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So I made a promise to myself last week that starting this past Tuesday, I was going to get back into the swing of things and exercise more. I managed to do it, though Tuesday morning was a bit of a bear.

I set my alarm for 7:00 hoping that I would drag myself out of bed no later than 7:30. However, in true me fashion I slept until 8:00, especially since I hit "sleep" and not "snooze." But I quickly at breakfast, stretched myself out, and then took a 45 minute bike ride, totaling about four miles when all was said and done. Naturally the next morning my body went, "You bitch!" and instead of taking my sorry carcass down to the gym to lift weights, I ran through my yoga routine to stretch myself out some more. Yesterday the weather was crappy (rain and wind) so instead of another bike ride, I hit the treadmill for thirty minutes. 1.75 miles later my legs felt like gelatin but my body wasn't screaming at me.

That brings me to this morning. I pulled myself out of bed at a quarter to eight, mostly because I slept poorly last night. After breakfast, I put on my exercise clothes, turned on Good Morning America and ran through my stretches. After I was stretched out and adequately warmed up, I went down to the gym to start lifting weights again. I started off at twenty pounds, meaning I bench pressed forty-five. I'm going to slowly up the amount of weight (sadly, it can only be done in ten pound increments which means that every two to two and a half weeks I'll be upping the weight) as I continue. I'll probably max out the bench press at about eighty five pounds, and squats at one hundred-fifty. Granted I can get myself back to the same level I was at when I was a freshman in high school.

This afternoon I need to remember to wash my exercise clothes as they're now all gross and sweaty and I can only wear them for about a week before I just can't. Admittedly, I have more than one set of exercise clothes so it's not like I'm pressed to get them clean, but I really like my primary set. Besides, I have some other laundry that I really should do as well.

In other news, I'm still adjusting to my iPhone, but all in all it's pretty easy to use. Hell, I love that I set my alarm to what are basically church bells. There are worse ways to wake up in the morning - the "alarm" tone for example. I'm pretty sure that was the only time I catapulted out of bed in shock.
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First of all, a quick update on my weight loss. So far I'm down about five pounds, in about five months. I'm okay with this. There are serious health risks to losing weight rapidly, and I'd rather not go that direction. For the most part I'm exercising for 20-30 minutes Monday through Friday, usually doing Wii Fit. I really should haul my butt down to the exercise room and get on the treadmill and the weight machine. However I'm doing a variety of exercises on Wii Fit Plus so I'm hoping that while I'm not specifically targeting particular muscle groups, I'm working everything over the course of the week with the result of slowly getting rid of this excess weight. Point in case, my calves are looking nice and firm. Now if I could get my glutes and thighs to the same point all would be dandy. Though...actually I'm not interested in looking sculpted. A bit thinner, yes, but I don't want to be able to identify muscle groups though my skin. I'd prefer to just trim down my physique - and I may need to consult a doctor about that because my weight issue may be that hereditary thyroid problem that may take some medication to get straightened out.

To add to my exercising, my husband and I have been focusing on eating healthier. This including buying a lot of fruits and vegetables the last time we went grocery shopping. Instead of grabbing junk food for snacking on, I grab either a clementine orange or an apple. We're also focusing on light, reduced fat, and fat free items, as well as reading food labels in an effort to cut down on fat intake because not every thing comes in fat free or light options. I think I'm going to try and plan all of next week's meals out of the Ellie Krieger cookbook, where the emphasis is on healthy eating and substituting higher fat items for lower fat and healthier items. It's certainly not going to kill us to eat out of that cookbook, on top of which the recipes are all really good and certainly don't taste low fat and low calories. Hooray for not eating cardboard!

Weather wise it's starting to warm up. It's only supposed to be something like 36 today and it's already up to the mid forties. Naturally the snow is melting quite rapidly - and we're going to stay warm(ish) for the next week or so, meaning that by the middle of the next week most of the snow will be completely melted. I think the only snow that will remain will be whatever was shoved to the side in the parking lots. At least until it starts dumping on us again.

