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I don't feel any sort of compulsion to add a comment to this picture. I think it speaks for itself.

My Little Doctor takes on the Weeping Ponies. )
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A couple anyway. These were taken by my friend Krys. I need to get the photos of me from [ profile] sideshow_ericka as well. I should poke at her to have her post them to Facebook. First up is Sheena, from Tales of Symphonia.

Behold, several large photos and explainations!! )
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Yesterday I went out and bought the clips for my My Little Pony ears, as well as binder rings for the tail (I also picked up one of those multi-pocket file folders for work, too, because there was no way I was writing a check for four dollars). I watched Sailor Moon as I cut the yarn to the appropriate lengths for the tail, and the tied it off around the binder ring. My biggest concern is that there will be red fuzzies all over the back of my pants, so one of things I should seriously consider buying is a lint roller, if someone hasn't packed one already.

I also started messing with the ears and barrettes, only to find that baring some serious sanding (which I do not have time for), there's no way that the ears are going to stay on the barrettes. So this afternoon I get to run out to the craft store and buy more Fimo Clay to mold ears this afternoon which actually conform to the barrettes, and then hot glue them on. Hmm...maybe I should pack the hot glue gun as well... I haven't bothered messing with Sugarberry's wig, but part of that was that she was going to be styled on the spot, rather than pre-styled.

And speaking of styling wigs, I applied another coat of gel to Sheena's bangs and forelocks, which means that hopefully they'll stay put. Otherwise I'm going to get creative with the bobby pins. (Or one of my friends will.) I did seriously consider fluffing out the ponytail, but I have no practical way of doing that. And yes, that sound you hear is me banging my head against the wall because I should have just buckled and bought the pre-styled wig, because at this point the cost is roughly the same.

Also, I need to bite the bullet and buy my Sailor Venus wig, and then look into attaching red ostrich feathers to a comb rather than doing the Red Bow of Doom. I think the ostrich feathers are more Burlesque than the bow. But if I do the bow, I'm going to do it a la PGSM, where Sailor Venus has the strands of beads and jewels hanging from her bow. My biggest beef with Burlesque Sailor Venus is that 1) I need to lose about ten pounds and 2) she's going to be expensive because she's going to require expensive fabrics (and here I was thinking that my Sunako was going to be the most expensive - sheesh!), accessories and wig! (For a Sailor V length blonde wig, it's well over $50, and that's if you don't get it pre-styled. Augh.)

So, remember kiddos! The moral of the story is Cosplay: It's More Expensive Than Crack and Can Just as Easily Ruin Your Life.

In other news, I'm going to start in on packing and laundry today (hopefully). The biggest thing is that I need to wash my pants (or at the very least my jeans, cause it's time) and determine if I'm actually going to brave the swimming pool at the hotel. (It's indoors, and I know at some point I'm going to be "OFMG HOT TUB NOW.") I'm also thinking flannel pajamas because this is Seattle in April (which is also why I maintain that my MLP costume will have actual sleeves instead of the arm warmers). Naturally I'm really excited (we leave in two days) but I'm also really terrified and nervous, which I guess is normal right before con.

Well, I suppose I should be off to get the clay for my new pony ears. Fun times, fun times.
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So, to start things off, a DeMotivational Poster:

demotivational posters - Rainboom Doctor
see more Very Demotivational


And now, the real post.

It's time for another convention and my mind is whispering, Okay, you can panic now! )
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So I had that oh so wonderful epiphany about five seconds ago that it's less than two weeks until Sakura-con.

It's weird, because I'm excited but at the same time I suddenly realized that, "ZOMG I HAVE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO FINISH SHEENA'S WIG AND GET CLIPS FOR MY MY LITTLE PONY COSTUME EARS AND I STILL NEED TO MAKE THE TAIL AND AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH." I feel that abusing caps lock was necessary to convey exactly how I feel at the moment.

The actual My Little Pony costume will have arm warmers instead of sleeves, but since this is Seattle in April, I'm going for actual sleeves. I'll probably try on the shirt with the jacket just to make sure everything fits the way it's supposed to, and probably invest in a binder ring to attach the tail to my jeans (it's made out of red yarn). My biggest issue now comes from the fact that I have to find a way to attach the ears to the wig - my best guess is that I'll get some broad, flat clips and glue them on, and then just get creative with the wig. I had originally thought about putting them on a headband, but the ears aren't conformed to the curve of a headband and even if I glued them on they probably wouldn't stay. Yeah...not really looking forward to fighting with those.

At any rate, I need to start making a list of everything that I need to remember (beyond the usual of a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shirts and the usual safety pins, make-up, and hair supplies) to bring with me. I'm tempted to even bring my computer, for the sole purpose of being able to charge my iPod. (And you never know when I'll reach con burn out and need to retreat to the relative safety of the hotel to play on Facebook for an hour.) I also need to talk to my friend who lives in Seattle about the possibility to meet up and get something to eat, granted he doesn't randomly decide to attend the con for a day (in which case I would totally insist that he take me out that night - any day I don't have to eat con food is a good day).

I suppose that after I get home and get work squared away, it's time to start getting everything ready for con.



Feb. 20th, 2010 10:42 pm
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All strawberries and leaves are cut.

My hand is now numb.

But at least they're no longer blue and brown.

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So I think a break is necessary from the Olympic Drama Llama.
Because it's just not the Olympics unless there is wank of some kind.

