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Nov. 25th, 2011 10:39 pm
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Managed to get a few words done today. And now I have a shiny little widget to show it. XD

Other things accomplished today? Decorating for Christmas.

Anyway, I survived Thanksgiving, survived exactly one store for a sale on socks, of all things, and I survived dinner with my in-laws (again!) tonight.

And now I am ready for bed. G'night.
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First of all:

I hit 50k words exactly yesterday. I've hit a bit of a brick wall in terms of plot, but I'm not particularly worried about that right now, as I have hit the required word count and will probably poke at it during the next week.


Tomorrow, being Thanksgiving, means that my husband and I are going over to his cousin's house in a neighboring town. (For those of you familiar with the Mercy Thompson 'Verse, it's the one that's the home to the fictional Mike's.) It's something like a twenty minute drive, which all things considered is not that bad in terms of traveling for Turkey Day.

Most people may ask why I'm not making the pies, and it comes down to two years ago. Our first Thanksgiving after we got married was spent with my parents three years ago. I asked my mother what she wanted me to bring, and she said salad fixings. Easy enough. No complex baking required. The next year, Thanksgiving was at husband's cousin's house. Between Thanksgiving 2008 and Thanksgiving 2009 my husband found a recipe for a chocolate pecan pie. He decided to make it to take to his cousin's house, which was a smashing success. He made it again for the Christmas Eve dinner at my in-law's.

Last year we had Thanksgiving over at my Grandma's house in the next town over (for those who are up on current events and stuff, the town is also the home of Kennewick Man). That's about a twenty minute drive from my apartment. My uncle came up from Wyoming and the whole family was together, which given that my grandparents' house is on the small side, was pretty damn entertaining. All in all it was fun, and again the chocolate pecan pie was hit. Of course not everyone believed me when I said that my husband was responsible for the awesome pie.

This all came about because my husband found he recipe and I informed him under no uncertain terms that if he wanted the pie, he was going to make it for himself. He seemed okay with that. Though my husband isn't a huge fan of cooking and baking, he can do it, and often times very well.

For those of you who question my ability to bake, remember I made a red velvet cake that sold at auction for $625 this past March. I can bake, all right. And I am awesome at it. But that is irrelevant to this story.

Anyway, he's baking pies, and I casually mentioned that he should put on the Slave Leia apron to keep from getting covered in purred pumpkin. He didn't seem to find the idea of wearing an apron with epic boobs and a metal bikini painted on it nearly as entertaining as I did. Though it might have been because I was threatening to take pictures to post on Facebook. And Twitter. And probably here.

Because that's how I roll. XD

So now I'm sitting, watching Mythbusters while the apartment begins to smell like baked pie crust and pumpkin. And tomorrow it will smell like pie crust and chocolate.

I think I'm dreading getting up to hit the gym tomorrow morning, though. Augh.
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I ran out to Wally World to find a couple of gifts for the Birthday Party's White Elephant exchange. I managed to find one gift, and when I left, it had started to spit snow. I then ran to Toys-R-Us to find another gift (I had a very specific one in mind that I couldn't find at Wally World), and by the time I finished there, it was snowing harder.

After that I realized that I don't have a set of gloves that I can just leave with my trench coat, so I made one lat quick stop off at Freddy's where I found a lovely pair of Isotoner knit gloves that match my scarf on sale. By the time I left there it was snowing even harder.

And it's still going.

I'm an now drinking hot apple cider and soon I'll start off on NaNoWriMo for the day.
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Getting myself past the half-way point in NaNoWriMo was not the big accomplishment for me this weekend. Admittedly, it was nice to know that I had gotten past the 25k point and was almost four days ahead. But what really made my weekend was football.

It started on Saturday night with WSU beating ASU at home. Three hours before kick off, a few inches of snow dumped on Pullman. The field crew scrambled to clear the snow, and when kick off rolled around, the field was clear and the snow was petering off. I was excited, so I tweeted this. It was almost immediately retweeted by WSU Athletics official Twitter feed - and then by eight more watchers of WSU Athletics. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it was totally awesome. As the game continued, the tweeting of disbelief continued, as freshman Connor Halliday put up incrdible numbers, including a Pac-12 record for passing yards (494) and breaking the freshman quarterback record that had been previously held by Drew Bledsoe (who by the way, was the number one first round draft pick in 1993). Ultimately, the epic win over Arizona State led to this tweet.