I think I'm going to take advantage of my husband being at work this afternoon and start wrapping presents, as well as printing off the photos from the WSU campus for my dad's collage. I kind of miss the days where I would be done with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, meaning that the moment the tree was set up, I would start wrapping and tease everyone with their gifts which sat under the tree for nearly a month before they could open them. I'm still waiting for a few of the gifts to arrive (as I only ordered them yesterday), but that's really not an issue. I can finally stop hiding the presents under the bed in the guest room and taunt my husband with them under the tree.

Anyway I'm going to get lunch and then take care of the photos, which are really the only gifts I have left. Except my step-dad. I still have no idea what to get my step-dad. I've resorted to asking my mother but apparently she had no idea either, so short of calling him and picking his brain or visiting with him this weekend to try and figure out what he wants, I'm going to have to wait until my mom gets back to me with ideas.
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I exercised for fifteen minutes today. Which is better than the zero I was thinking about when I got up. (This is what I get for going through my hard-drive to weed out unnecessary files until one am.) After spending a couple of days not losing any weight, I've started a slow crawl towards my goal. So either I was eating a shit-ton of junk over the last couple of weeks, or my body has decided that it's going to plateau early. I shouldn't hit my plateau for another month, thank you very much! As it stands, it'll probably be another month before I really start seeing results, though I have noticed that my pants are feeling a little loose.

The oven is now all clean, thanks to nearly five hours at nearly 900 degree heat. There's a little bit of ash at the bottom that I need to wipe up, but that should take all of two minutes. I also still need to do all of the usual cleaning, but aside from that, things are pretty laid back today. I'm planning on going and buying my fabric today so I can start on the Christmas party dress next week. I'm serious when I say that I will not be sewing during NaNo. I got the pattern cut out while the oven was doing it's thing (and watching discs two and three of Saiyuki), so now all I need is the fabric.

Now that it's fall here, I've started the tedious switch out. The bulk of my tee shirts have been moved into storage while the long sleeved shirts have moved into the bedroom dresser. I've long since moved all of my capris into storage and the bulk of my jeans are also now in the dresser. I'll probably move the lighter fabric pants as well, and just keep the jeans for the winter. Any idiot to says that living in a desert doesn't get cold has obviously never been to a desert in the middle of winter. We get cold. Really cold. Most of the time without snow.

Anyway, I should get going, even if my body is telling me to flop on the couch and stay there the rest of the day. Memo to self, go to bed directly after the season finale of Haven tonight.
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I've been determined to continue with the Wii Fit Plus and not fall of the wagon. I have this nasty habit of doing it for two or three weeks, and then something comes up and then I don't do it for a couple of months. I've decided that if I do it when I get up in the morning, it forces me to do a few things.

1) Get up at a reasonable hour.
2) Eat breakfast - more than just coffee and a piece of toast.
3) Not waste water by showering more than once a day.

This also means that I have the day to spend on projects. Today I'm going to start cutting out pieces for my Sheena costume for Halloween, while watching Gilmore Girls for [ profile] backtodragonfly. Sadly the community is finding itself in a bit of jamb as most of the members are swamped with school and whatnot, and trying to find time to not only watch the three episodes a week but to also write up the responses to the discussion posts. That was part of the reason why I wanted to watch one episode a week (yes, I realize that it would take us a couple of years to get through the whole series, but it would also allow for ample time to watch and discuss, but I digress). So, to my Gilmore Girl faithful who have time on their hands, I ask you to join up to add to the discussion. Heck, if you remember the episodes really well, you don't even need to watch them again, you can just join in on the discussions. It would be much appreciated.

Okay, got off on a tangent. Pardon, pardon. Anyway, I want to get Sheena mostly sewn by the time October starts as I refuse to sew the Christmas Party dress during NaNo. I did that once before and it was almost more than I could handle. I figure I'll try to get as much cut out of the costume as I can this afternoon, and then work on getting the major pieces sewn together in the coming weeks. From there, I need to start working out (probably on scrap fabric) how to make the boot covers and the arm warmers. I'm going to buy pants, as they look like plain black cotton. And those I can buy pretty much anywhere. I may need to buy new shoes and paint parts of them to look right, but that shouldn't be too difficult with either fabric paint or acrylic paint (which, now that I think about it, are probably more or less the same thing. XD)

