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So I survived Steamcon. It was fun. Small, but fun. I went to the Nautilus Concert (I had originally thought about passing on it and just chilling in the hotel room until I passed out from exhaustion) and I'm so glad I did.

Unwoman? AMAZING.



I also attended a panel on Victorian contra dances. It was hilarious and fun and next year I know to wear a skirt that is shorter so I don't step on my dress. Further more, later that evening there was the Captain Nemo's Ball, which was ALL contra dances. One was called the "Star Trek" and all of the calls were Star Trek related.

Hilarity ensued.

Also, you know the arm that Castle wears in 3.04? Yeah, it's so much cooler when you can see it in person.

Anyway, I'm exhausted so expect a longer post tomorrow.
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I'm home.

I'm safe.

Will do long post and pictures tomorrow.

Right now, I need a shower and a nap. And probably dinner somewhere in there, as well. XD

And for the record, if anyone here has a chance to go to Bend, Oregon - DO IT. 2.5 hours from Crater Lake. Ten minutes from the Newberry Volcanic National Monument (specifically Lava Butte and the huge flow of a'a' lava that you can hike). The Old Mill District has awesome shopping. As does Downtown.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems like most of the free eBooks from B&N appear to be smut. Self published smut. I've managed to snag some pretty decent reads for free, but right now I find the lack of good reading material lacking.
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I went up to Wenatchee this weekend to spread my grandmother's ashes. My husband and I drove up Saturday afternoon, pulling into Wenatchee at just after two-thirty. After checking into the hotel and grabbing a snack, we headed over to my uncle Randy's place for a BBQ and to visit with some of the family that wasn't going up to Stehekin with us.

At seven the next morning, everyone who was departing from Wenatchee did so, driving the 45 minutes or so to Chelan where we boarded The Lady Express to get up to Stehekin. There was one stop off at Field's Point, but otherwise it was more or less a straight shot from Chelan to Stehekin, a trip of roughly 55 miles. And by the way, the only way to get to Stehekin is to hike, take a float plane, or take a boat.

Once we arrived to Stehekin, we took a bus to an outdoor chapel that Grandma and Grandpa had built, and was where we had spread Grandpa's ashes after he had passed four years ago. Everyone in the family helped spread Grandma's ashes around the chapel before going up to the Stehekin bakery. Most of us walked, with the exception of a couple of my cousins and two of my uncles (though one of my cousins had an excuse, as he had undergone knee surgery a few days prior and wasn't moving around real well).

Once we were done at the bakery, we took the bus back down to Stehekin proper and poked around the main lodge and visitor center for forty-five minutes before boarding the Lady of the Lake II for the four hour trip back to Chelan. We arrived back in Chelan proper at roughly six, before driving back to the hotel for a quick change and then going out for dinner.

Anyway, after dinner I started feeling dizzy (we were still at the restaurant) so my husband and I headed back to the hotel where I took a shower and then crashed, sleeping better than I did the night before, but not by much. The next morning I still wasn't feeling real well, so my husband and I got the hell out of Dodge fairly early, getting home before noon, where I spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch watching TV and trying not to be sick.

Today I'm feeling better. Better rested and less queasy, but I don't want to rush things so I'm going to take it relatively easy today. So far I'm doing laundry - washing sheets and towels - and I'm not planning on doing anything super strenuous. I might clean the bathroom, depending on how I'm feeling this afternoon.

All in all I'm doing okay. I've come to terms with my grandmother's death and finally feeling some closure. I think I needed this weekend to do that.
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First up my Life Clock results, which is interesting but in no way the concrete truth of how long I'll actually live:

Based on my grandparents, I'm probably going to live to be a crochety old woman yelling at kids to stay off my lawn. )

A TL;DR wall of text about how I spent the weekend. )
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I traveled about 2000 miles by car in the last week.

I'm beat.

This is not to say that the whole vacation was bust. )

Needless to say, I'm happy to be home. Tonight I'm going to sleep in my own bed, and basically die after Haven and not wake until noon.

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Home safe.

I'm going to die now.