Sadly, because the game was so late, I ended up looking like this for most of the night:

...Yay!... )

It was eleven before the game was over. But oh, it was so very worth it.

Yesterday the Seahawks played the Baltimore Ravens, who are considered to be one of the best teams in the NFL at the moment. They hadn't allowed more than two points in the first half a game for almost the whole season, only to see it all fall apart in the first half. Seattle was up 19 to 7 at half time, and even though the Ravens had a penchant for come from behind wins, Seattle was going to fight tooth and nail to keep their lead. The Ravens managed to score ten more points, but the Seahawks also managed to get another field goal in the third quarter and held Baltimore at bay for the rest of the game, bringing their win total to an astounding three. However the Seahawks are heading into a stretch of "easy" games (meaning that they're playing teams who suck worse than they do), meaning that it's entirely possible that we'll win another seven games this season. Sure, not exactly a winning record and by no means are we going to win the NFC West (that goes to the 49ers, who have totally earned it), but as long as we're close to breaking even in terms of wins and losses, I'm good.

All in all, things are good. Husband is probably going to end up working late again (poor guy) and he's hoping that he only has a few days of that left. He's been scrambling to catch up, and would have gone in yesterday except the server was down for its regular maintenance and he wouldn't have been able to do anything beyond logging in.

At any rate, I have some things I need to get taken care off and now that my coffee is cold there's no point in putting it off anymore.
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First: NaNoWriMo

I'll probably repost this on my official NaNo LJ, along with some of my thoughts on the project. But I feel that I'm trucking along nicely, and will probably do another 2k today at some point. However, long story short, the story keeps veering off in weird directions, that hopefully, with a little editing, with eventually make sense. Until then, I'll just keep writing as it comes to me.

And now a shiny word count meeter.

23224 / 50000 words. 46% done!

Second: Birthdays

This has been the week of birthdays. On Sunday (the 6th) was my step-dad's birthday. [livejournal.com profile] sideshow_ericka was on Monday. Wednesday was [livejournal.com profile] cindy_73. Friday was [livejournal.com profile] antiquitydreams and my kid sister. Today is my mother-in-law and my cousin's birthday. And I want to say that there are a couple of friends with birthdays still to come in the month of November.

Finally, Life in General:

So my husband has been working a shit ton of overtime. With the vendors being dumb and the general push to try and get major revisions and paperwork submitted, approved and filed before the holiday season, my husband is positively swamped. Yes, we appreciate the extra cash this will give us this holiday season, but my husband is getting so burned out that the best he can do when he gets home is slumping into his chair at his desk and play mindless flash games all evening.

As it stands he has to go in today, and he would go in tomorrow if the servers weren't going to be down for their monthly maintenance. He also put in seven hours yesterday (his day off) because he's so behind. I've tried to take up as much of the housework as possible seeing as my job really only takes a couple of hours each week (though that may change, currently submitting myself to the floating admin pool at the local hospital), but he still insists on helping out. I tried to tell him that I'd do the dishes and clean the kitchen today while he went in to the office, but he still emptied the dishwasher and the proceeded to load the dirty dishes in the sink while I took my shower.

So much for making him take a load off. However when my husband gets bored, he gets fidgety. And when he gets fidgety, he usually cleans something. I really can't stop him, even if I wanted to.
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So I'm something like a day and a half ahead in NaNo, so I might take it easy for the next couple of days. Or not. Sometimes, once I get going, I can't stop and 2000 words later I'm looking at the clock going, "Oh, time for bed!" As it stands I'm averaging about 2050 a day. Roughly.

And if you're on NaNo's official website, you can add me as a friend here.

And now for a meme, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] randomdiversion:

The instructions:
1. What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2. Go to http://images.google.com/ and search for that word.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
4. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.
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So my original idea for NaNoWriMo was a humorous, semi-autobiographical foray in to what it's like to be a girl in the various sci-fi and video game fandoms. It would be loosely based on the adventures of me and my friends in fandom and basically tossing the notion that all fans of sci-fi, anime and video games are slovenly, overweight white people who live in their mother's basement. Part of this stemmed from a lot of the criticisms against Team Unicorn FTW's "G33K & G4M3R GURL5" - mostly that no true geek looks like the member of Team Unicorn and obviously they aren't "real" geeks nor a real representation of the female geek and gaming community.