Once Sheena is more or less assembled (and I figure out how to properly do the hair...there may be a wig involved, or copious amounts of hair spray and temporary dye), I'm going to start in on the Christmas Party dress (view C, or the middle one, if you prefer). I'm actually going to make it in the same color as the illustration (that dusty rose pink) that goes with a set of pearls that I have. The crepe back satin will drape wonderfully, and best of all the dress is great for a figure like mine (more or less an hourglass shape, rather than an apple (top heavy), pear (bottom heavy) or rectangular (even on top and bottom with little to no waist line definition). I figure I'll just use the same shoes and purse that I got for the party last year, and that way I don't have to worry about trying to find shoes and a purse for this year. A couple of my friends have volunteered (I think) to do my hair and make-up, as well. Since the dress has a retro feel to it, we're thinking a finger-wave with nude make-up. The pearls will accent the retro look (they're freshwater, and in shades of pink, green and ivory, with purple beads).

So yeah, I more or less have the next three months planned out. I'll probably spend my evenings working on the outline for NaNo. I'm thinking that I need to go and buy a journal to put all of the info into, such as character biographies, plot outlines and details, and so on. I think I'll start book two of the Magnolia series. The first was called Magnolia Blossoms and I should start thinking about what the second book will be about. Ryder and Gabrielle have finally stopped arguing, so perhaps it's time for them to start courting properly, and of course Miss Olivia's son has his eye on Gabrielle and is sure to cause problems. Ooooh, drama!

Meh. I should find lunch. I need to get going for the day, project wise, anyway.

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So when my husband bought the BluRay player for the HTPC, he also bought Wii Fit Plus.

I've decided that it's worth while to start up again, and hopefully this time I'll stick with it. I may need my friends to occasionally kick me in the behind to stick with it. If you feel like dropping me a comment asking how my progress is going, go right ahead. I encourage you to kick me in the butt as often as you deem fit, at least as exercising goes. The problem with the Tri-Cities is that it's ridiculously hot during the days, the apartment complex's gym doesn't have a AC, and I can't seem to get my butt out of bed early enough to go skating down by the river.

Not much else going on. It sounds like the girls and I will be heading out to see Eat. Pray. Love. this evening, which could be a lot of fun. We'll be going out to eat (sushi and teriyaki) first and then to the movie, mostly to curb any snaking at the theater. We'll probably get a bottle of water and a box of candy to share and call it good. Too expensive, otherwise. :p

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So, on the docket today.

1) Clean. It's Sunday. This should be a no brainer.

2) Go to my cousin's wedding. I forgot to RSVP, but he didn't RSVP to mine, so I think that makes us even. Besides, I don't think I'm going to spend that much time hanging out there. Go for the ceremony and probably leave after cake. And I'm probably not going to drink anything more than water.

3) Do a little yoga. Yesterday I finally tried out Wii Fit Plus. I didn't think that I really worked anything...and I was wrong. I'm ridiculously sore today, so methinks all I'm going to do is stretch myself out and hope that eases some of the pain.

I think that wraps up all I have planned for today. I'm going to wear the skirt that can be worn 15 different ways (more, if I feel like getting creative) as a dress since it's cute and light enough that I won't die of heatstroke (though today is only supposed to get up to 80 degrees, so it shouldn't be that bad). I also have to remember to get a gift card for them, since I have no idea what they already have or need, and a gift card seems like a great way to make sure that they can get what they want/need.

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I'm so sore today. I think most of it is because of the weight lifting, but there's part of it that also comes from my accident. I'm just glad that I was able to catch myself and keep myself from hitting my head. Though bailing into the dirt probably helped that as well.

But anyway, let me stress the point with a visual aid:

Not for the easily squicked. )

That is my thigh. What you can't seen in the picture is that is a lovely blackberry color.

In happier news, today's BPAL scent is High John the Conqueror from their Bewitching Brews collection. Smells like roses and lilies, and while it's okay, it's not my favorite. I don't think I'll be buying this one.

