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Actually, I kid.

But I have stayed up until two AM reading fanfiction, so make of that what you will.

With my husband fishing with his dad this weekend, I've been hanging out at the Amorra TinyChat talking to the lovely ladies (and the few lads) and all in all BSing about stupid things and asploding from Amorra related feels. Don't judge me. Since Amorra is my crack!ship of choice (mainly because it gets all the awesome fanfic and fanart), I've decided to actually participate in fandom for a change. And I've been loving every God damn second of it.

In other news, today I shall clean the apartment, which includes, but is not limited to, doing the dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, and putting the guest room back in order after tearing it apart to get to something in a box that was shoved back in the corner.

Oy with the poodles already.


I shall turn on Pandora on the HTPC while I work because I always do better with music to motivate me. And since I'm home alone I don't have to worry about if my music annoys my husband or not.
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My car is clean. Like, make sure you're wearing some sort of protective eyewear when you look it because it's so damn shiny.

The weather this spring has been absolute crap and I just now got a good enough forecast to allow for me to wash my car to the nth degree. My husband started early, washing his car and then doing the clay polish on it, followed by waxing it. After I dragged myself out of bed (rather reluctantly because my bed was nice and cozy and the idea of sleeping forever seemed really good) and fed myself, I forced myself to go for a bike ride. Once I got home and showered, I took some time to have coffee, followed by quickly throwing stuff in the dishwasher and running it before going to wash my car so it could also get the polish and wax.

And now my husband, sweetheart that he is, is changing the oil in my car as well as getting the headlight casings restored because they're cloudy and therefore not very effective.

I'm doing laundry (joy) and I should probably empty the dishwasher. Of course after being on my feet for most of the afternoon means that I really just want to sprawl on the bed and not move until tomorrow morning. Not that it's going to actually happen, mind you, because there is a boatload of laundry to do and I really shouldn't put off the dishes.

Even if I want to.
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First: NaNoWriMo

I'll probably repost this on my official NaNo LJ, along with some of my thoughts on the project. But I feel that I'm trucking along nicely, and will probably do another 2k today at some point. However, long story short, the story keeps veering off in weird directions, that hopefully, with a little editing, with eventually make sense. Until then, I'll just keep writing as it comes to me.

And now a shiny word count meeter.

23224 / 50000 words. 46% done!

Second: Birthdays

This has been the week of birthdays. On Sunday (the 6th) was my step-dad's birthday. [ profile] sideshow_ericka was on Monday. Wednesday was [ profile] cindy_73. Friday was [ profile] antiquitydreams and my kid sister. Today is my mother-in-law and my cousin's birthday. And I want to say that there are a couple of friends with birthdays still to come in the month of November.

Finally, Life in General:

So my husband has been working a shit ton of overtime. With the vendors being dumb and the general push to try and get major revisions and paperwork submitted, approved and filed before the holiday season, my husband is positively swamped. Yes, we appreciate the extra cash this will give us this holiday season, but my husband is getting so burned out that the best he can do when he gets home is slumping into his chair at his desk and play mindless flash games all evening.

As it stands he has to go in today, and he would go in tomorrow if the servers weren't going to be down for their monthly maintenance. He also put in seven hours yesterday (his day off) because he's so behind. I've tried to take up as much of the housework as possible seeing as my job really only takes a couple of hours each week (though that may change, currently submitting myself to the floating admin pool at the local hospital), but he still insists on helping out. I tried to tell him that I'd do the dishes and clean the kitchen today while he went in to the office, but he still emptied the dishwasher and the proceeded to load the dirty dishes in the sink while I took my shower.

So much for making him take a load off. However when my husband gets bored, he gets fidgety. And when he gets fidgety, he usually cleans something. I really can't stop him, even if I wanted to.
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"Welcome home, sweetie! How was work?"

And then I get to listen to him bitch about the asshattery that's going on at his office.
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I've been dealing with the sinus headache from hell since last Wednesday, when I woke up with a raging sore throat which morphed into the Head Cold From Hell. Even when I was clogged and miserable on St. Patrick's Day I still mustered energy to make corned beef, steamed cabbage, mashed potatoes and soda bread. After that, I was lucky if I could get off the couch.

After being a vegetable all weekend, I'm finally feeling a bit better. I managed to do laundry today while binging on copious amounts of Farscape followed by finally getting to watch the fourth episode of the Tethe'alla arc of the Tales of Symphonia anime. Of course I've about reached my limit. I don't think I'll be doing anything exciting for the rest of the night. I can't say that I feel much like cooking.

Anyway, my head is still congested and now it's moved into my chest. I've been occasionally coughing up phlegm, but the plus side is that I'm blowing my nose less frequently. My nose appreciates this as it is now dry and chapped, despite my best efforts to keep it moisturized with frequent applications of lotion.

I suppose the worst part of all this is that now my husband thinks he's coming down with whatever crud I have. Considering that his boss today authorized as much overtime as necessary to get certain tasks done, taking time off is not in his plans. Of course knowing him, he'll be over it in a couple of days. According to [ profile] sideshow_ericka, this crud has to run its course, as her doctor assured her that he couldn't give her anything aside some products to help her deal with her symptoms.


I guess it's off to find dinner now.
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See, that winter storm watch that all of Washington is under right now is still in effect. I doesn't end until 10 PM tonight. I've only seen a handful of snowflakes all day, while I was eating breakfast. Nearly everywhere around us is getting snow, but apparently the Tri-Shitties is getting nil. Knowing us, we'll get rain if we get anything at all.