Well, it is a valid point that not all female geeks and gamers look like the members of Team Unicorn, but it's also a valid point that most female geek and gamers aren't overweight with skin conditions and no social life. I would say that most of us (myself included) fall into the "average" category. And like it or not, to claim that no true geek and gamer girl can look like anyone from Team Unicorn is insulting for all women in fandom. We come in all shapes and sizes, and for anyone to say otherwise is ignorant.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a light-hearted romp through high school while trying to keep fandoms a secret so as not to be a target of bullying, my novel had taken a decidedly darker turn. We now have, aside from the bullying angle I was already going to use, teen pregnancy, rape, suicide, and mental illness.

Did I mention that my novel was originally a comic effort?

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. The story has reached the point where it more or less writing itself down, with me making notes of important names and events as they get mentioned. A lack of continuity is a major pet peeve for me (which makes my love of Haven hilarious, given that continuity isn't exactly one of the series's strong points), and I hate to think that I opened up a monster truck sized plot hole because I can't keep names/dates/major events straight.

(And just a heads up, my current word count is 6,513/50,000, which means I still have roughly 100 more words to write today to reach today's "par" word count, and another 1,700 to reach the roughly 2,000 words I like to reach per day.)
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I only had one glass of wine with dinner, I SWEAR.

Anyway, I've watched about half of the commentaries for Haven. And they are *hilarious* if you haven't seen them already. Only two of the episodes have cast in on them, "Welcome to Haven" (1.01) and "Ball and Chain" (1.05). Nothing is more hilarious than listening to Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose joke about scenes and how they interact with each other in real life. It's a little disconcerting to listen to Lucas Bryant especially, since I've never seen him in anything else and I really only know him as the taciturn Nathan Wuornos. So to hear him laughing and joking with the writers and his cast mates is surprising, but nice.

By far, the best commentary is on "Ain't No Sunshine" (1.08) because Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn are collectively twelve years old and they keep making sex jokes. It was kind of informative in terms of character, because they rather candidly discuss that Nathan is a thirty-something year old man, who hasn't always been numb, and so yes, he's had sex. It's not like Jess was his first time. Hilariously, the two were at odds as to if Jess and Nathan actually did the deed, with Sam saying that yes, they did while Jim was adamant that nothing happened beyond some heavy petting.

I still have commentaries to watch on "The Trial of Audrey Parker" (1.11), "Resurfacing" (1.12) and "Spiral" (1.13). I'm excited by the commentary on "Spiral" in particular, since I'm hoping that they'll discuss some of the choices that they made, and perhaps clear up the timeline. Maybe. Or not. They really do like to tease.

Those bastards.

Aside from that, still dealing with writer's block and trying to plot out this year's NaNo effort (remember, my NaNo LJ is here while my NaNo profile is here - feel free to follow and add). I've recently updated my NaNo LJ to give a little update about what I'm planning for this year. For those of you who will be expecting fic, I'll apologize when the latest chapter of "Boxes in the Attic" is uploaded with a note stating my intended hiatus.

I think that's about it. Things are delightfully boring around here. I'm gearing up for Halloween, though anymore that doesn't involve me hauling boxes out of the closet in the basement and then lugging them upstairs. Instead I show up before dark in costume and do what my parents ask. Pretty simple, really.
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Actually, my apartment isn't freezing. It's 68 degrees, but I'm also wearing two pairs of socks (one pair regular cotton and the other pair fleece), my Doc Martins, Jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a zip up hoodie. I'm actually quite comfortable. This is probably also helped by the fact that I had a pot of water on the stove simmering in an attempt to get some humidity back into the air.

It's still colder than cold outside - but I'm fully planning on spending my day inside, with cocoa or tea, and working on my novel. We shouldn't be getting any more snow dumped on us for a while, but this stuff is going to hang around for a while - followed by freezing rain. Oh joy. (Please note all intended sarcasm.) I volunteered to go help my grandma clean house and whatnot tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll make it over there. For one it might be too cold and my car won't start. Secondly, I have no idea if the roads will be good enough for me to drive on. Yes, I would like to know how it handles in snow but I'm certainly not about to test it in these conditions. And again, I have no idea if my car will even start. So much for getting the battery replaced before the cold hit.