Anyway, yesterday was fun. I had movie night with the girls and we made curry and watched Bollywood movies, and all in all had a blast. While out doing some running around (getting snacks and whatnot) we wandered in to Big Lots where I found the "Went with the Wind" Barbie. (By the way, I can spend HOURS on the Barbie Collectors site because I love dolls, and of course, Barbie was my first real doll, and...well, vicious cycle party of one!) But anyway, I love The Carol Burnett Show and "Went with the Wind!" is one my all time favorite sketches. Not buying this doll was not an option. I'm quite proud of myself for this particular find.

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You know how I was so proud of myself for getting back on to skates and NOT falling?

Oh yeah...I wiped out twice today. Thank God I had the brains to buy knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads or else I would be in a lot more pain than I am right now. As it stands my arm (which was uncovered because I was wearing a tank top) has a lovely road rash on it. Hurt like a mofo when I showered, but at least I know there's no grit in it.

Today's daily dose of BPAL is Alice's Evidence from the Mad Tea Party collection. I smell like baked goods and spicy tea. Or that potpourri that my mother always makes around Christmas. Either way, I smell good. (Chase, buddy, I'm sorry if I'm making your feel bad. Honestly, most of the blogging about the perfume is to give me a written record of what I liked and what I didn't. Because, you know, writing it down in a .txt or a .docx file would have been easy.) I may have to get a bottle of this some day. At any rate, it beats smelling like an old lady!!

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There's a storm on the horizon - it's dark and foreboding. The rumbles of thunder are giving me chills.

Dude. It's AWESOME.

Anyway, today I skated three miles in an attempt to shake up my cardio routine. Aside from a few dirty looks from walkers, all went well, though I think I need to hydrate myself better before going out. I'm also thinking that we've officially gone from "WTF COLD" to "WTF SUMMER" in the span of about three days. WTF weather.

I'm debating whether or not I go skating again tomorrow or drag my butt down to the gym. Maybe down to the gym to lift weights and then on Thursday, after I let my in-laws' dog out, go down to the park and skate. Meh. Whatever.

In other news, I've decided to sample my imp's ears from BPAL, deciding on what smells good in the bottle, what smells good in the bottle and on me, what smells horrible in the bottle but smells good on me, and what smells bad in the bottle and on me. I'm currently wearing Fascinum, which I like in the bottle and actually smells pretty damn good on me. Though I think it might be more a scent for my mother, so I may let her sample it to see if she likes how it smells not only in the bottle but on her. (And upon looking up what a fascinum is, I think maybe not. Something tells me my mother won't be too wild about a perfume that is associated with phallus charms. But damn does it smell good.)

Anyway, shows start soon. Ta!

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Today is Mother's Day, and in a few hours I'll be heading over to my parent's house to give my mom her gift and then head over to her mom's house. :3

Last night [ profile] forgotten_relic and I went roller skating. I haven't been to our local rink since middle school (so OVER ten years), and it was nice to see that various aspects of the rink (that has probably been around since the 1960s) have been updated. Surprisingly, I didn't fall once, though a couple of times I thought I might face plant. All and all it was fun, and I'm pleased that even though I could feel various muscle groups working that I haven't felt in a while, I'm not sore at all.

Hopefully, as the weather gets nicer, I can go out and skate one of the paths down by the river to shake up my cardio routine. Not that I dislike the treadmill, but it comes down to a changing view and fresh air versus stale and and the same view, I'll take the great outdoors any day.

Anyway, I need to wrap my mom's present and get ready for my shower.

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Since my in-laws have been traveling so much as of late, I've had the joyful duty of letting their dog out of the garage first thing in the morning. I'm okay with this as I've really been needing to get up early ANYWAY and this means that instead of rolling over and saying, "Eh, tomorrow..." I actually have to get up and get moving.

Last week I was getting up to let him out, but also showering and having breakfast before I went over. This week I've changed things up. I may not wear my exercise clothes over (well, all of them anyway, pants with pockets are a must), but I'm coming straight home and heading to the gym.