Nothing huge to report today - my husband is taking the Honda is to the dealership today to have the headlight wiring inspected as per the recall notice, and if it's cheap, an alignment job done. As such, he's probably taking his lunch at twelve-thirty instead of eleven-thirty, so he can get done with lunch and then drive the Honda to the dealership, with me following him the whole way. Once the Fit is dropped off, I'll drive him back to work, pick him up when work is done, and then drive over to pick up the Honda when everything is done. (Which reminds me, [ profile] dqbunny, did you get a recall notice on your Fit? I'm just wondering how widespread it is, as the letter said it was on the 07-08 models.)

Aside from that I was going to be making chili for dinner tonight. Trent had suggested going out, but I reminded him that the last Bollywood Movie Night before Maria moves was on Friday and while I could make the chili tomorrow, he'd be the only one eating it. We decided that the chili would be good for tonight (since snow or no snow, it's still freakin' cold outside), and that he could get into the leftovers from last night's split pea soup or the chili while I was having dinner with the girls tomorrow. Thankfully this can be done in the crock pot, and I'm just waiting on the cutting boards to be cleaned before I start the full prep.

I suppose I should probably try find lunch - I'm debating a salad against a sandwich. Both options are good, but I don't know which one I want more.


Feb. 5th, 2011 10:03 pm
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So a few things to mention.

1) Husband made it home in one piece. He managed to escape the Snowpocalypse in Missouri and got home in the middle of the afternoon. Despite some issues with the cargo door on the plane, everything went smoothly. As it stands, the whole cargo door thing only delayed his luggage making it to the carousel meaning that we spent half an hour at the baggage claim, chatting and catching up as we waited.

2) I finally decided to upgrade to a paid account. No more ads (though Firefox's Ad-Block had more or less kept those to a minimum), more layout options and more user pics (tonight's choice is that of Kamina and Kittan, who are almost sort of like Bash Brothers). I opted to pay for 70 extra icons (with an option to get MORE if I felt so inclined) so I now have up to 100 icons - though I've only uploaded less that fifty. (Forty-seven, I think.) I'm also pretty sure that I now have the option to edit comments and the like, which I really need sometimes. Because you never know when I make a stupid typo that makes me sound like a complete moron when I really didn't mean it that way.

Anyway, I think that about sums things up. Tomorrow is the usual cleaning followed by the Super Bowl, and besides that I can't really think about what I might be doing. Just hanging out and enjoying time with my husband before he leaves again in the next month or two. (When he's off to Ohio, joy oh joy.)
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So. Today I watched more of Saiyuki pausing occasionally to check in on the rescue operation of the Chilean miners. I'm happy and relieved that all of the miners have been rescued and that for all intents and purposes, they are doing well as can be expected.

While this was going on, I was sewing the underlining to the main fabric of the dress. Tomorrow I'll start the actual construction on the bodice and if all goes well, quite possibly the skirt. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done - the rouching on the bodice might take a bit more time than I'm anticipating, so we'll see. I may only get the bodice done tomorrow, leaving me to do the skirt on Friday. I probably won't work on it over the weekend only because I've already got plans and I'd also like to be able to watch the football game without worrying about trying to get my sewing done.

And also, at some point this week, I need to get Lydia sewn. I may try and get that done between the bodice and the skirt. It shouldn't take too long to get the poncho sewn, and then I'll just use my fabric markers to draw on the spider web design. I had thought about getting my husband a Beetlejuice costume to match me, but I've realized that trying to get him dress up for any occasion is like pulling teeth. I've decided that it's not worth it to fight him on it, so he won't be dressing up. Further more, I have to try and figure out if I'll be matching my parent's house, as they want to run the haunted house for two nights, using it as a food drive - first night for sure, and possibly the second night as well. If that's the case, I may use the Duchess and do up my hair in a semi-period style and help out on the first night. But the second night will be in Sheena. I didn't spend two weeks getting that costume just the way I wanted it (though I need to starch the crap out of the bow to get it to proper stiffness) not to wear it for Halloween.

At any rate, I should probably get going to bed. I hope I can get an early-ish start tomorrow morning. Not that I want to set a speed record on this dress (which usually leads to shoddy construction), but I'd like to get it done in the least amount of time possible.

And with that, g'night y'all.
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My husband had to go into work for a few hours this morning, even though it's supposed to be his day off. I woke up snuggled in blankets but missing my Nordic Heating Unit (tm), and despite blankets and flannel PJs, I was still cold.

They had been calling for snow either this morning or last last night, but we got neither, but we did have a nice layer of frost all over everything. At about 10:30, it started to rain. Not bad, but not snow. I want snow, despite what my friends might say. With the weather being on the crummy side, my husband, now home, has decided that today is a brainless kind of day. The kind of day spent playing video games and watching movies. I'm debating going and getting the supplies to make home made cocoa and spending the afternoon sipping that and working on NaNo (now that I'm at the battle scene, today's word count will be cake). Once I'm done with NaNo for today, I fully intend on watching a movie - perhaps when I go to get cocoa fixings, I'll pick up Up.

I'm okay with a lazy day. I've selected John Williams from my Windows Media library and first up is the score from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I have NaNo open, several tabs with my NaNo research AND the diary of a member of the 30th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. I need to tear myself away from the Booth/Brennan fluff that I've found on and get to writing. (This also means that I need to pull myself away from LJ as well.)
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My husband is leaving me!!!! DX )

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Another meme, this time about me and my husband.  Let's face it, meme's actually mean that I post in my LJ and give it some substance, that is between the intelligent posts, that is. 

So, without further ado, the couples meme, ganked from [ profile] bandnerd88 .

Meg and Trent - A Love Story )


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