Anyway, back to work on my novel. The finish line is close and I'm gunning to get as much done before Thanksgiving as I can.

And on an unrelated note, happy Festivus.
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Not like it matters that I'm not writing for NaNo right now - I'm pretty far ahead so it's not like I have to write today. Obviously I still am, and I'll probably write tonight as I watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars, Skating With the Stars and Castle. I've written less than 500 words today, but it's less to do with being uninspired and more about "Oh hey, it's snowing!"

Speaking of snow, I mentioned last night that it was really coming down. When I woke up it was very lightly snowing and petered off after half an hour. At eleven thirty it was starting up again and by noon there's enough that it's starting to pile up again. Normally I wouldn't care and would just enjoy it, but I have a meeting for a fundraiser I'm working for at 5:15 tonight. I'm planning on leaving a hour before and spend some time checking out the library (it was remodeled last year and I am as yet to officially check it out) before going across the street to the meeting.

My car's battery is on the old side, so there was slight paranoia about if my car would even START. If it didn't it's not like it's a big deal to catch the bus, but I'd rather not. After some coughing and sputtering my car finally started up and purred quite nicely. I cleaned off the snow as I let her sit and warm up, before turning her off and heading back in to officially eat lunch. I'm going to have to clean off my car again, but it's better than having the three to four inches that was already on it to have an addition one to two inches.

That just leaves driving. Last year I never really had a reason to drive in the snow, and while the previous owner says that the car does well in the snow, I've never actually tested this for myself. Because it's warm enough out that the roads are just wet, I should be fine. I probably won't be doing any driving tomorrow because it's gonna be slicker than snot on a door knob. No chance of a Chinook blowing through either, because it's supposed to be cold and STAY cold through Thanksgiving.

On the plus side, theoretically it should be pretty and white as I decorate for Christmas this weekend.

Anyway, I should get back to NaNo - I have some tea and good music to write to.
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So this meme is still accepting fandom requests. So far I've done it for tactics, Tales of Symphonia and Harry Potter. But I have many more fandoms (and many more friends!) that I would love to hear from.

Now that the big pimp post is done, I'm plugging away on NaNo. I'm roughly a day and a half to two days ahead, and I don't even think I've hit the half way mark in the book. I'll hopefully do a more coherent post about the status of my book over at [livejournal.com profile] penismighter, along with an official word count meter.

In other news I found out that my dad is going to be in state for Christmas, which a bunch of stress and heart ache I don't want or need, but am going to have deal with anyway. So I guess I just have to pull on my big girl panties and deal.

Other things I've been up to include looking into Masters of Library and Information Studies and volunteering with the Kadelec Neurology spring fundraiser at [livejournal.com profile] travellyr's request. It's not like I have anything else to do, and this is the kind of stuff I actually enjoy doing. The MLIS should give me more employment options, especially since I can do document control and record keeping wherever my husband ends up working. And if it get a true MLIS, I could even become a school librarian at a later point. Not quite the same as being a teacher, but close enough that I would still have employment satisfaction.

There is a slight problem with looking into MLIS programs.

1) They need to be online, as I don't live in a college town, and the higher education facilities where I live do not offer anything related to MLIS.

2) I'd really prefer not to have to travel, or if I do have to travel, not very far.

3) The cost should be decent, not an arm, a leg, and my first born child or equal to how much my husband makes in a year.

So far, Alabama meets two of those three requirements, but I'd be required to fly to Tuscaloosa at least once during my time in the program. I'd love to visit Alabama, but I don't know if I'd actually have time for that or if I'd just be doing school stuff. Also, not looking forward to getting X-rayed or poked and prodded. I think I'd feel the need to ask the TSA agent out to dinner after, or at least to drinks.

The University of North Texas is another viable option, and while they're about $10K more expensive than Alabama, I wouldn't actually have to go to Denton or Dallas. I could get away with a nine day conference in Utah, which could actually work because 1) I technically don't have to fly to Utah and 2) my husband has family in Utah we could theoretically visit while we're down there. I just don't know if I'm up to staying in a hotel for over a week. .-.