I get up, have breakfast and quickly get dressed. Head over, let the dog out, feed him, refresh his water, and then come home and hit the gym. Shower. Have coffee and check email, Facebook, LJ, etc. Clean around the house. I've deviated a bit today because I sat and played Animal Crossing: City Folk for about 45 minutes this morning, but part of that was that I lifted weights today and my body was still feeling a bit like Jello. Thankfully, the pain is minor and more along the lines of, "Whew! A good workout today!" instead of, "Oh my God, you bitch, what the fuck did you think you were doing?!" I may even do a little yoga this afternoon. (Maybe. ^_~)

While actual weight loss hasn't happened, I'm pleased to notice that my waistline is trimming down ever so slightly. Hopefully hips and thighs will soon follow. I think it may still be a few more months before I really see a difference, but I'm glad that I'm starting to lose a little flab and tone up.

Also changing are eating habits. I'm limiting myself (for real this time!) to going out once a week and also trying to eat more balanced meals. More fruit and veggies along with my protein and carbs. Monday I made lasagna, yesterday I made chicken in a creamy chive sauce (most excellent, and if you want the recipe I'm more than happy to share) served over rice, and today will be chicken stir fry with broccoli, peas, carrots and water chestnuts. Served with soba noodles. ^^ We also have leftovers in the fridge. I think I may start getting some more produce so that I have fruit in the house, so when I want a snack, I'll be more inclined to reach for an apple or a pear instead of whatever junk might be floating around. I may also insist on buying granola bars because even those are better for me than chocolate or chips.

In non-health related news, I re-potted my aloe plant yesterday. So far it hasn't up and died (though aloe tends to be pretty resilient) but I won't know for sure for another couple of weeks. The new ceramic pot is much prettier than the beige plastic one it was in before - and once the weather warms up a bit more, the aloe will move from inside to outside. Also once it warms up a bit more, the husband and I will plant our radishes, lettuce and carrots, as well as the lobelia and pansies. I also want to get a few hanging baskets with bleeding hearts and fuchsia. Because the apartment balcony gets maybe a few hours of selective sun a day, this isn't that big of an issue, unlike my mother who usually watches her fuchsias die because they get way too much sun. As long as I water them enough, it shouldn't be a problem.

Normally I could care less about gardening, but this year I'm actually kind of excited by it. We'll see if the enthusiasm lasts. X3

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Today was a good exercise day, and by good I mean that I actually wend down the the gym and lifted weights and tried to up the weight in a few areas without hurting myself. So far so good. I can feel certain muscle groups starting to tighten up, and while it might be a few more weeks before the flab starts officially going the way of the dodo, I know that I'm starting to make a difference.

Saint Patrick's Day was pretty easy going. I spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening cooking. I also watched The Quiet Man. I find it amazing that even though I've seen the movie multiple times, I still find something new in it. I was planning on watching The Boondock Saints after dinner with my husband, but a slight miscalculation with dinner made that a no-go. However we watched two episodes of Burn Notice with dinner and tipped our hats to Fi. There's now half of a corned beef brisket in the fridge that will be chopped up with potatoes and turned into homemade corned beef hash on Saturday.

Prep for SakuraCon is nearly complete. This weekend my husband and I are going to get the oil changed in my car, as well as put air in the tires and vacuum the interior. I'm also going to make sure that my copy of The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road also makes it into the glove box, as interesting reading material for the drive may stave off boredom (playlist ideas, road games, best uses for condoms!). I'm also going to be washing my car here in a few days because it's "EW GROSS." I haven't washed it since I bought it, and I bought it in late October. So yes, we're talking about five months worth of dirt on my car. However, a wash and wax is in the immediate future so my poor little car won't look so pathetic. I also should look into putting the window cling on as well. I'm heading to Seattle - I should put as much WSU crap on my car as I possibly can. (I already have the license plate cover.)

Short of packing my suitcase, I'm ready to go to Seattle. I even managed to get the printer working so I've even printed off my pre-registration form. All that's really left to determine is where we're meeting up with the people we're caravaning with.

Dinner tonight is a pretty low-key affair. I'm making white chicken chili in the slow cooker. I'm wondering if it will thicken up any, because right now it resembles soup. If it retains its soup-like consistency, I may just make some rice and serve it over rice, ala Red Beans and Rice (except these are white beans and chicken). Either way, it'll be pretty damn good.

On the writing front, I'm gearing up for Script Frenzy. I need to learn my way around Celtx, but I have about two weeks to do that. I'm also working on Fire Emblem fic, using the infamous 100 Themes. What the hell - I do some of my best work with prompts. Also, it keeps me writing and most of them are one shots. WOO!