Jul. 21st, 2010 10:51 am
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Yesterday I went with Maria to take her kitten to the vet in Zillah so that he could be neutered. Since we couldn't get the cat until four and his appointment was at eight, we were left with eight hours to fill. We drove the extra hour to Ellensburg for some shopping since Maria has never been to E-burg, and since I kinda knew where I was going, we took my car (and the GPS, just in case).

There's a store in Ellensburg that specializes in fashions from India, Bali and Thailand, I believe. The last time I was in the store, I ended up buying a dress. The Indian silk dress, if you remember. This time I bought a scarf that matches what I affectionately call my Bollywood skirt (same colors and dye pattern, believe it or not) and a skirt that can be worn 15 ways (as a skirt, a shirt, and a dress). I can't go in there without buying something, apparently. X3

Since it takes all of two hours to more or less see everything there is to see in downtown Ellensburg, we headed down the Yakima Canyon, then back to Yakima/Union Gap to spend half an hour at the Valley Mall before heading back to Zillah to pick up Raja, who was stoned out of skull on the trip home and slept, which works for me because it meant he wasn't being sick in my car.

On the whole, the trip was fun, if not a little exhausting. Today I need to give my car a once over to see if there were any problems that cropped up during the trip (tire pressure comes to mind) as well as finally run to the fabric store to, well, buy fabric and a few other odds and ends. The big thing is looking for fabric for my Halloween costume (Sheena from Tales of Symphonia) and a few other odds and ends for costumes and future projects. Like going through the bridal/special occasion dresses to get some ideas for my cousin's fiancee - granted I'm actually making her dress. (I still haven't heard anything about that, and it's starting to tick me off ever so slightly. Wedding dresses require time, which admittedly I have in spades at the moment, but I'm a perfectionist so I'd like as much time as possible to made the damn thing if that's the case.)

...I should probably start my laundry. My hamper has reached the point where it's about to asplode unless I do something.

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To all of my LJ friends who have paid accounts: is it worth it? I'm really starting to be irked by the ads, especially the ones that temporarily reroute me. I was just wondering what people's thoughts and opinions were as far as paid accounts went, and if I should just shell out the cash so that I be done with the ads.

Doing some further research, I figure that if I get the 12 month paid account, that evens out to about $1.66 month for more user pics and no ads. For a year. And it'll be automatically billed. So far I'm leaning towards "yes" rather than "no" for a paid account, going with the yearly option instead of the six month or two month option.

Now to the actual blog post. I'm going with my friend Maria to Zillah tomorrow to tutor her kitten, Raja. Since most of the vet clinics around here charge well over $100 for just the operation and the clinic in Zillah is less than $100 for the operation, blood work, and a full check-up, we figure it's worth the gas money to go to Zillah, which is an hour away from where we live.

We're not sure whose car we're taking yet, but I'm lobbying for mine, especially since my husband and I just gave it its monthly check-up. Oil is fine. Coolant is fine. One tire is a little low, so I'll get that taken care of before too long (currently too hot to do, thanks). Besides, mine also has the better stereo and the blue-tooth connectivity for my phone. Also, since we're going to spend the day up in Ellensburg and I actually sort of know my way around town, we decided that I would be driving in E-burg anyway. Since I figure my car is road trip worthy, it'll probably be safer to take my car.

Since I had to run over to the auditors office this morning to renew my tabs, I took advantage of the close proximity to the Fred Meyer fuel station and gassed up, followed by a stop at the car wash because we've been having dust storms. There's still a very fine layer of dirt on my car, so I'll probably end up having to use the brush on my car next time, but it's looking better than it did.

My car is smaller than Maria's, but I don't think we really need a ton of room for two people and a kitten. We had also invited another friend to come along, but we haven't heard anything from her, so we've taken the radio silence to mean that she either forgot about it, or can't make it. Either way, it's no big deal. We're heading out early tomorrow morning (leaving the TC proper no later than 7:15) so I'll be showering tonight and attempting to go to bed early (we'll see how well that works out).

Well, I think I need to hydrate myself properly before heading back out into the heat so I can inflate my tire.