I should also still be looking for a job, but my skill set makes that a bit more difficult than I would like. I can do secretarial work, of course, but around here they're looking for specific skills with certain programs or a certain amount of previous experience or certification or heaven forbid all three. It's frustrating and irritating, especially since WSU has revived its Education program, but only for already certified teachers looking to keep current with state requirements and the like.

Head meet wall.

At any rate I need lunch and I should probably make tea. I woke up all congested this morning with a scratchy throat which means one of two things. I am either trying to adjust to the change of seasons or I'm coming down with a cold. I think after lunch I'll take some Zicam to be safe and then make some honey lemon tea. And then buckle down and write some more, even if I did find all of Slayers and Slayers NEXT online. Legally. And would much rather watch that instead of write. (To be fair, I am ahead in the word counts, it's not like I have to write today but that doesn't change the fact that I would like to.)
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Today's BPAL scent is Twenty One from their Bewitching Brews collection. In the bottle it smells like a martini. On me it smells really sour. REALLY SOUR. Twenty One will now be banished to the bottom of the bag, hopefully never to resurface. As a general rule I have never hated a scent from BPAL before, but now I can honestly say that I hate one.

Plugging away at NaNo, and I have no idea if you can see the widget I have tacked between entries on my blog, but it's a running word counter that's linked directly to the NaNoWriMo website. Every time I update my word count on the official NaNo site, it automatically up dates it here. Pretty awesome.

Welp, time to really get going on dinner. It's Caribbean Rice and Shrimp, but done in the slow cooker. Hooray for easy food!
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Today's BPAL scent is Eden from the Wanderlust collection. The scent is fig leaf, fig fruit, honeyed almond milk, toasted coconut and sandalwood, and on me pretty much all you can smell is the honeyed almond milk. Interesting fact, any scents with honey in them always end up smelling like talcum powder on me. :/ Which is a major bummer because I rather like how Eden smells when I first put it on, but after half an hour the smell switches to baby powder and that's not how I want to smell the whole day.

Anyway, I need to sit down and get working on NaNo since I'm done with all of my cleaning for the day. According to the main site I'm two days ahead, which is all fine and dandy, but I'd really like to keep as much ahead of the curve as I possibly can, because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I'm usually spending all day doing other stuff and not writing, and so I try to make it so that I only have a few hundred words to crank out instead of nearly 2000. Besides, being ahead of the curve usually means that when I hit rough patches, I can easily get to my daily goal and not worry about scrambling to make it.

Anyway, I need to get to work. Though I'm seriously debating having lunch first.
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So, NaNo kicked off today, and I managed to hit the day's word count goal (and then some) even considering that I still had to sew Lydia, do massive amounts of laundry (clean pants and underwear are important!), and all of my regular cleaning. I've recovered the dining room table so I have work space now, and I'll probably end up making a full pot of tea and run to the store to pick up some biscotti to munch on while I work. I'd really like to spend the bulk of the afternoon working on the novel. I was amazed at how easily it came to me, and I really hope that I can keep up the pace for the rest of month.

Secondly, and hilariously, most of the people that I've friended from the Tales fandom are also huge Slayers fans. I suddenly feel lame for only watching Slayers, half of Slayers Next, and a couple of the movies. I wonder if they have the series on Netflix, because if they do, I should add it to the queue - though I'm fairly certain that I have friends who have it and I could theoretically borrow it from them. Anyway, I see several references to the series in their posts and while I'm not completely lost, I sometimes feel like I could know the series better. I've loved what I've seen, so I feel like a total slacker for not watching it all.

Anyway, I should turn in for the night. I'm glad that I actually managed to get in on NaNo today, especially since most signs were pointing to doing twice as much work tomorrow. ^^;;
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I headed over to my parents house at 5:30 last night as we were starting at six. That would give me enough time to get my costume on (you try driving in a full crinoline - it ain't happening) and help with the last minute stuff before the first people started arriving.