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's about it.

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I have showered, gotten dressed, eaten, done dishes and have a batch of cookies in the oven. All before ten. (And once I finish this entry, I'll probably go and make the bed followed by putting a load of laundry in.) Part of this bustling productivity is that I've been getting up at the ass crack of dawn to let my in-law's dog out of the garage. And I've also decided that it's time to start waking up earlier because there is gainful employment on the horizon. (But more on that later.)

All of this waking up early has made me realize that I could, theoretically get up, put exercise clothes on, let the dog out, come back and work out, then shower after. Which in all reality, saves me from taking a second shower because I'm always sweaty and gross after running. (Thankfully, sweat production is always at a minimum while lifting weights, which is probably due to the fact that I do lower weight higher reps.) Today I'm going to get back into exercising because I didn't exercise at all last week, not even yoga, due to fighting off a cold. Let's face it, exercising is teh suck when it feels like you have a ten pound weight settled on your chest. However whatever I had I seem to be over, so it's back to working out.

Of course, this whole routine may change if I get a job. My mother contacted me on Friday with a job opportunity that a business contact of hers approached her with, basically asking her if she knew anyone who could fill a temporary position. Six weeks of working as an administrative assistant for one of the labs (or is it an engineering firm? I can never keep them all straight, all that alphabet soup up there) who are apparently working on a business proposal.

Guess who busted her ass to write a business proposal back in junior college? And guess who found it hanging out on her hard drive? Oh yeah, me.

If I do get a call about it, I'll have to print off a copy to take into the interview just so I can say, "And here's an example of a business proposal I wrote. By myself. It might not be exactly what you're doing, but I think it adequately shows my abilities for technical writing." Also, I'm freakishly organized when it comes to paperwork. Maybe even a little anal.

At any rate, even if it is only temporary, sometimes they'll keep you around if you prove yourself worthy of keeping. Honestly, I hope I do. This is probably a full time position, but it's better than nothing.

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My poor husband, dealing with my fanatical following of the Olympics. Now I haven't been completely glued to it, but I'm perfectly content to spend the next week and a half sitting on the couch watching the games. Of course this means that all prime time programming is at a standstill - something that I couldn't quite understand until I realized that it would be useless to try and compete with the Olympics. So now I can sit and watch the Olympics and not worry about missing my favorite shows.

As to the games themselves, I've rather enjoyed a wide spectrum of sports. Hockey (mostly women's, as the the men's games just started today and I missed it because I was exercising), figure skating, speed skating (short and long track), Nordic combined, biathlon, and luge, to name a few. And yes, I watched the WHOLE luge competition. Not because I wanted to see if there would be a spectacular wipeout, but probably more to make sure that there wasn't a spectacular wipeout. After the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, it was hard NOT to watch the luge competition. I missed the women's, mostly because they're showing it at one AM because heaven forbid we on the west coast actually get something LIVE. (You know, except for the Oscars, and the rest of the country can just suck it.)

Figure skating has exploded the last couple of nights. Shen and Zhao were just spectacular - truly deserving their gold medal, especially after 18 years. I believe that China put on an amazing show, though Russia could make a comeback in four years. The Russian team, while good, is also very young and has room to grow and improve. I think that the US team also has room for improvement, and in four years will also be a team to contend with. Tonight starts the men's figure skating, and given the size of Evgeni Plushenko's ego, and Johnny Weir's for that matter, should prove entertaining. I'm interested in seeing what Evan Lysacek can do, as well as Jeremy Abbot, as I'm not very familiar with Jeremy Abbot or what he can do.

All in all, things are good, and kind of lazy. I'm enjoying being able to watch the games, as four years ago I was so busy with work and school, I really only kept up with the headlines and barely watched anything. But now? SO GLUED TO THE TV SO DON'T GET IN MY WAY, OKAY.

Today I was good and did my yoga and then went down and lifted weights. My arms feel a little rubbery, but this is good for me and regardless of how much I feel like being lazy, I know that it's better for me to be getting up and active rather than vegging out on the couch all day.


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