Today I'm watching the games and working on my My Little Pony costume. I'm getting closer and closer to being done - the kicker will be if I decide to make the vines with ribbons or if I draw them on using fabric markers. Anyway, the big project for today is cutting out strawberries and leaves from felt, which I will in turn hand sew on to the jacket.

Twenty-one strawberries have been cut out, nine remain. Thirty two leaves remain. My hand is cramping, so I'm taking a quick break to make a nonsense post about me cutting out felt. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, I'll probably finish the strawberries and then do as many of the leaves as my poor, abused hand can take for tonight. Also, somewhere in all of this costuming, I have to drag everything out from under the bathroom sink and reorganize, as my husband bought me a shitload of stuff at Bath & Body Works that can't live in the bags on the dining room table. Husband also bought me a Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book (pink edition) yesterday, too, but that was much easier to put away than the stuff from Bath & Body Works.

So I need to order some gloves (or go to the local party supply store and see if they have any) that I can modify because I need something to put over my arms. Also need white shoes. Well...I have white shoes, but there's black on them too. Ideally, a pair of white clogs would work, but I'll settle for something different if I can find something else I like.

Mmmm, back to cutting out strawberries.

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This is a favorite tag of [ profile] travellyr. Mostly because she ends up doing tech support for her parents, and for a while, doing minor tech support for a major online retailer who happens to have a call center in town. Anyway, I have a few friends who work at said major online retailer in various departments.

You know that blog, "(The Customer is) Not Always Right?" Yeah, the story of their lives.

I recently ordered a couple of books from Barnes and Noble online because I get the 15% off coupons sent straight to my inbox (which I freakin' love). And right now Barnes and Noble has a deal that if you buy $10 worth of product, you get free three day shipping. Woo! I ordered the latest volume of Kaze Hikaru because it's hit or miss if the local B&N carries it. And because I find it's easier to use the special discount coupons online rather than farting around with printing the damn thing off to take into the store.

At any rate, I ordered the volume and found that it was less than ten bucks, so I asked my friend [ profile] forgotten_relic what else I should buy. Even though her suggestion of a bookmark was good, I find that I rarely use them. And I already have several. I then said that I was looking for a book with tips to improve my drawing skills, so she suggested a title that I added to my cart. She got her degree in art, if she suggests a book on drawing, I'm going to trust her.

I placed my order Saturday night, and yesterday my order was officially packed and ready to ship. From Philadelphia. Guess what's going on in Philadelphia right now?

Thankfully, I'm not one of those 'tards from "Not Always Right" who's going to call B&N customer service bitching because I got the 3 day shipping and "GOD DAMN IT WHY ISN'T IT HERE YET?!" I'm fully aware that weather conditions are less than optimal for shipping of any kind. However, the fact that there are people who do in fact call up customer service centers to complain about their packages being late for reasons beyond the company's control annoy the hell out of me.

"I'm very sorry you feel that way, but there's nothing I can do. Do you really expect me to stop the snow?"


"...I can't do that."

"Sure you can, just get on to your computer and fix this!"

And yes, there really are conversations like this. Which is both hilarious (because people really are that stupid) and sad (because some poor customer service rep is currently banging their head against their desk as they listen to that shmuck rail on and on about how this is poor customer service).

Well, I have stuff to do today. The big project is getting the buttons sewn onto my MLP jacket and then sewing on the snaps.

And then finding time to do yoga and then go walk two miles.

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So. The dress for Athena is sewn. I just have to figure out how to drape the red fabric (mmm, sounds like a Google Image search is in my immediate future) and figure out how I want to do the chest plate. [profile] sideshow_ericka suggested that I cover the duct tape base in batting (a very light weight batting should do, with a thickness of no more than half an inch) and gold fabric - the batting will hide the duct tape lines under the gold fabric. Now, for the gold fabric, do I use the spandex (which comes in light gold, medium gold, and dark gold) or the tissue lame (which is, like Rocky's...shorts...from RHPS). I'm leaning towards the spandex which has a much better shine and looks less like...Rocky's shorts. Then it becomes a matter of trying to flatten out the shield and painting the spear. And I'm going to punch grommets. GROMMETS!

I'm currently working on the jacket for my My Little Pony. It's the "B" design that comes to the "v" in the back. But I might get lazy and instead of doing the buttons (which I have, but I really don't particularly feel like messing with button holes) just put the eye hooks. Or I'll McGyver something, because that's what I do. XD Once the jacket is finished (it's going to be sleeveless, so the construction is going MUCH faster than originally anticipated because of that) I still have to draw on the strawberry design all over the back of the jacket, because the pony that is my inspiration (Sugarberry) is a Twice as Fancy Pony, meaning that she's got the design all over her back and not just on her hip. So while everyone else is designing their ponies with their symbols on their hips/butts, I have to do mine ALL over my jacket. At least the back of it anyway. Maybe along the sides. Not quite sure yet. But there will be strawberries on this jacket, and a lot of them. >_o

I'm probably not going to work any more on the jacket, save maybe pressing open seams. Which really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Probably also going to clip corners just so that everything will lay flat. I'll start back up tomorrow, while also trying to make cookies. Which I really should make tonight because I don't know if my husband has any for lunch tomorrow and heaven forbid he run out of cookies. (For those of you who have seen my husband know that he can go a few days without cookies - it won't kill him and he could stand to not eat as much junk food.)

Frick on a stick with a brick.

I'm off to make cookies. ::sigh:: He just opened up the dining room window and that means that it's cool enough that running the oven for an hour or so isn't going to make the apartment feel like the fifth level of hell. I won't have the luxury tomorrow. >.<


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