After moving cars around, we got everything squared away and I took up my post out back, collecting the donations from the visitors as they left. After a while, my sister and I switched places, and I took over candy duty and she collected donations. Several of my friends stopped by, also bringing donations, everyone oohing and ahhing over the decorations. We closed up shop at about nine thirty (which is when everyone cleared out), all in all getting 475 food times for the local food bank. We're running the same hours today, and while we were originally only going to do the food drive yesterday, all media covering this stated that it was Saturday and Sunday. If we get donations today we'll certainly accept them, and we'll see what we get tonight. The 475 we got yesterday was certainly more than we thought we would get, so whatever we get tonight is icing on the cake.

As far as my costume goes, I've got my hair started. I've pulled it into a ponytail, and then divided that into several smaller bits which I've moussed, twisted, and then coiled. My goal is to make a poofy pony that will then be sprayed down with the temporary black hair dye. Once that's all in and dry, I'll wrap the pink ribbon around the ponytail holder and tie it up. I'm hoping to get at least a few pictures - I'll post them so you can see. Though hopefully the best photos will be taken at Sakura-Con next year.

I suppose I should start thinking about dinner, since I technically have to finish hair and make-up before heading over to my parents' house and I need to eat because I refuse to eat nothing but candy tonight. We've got leftovers in the fridge (thank goodness) so it's just a matter of finding what appeals to me.

Most importantly, though, I've finished my party dress, aside from minor fit adjustments and some finishing. I'm relieved, because that means that I can quickly get Lydia sewn tomorrow and still get a good start on NaNo. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to get my dress done in time, but thankfully the minor stuff can be done in an hour a few days before the actual party. That means that tomorrow morning, after Lydia is sewn, I can clear off the dining room table and reclaim my writing space. I don't think I'll do anything special for the NaNo kick off - I'll probably make a pot of tea, maybe get some cookies or biscotti, and just sit and write and see what I get out of day one.
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So I got the zipper installed yesterday. Today I attached the back to the main part of the dress - though I may still rip it out and try again in an attempt to get it to fit better. Or it may come down to a series of tacks because aside from being a little loose around the shoulders, the rest of the dress fits fine. The zipper isn't pretty, but it runs down the side and will be under my arm most of the night. Also, if anyone gives me any grief, I can at least retort that I made my dress instead of buying off the rack. All this leaves is hemming and slip stitching. I may start the slip stitching tonight, or else I'll hem it tomorrow and and start up with the slip stitching when I'm done with that.

Whatever, I'm down to the two final things to do before I get going on Lydia, and aside from making a few cuts and a couple of straight lines, will take me probably all of an hour to finish. Yeah - I'm pretty excited about that.

I haven't made any more progress on NaNo - though part of that is because I'm sort of at a road block. Obviously some of the characters are based on real people, with flaws taken Up To Eleven for the Rule of Funny. However, I don't think that the remaining character building should be too much harder.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit burnt out from all of this sewing, so I'm going to indulge in some fanfiction and tea.
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I had forgotten about how much I love Last Exile. When I finished Saiyuki RELOAD I browsed my collection to find something else to put in. I decided that it was high time for Last Exile, though that was mostly fueled by, "The show was done in 16:9. I have a 16:9 TV. The Blu-Ray player automatically up converts anything it plays to look something akin to hi-def. So that means..." *cue wide-eyed fangirl stare* "Dude, it's gonna look AWESOME."

And I was right. Last Exile in standard def is pretty freakin' amazing, but in hi-def (or up converted to high def) it's STUNNING. Breathtakingly beautiful. I plowed through all 26 episodes of the course of a few days, watching two or three DVDs in a day. The thing about Last Exile is either you love it or you hate it. The pace is on the slow side. Rather than hitting you with non-stop action or plot twists, it goes along at a more subtle pace, allowing for character development at a more natural momentum. Personally, I loved that it went a bit slower than traditional action/adventure stories. I loved the the artwork by Range Murata. I loved the music by Dolce Triade (I have both soundtracks on CD - the official US releases - if that's any testament to just how much I love it). I loved the English voice cast. I loved everything about it, so naturally I bought the DVDs.

Now that it's done I feel a little sad, and will have to pick out something else to watch. Maybe I start up Outlaw Star again, and go with something faster paced and bit raunchier.