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My friend has a kitten. His name is Raja. In less than two weeks, some of his boy-bits are getting removed. That's right, we're going Bob Barker on his ass...sort of. Since his appointment is at a vet clinic an hour away (because it's considerably more affordable there, as opposed to staying in town), she's making a day trip out of this and I've been invited to go along. We're going that extra hour past the vet's office to Ellensburg to do some shopping, even when there really isn't that much there. But it'll at least give us something to do for a couple of hours.

This coming weekend, most of my friends are headed to Seattle to see Abney Park. They're a steampunk band, if you were wondering. Anyway, it sounds like lots of fun (since there will be steampunk demos on top of music), but part of me just wants to do nothing more than sit on my balcony with a glass of iced tea and read a book. I'm really likin' the idea of a weekend off, where I'm not stuck in a car for four hours, not rushing off to some big, local event, and best of all, not getting up at the ass crack o' dawn to take care of animals. Woo!

In other news, still plugging through Doctor Who. Up to the fourth season of the new series, and of course went diving through the archives looking for relevant information, particularly in the cases of Continuity Nods. And of course, the specials for various charity fund raisers and whatnot. So yes, I found Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death, and then nearly wet myself I was laughing so hard. Imagine, if you dare, Rowan Atkinson as the 9th Doctor. Richard E. Grant as 10. Jim Broadbent as 11. Hugh Grant as 12. And then Joanna Lumley as 13. Jonathan Price as The Master. The Daleks as Themselves. If you can find it, watch it because, Hoooooooooboy is it funny. Keep in mind, as you watch, that both Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant were serious contenders for the title of "The Doctor" before the series was canceled back in the mid eighties. Yes, you read that right. Could you imagine if either of them were the Doctor now?

...Yeah, my brain nearly asploded, too.

Anyway, things are pretty chill around here. I think that Bollywood Movie Nights are becoming a regular thing with me and the girls, though I'm pretty sure that's a good thing and is keeps up sane. :3 *eyes Main Hoon Na and sighs* Buuuuuuuuuuut, I think I'll watch more Doctor Who before I go diving back into Bollywood.

Weird little side note, but does anyone my F-list remember the Psych episode titled "Bollywood Homicide?" In case you were wondering, the song that plays during the cold open, and then during the performance, is called "Aaja Nachle" form the movie of the same name. While the movie was largely panned by critics and audiences, the titular song is pretty popular for weddings and parties (and translating to "Come, Dance with Me" probably doesn't hurt that). And totally addictive (can you say, Ear Worm?) so it makes sense that they would use it in a Bollywood themed episode.

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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

You know, I don't know if I've ever been truly disappointed with a show. Well, no, I take that back. Seasons six and seven of Gilmore Girls left me scratching my head. While there were one or two decent episodes, most of it was spent going, "Uh, wow, that was out of character..." I suppose that what disappointed me was that I felt that the quality of the show seriously dropped. What had been a great show between a mother, daughter, their various beaux, and the whole town suddenly felt completely alien. It seemed like there was very little left of what I had loved about the show originally.

I don't know if it ever really redeemed itself by the time season seven wrapped or if I had just given up and decided to enjoy what precious little time that was left, but usually by the end of season seven, I've made my peace with it. But for a while there, yeah, I was disappointed with it.

The remaining 19 days )

And oh hey look! A tack on in the form of a REAL entry. X3

My sister-in-law graduated with a Masters in Library and Information Science yesterday, so my husband and I drove up to Seattle for dinner and her graduation ceremony. Since the ceremony got over at ten, we crashed at her apartment (all five of us, since their parents were there too, in a tiny one bedroom apartment). This morning we went to breakfast, packed some of her stuff into the two vehicles heading back to the Tri-Cities, and left about a quarter to eleven.

All in all the drive was pretty good - sure the passes suck right now because of construction and general decay caused by winter, but at least there was no snow. And raining was kept to a minimum. I also suffered being in enemy territory for this whole ordeal - but I'm really proud of her for getting her Masters.

