during the cold open, and then during the performance, is called "Aaja Nachle" form the movie of the same name. While the movie was largely panned by critics and audiences, the titular song is pretty popular for weddings and parties (and translating to "Come, Dance with Me" probably doesn't hurt that). And totally addictive (can you say, Ear Worm?) so it makes sense that they would use it in a Bollywood themed episode.

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david tennant
see more Lol Celebs

I too would be running in fright if I got to the year 3000 and saw that the Madge was still touring.


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