In other news, I spent most of the afternoon fighting with the zipper, and finally managed to install it ten minutes ago. It's not pretty but it's in, meaning that tomorrow I'll finish the lining, attach the back and possibly hem it. I always save the slip stitching for last, mostly because I find it's relaxing to finish a project by sitting on the couch watching movies while I absentmindedly poke my finger numerous times. (Hopefully that is now a thing of a past because I now own a thimble. It's purple.) My major goal is to get this done before November, I've done sewing and NaNo at the same time, and while it's possible, I really don't like spreading myself thin like that.

Speaking of NaNo, I'm still working on characters. I'm going to try and pound out a few more this evening, just so that I have a completed cast list. Last year I was still working on the cast list as I started writing and I really disliked wasting time I could have spent writing on minor character profiles.
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First off, a meme from [livejournal.com profile] randomdiversion:

Yup, I'm a girly-girl. )

And now for actual updates. So tonight I'll fuss more with my hair, including pulling out the curling iron and styling product to see if I can fake a Georgian hairstyle. And that's Georgian as in the time period. Like, American revolution era. So. We'll give things the old college try tonight and then I can wash out all of the product tomorrow morning. Woohoo!

Today I really want to try and get that damn zipper installed, which may or may not involve calling my mother and having her come over to give me a hand. I may even just hem the dress today just to say that I accomplished something even if I don't get the zipper in. So expect my Twitter feed to be clogged with much swearing at the general direction of my dress and sewing machine. I have to custom install the zipper, especially since it's too long so I have to shorten it, which is something I've never done before and have no experience with. (Can you tell that I'm really not excited by this? Because I'm totally not.)

At least when it comes to NaNo I now have the main three characters, the other celebrities and four of the pro dancers. That leaves six more pro dancers, three judges and two hosts. I don't think I'm going to put a lot of work into background characters - I'll probably make a list of names and occupations, such as the band leader, director, director of photography, etc., who are part of the show but not really active in Trisha's world.

I suppose I should have lunch and then get back to working on the dress. I'll put the next volume of Last Exile in and listen to that as I continue working.
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First of all:

Please cut and paste this into your journal if you know someone, or are related to someone, who suffers from stupidity.

People need to understand that stupidity is real, and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a sufferer right now. After years of research and testing there is still no known cure for stupidity. Sympathy and pity does not help; acting on the natural impulse to slap upside the head, or apply the venerable "clue by four," to the person who's suffering from stupidity has been proven ineffective; and ignoring it only fosters it's continued spread. The best we can do as individuals is raise awareness for this affliction of the mind. Unfortunately 93 percent of those reading this won't copy and paste this into their journal because they simply do not know how to copy and paste.

Help spread the word.


A NaNo meme swiped from the Other Megan. )

In regards to sewing, I'm going to attach the bodice to the skirt, and then probably start the construction of the back of the dress, so that once the zipper is installed, all I have to do is attack the back and hem. There will probably be some slip stitching involved (because there always is), which I can do while watching a movie (or more Danny Phantom on Netflix).

At any rate, I'm suddenly starving and I think I have some tuna calling my name.
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My dress is starting to give me a bit of a headache. I'm really not looking forward to the zipper installation, so I may be calling my mother this weekend to have her help me. However, I did get the lining stitched together, and the skirt lining and actual skirt and now sewn together. I'll save sewing the bodice to the skirt for tomorrow, because once I do that, I have to install the zipper, and well. You know.

Since Saiyuki RELOAD is done (the anime, I mean, since the finale is running right now), I've gone back to read the manga. I got through the first four volumes of Saiyuki last night, and I'll probably get through the rest of it once the anime is done before quickly fixing up dinner (French toast bread pudding) and then heading for my baby brother's final football game. Tonight I'll probably continue on to what I have of the RELOAD manga, but I have no idea how many volumes I get through, and there's also the fact that I'll probably do more character building for this year's NaNo.

Nano is a going a bit slow at the moment - I keep getting a couple of characters done each night, until I decide that I don't like how they're currently sketched out so I completely re-do them, not making it much further in my work. What I really need to do is make sure that I complete a certain number of character sketches each night, so that when November finally rolls around, I actually have a full cast to work with. I know that I didn't get that established last year, and I really hated wasting time I that could have been writing with character building.

Anyway, time to get moving again. No point in being idle all day.


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