Anyway, my brain is now mush and all I really wanna do is sit down and watch more tactics, which I currently have on loan from Netflix. And possibly see about fulfilling a request for tactics related fanart, as I'm currently stuck on how to age Kantarou by 20-30 years. (Haruka I'm not too worried about, as he is a tengu and therefore probably looks the same regardless of how old he really is. Though he might be able to age himself if he felt so inclined....hmmm...)

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So I made it through my first week at my temp job. It's relatively laid back - answer the phone, take messages, sort and stamp mail, greet visitors as they come in - and quite a bit of time is just spent sitting at the front desk, staring out the window. On the plus side, the corporate administrative assistant (READ: my mother) has several little side projects that she needs to get done but doesn't have the time to do, and so she hands them off to me, knowing that I will do it and do it right the first the time.

This week had an interesting series of "ups" - I would have to say the highlight was watching a submarine reactor being loaded on a truck from a barge. I always knew that sub reactors were taken out on site to be properly decommissioned, but I had never actually seen one before. Just a little west of the barge slip is the planned site of the USS Triton memorial park (see the Wikipedia article on the USS Triton here) which stands in honor of all of the sub reactors that are brought in at the barge slip to be decommissioned on site. Right now it's only the sail superstructure (which is 66 feet long and 23 feet tall) but will soon include grassy areas, paved areas and three flag poles (one for the Stars and Stripes, one for the Washington state flag and probably a US Navy Flag). The best part of it? Right next to the office where I currently work. If, for some reason, I end up being an established worker at FE&C, I can enjoy lunch at the park when it's finished.

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Leavenworth to take part in their Ale Fest. While I don't particularly care for beer, I'll still be going to because 1) it's Leavenworth and 2) it gets me out of town. We're going with his parents, who also enjoy beer tastings, and that means that depending on how much everyone has had to drink by the time we decide to leave town, I will be driving home. I'm perfectly okay with my status as the double d, because I'd rather drive home and know that we got there safely rather than having someone who is slightly inebriated drive us home and have a questionable outcome.

All in all, things are looking good right now. I even got a tentative job offer from a local engineering firm (that isn't FE&C) who is in need of a copy-editor. I may not have gotten my degree in English, but hot damn if I don't know how to write a paper (or a business proposal for that matter).

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So I finished my first "full" week of work on a less than spectacular note. As in, I was sent home early because there was nothing to do at the office. Apparently the big boss that I work under has sent out an office wide memo that reads along the lines of, "FIND SOMETHING FOR THE TEMPS TO DO BECAUSE WE CAN'T JUST HAVE THEM SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING. WE WILL DISCUSS THIS MONDAY AND NO, THIS ISN'T OPTIONAL."


Also, the reason why "full" is in quotation marks like that is because I work what's known as Nine-Eights - eighty hours in nine days, so every other Friday is off. Tomorrow is said Friday off.

Which leads me to the next order of business, SakuraCon. We're leaving at the asscrack o' dawn tomorrow morning for Seattle, partly because the pass is teh suck, and partly because we have to stand in line for a while waiting to get our badges and whatnot. Woo. So I'm going to charge up the DS, charge up my iPod, charge up my camera battery and throw everything into my messenger bag (that I'll be using at my purse) and my suitcase so I can just get up and go tomorrow.

I also found out that one of the people who was supposed to be caravanning with us has actually brought a minivan, so I'm not actually driving tomorrow. Good news because I don't want to fuck around with Seattle traffic, but bad news because I was totally stoked to drive my car and rock out with my uber-awesome stereo. Bah.

Anyway, now that I am fed and happy, I have a few more errands left to run. Wooooooo.

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So I can check a few of those items off of the "To Do" list for Seattle.

1) Car Washed
2) Oil Changed
3) Interior cleaned
4) Tires inflated

At about eleven this morning my husband and I headed to his parents house to change the oil in my car. I hadn't had it done since December, so obviously it was about time (even if I had only driven about 400 miles since then). That was a bit of an experience as my car is low to the ground and getting it up on the ramps to elevate it enough so my husband could get under it took some work.

After changing the oil we headed to Freddy's to pick up a few odds and ends for the car (and an aluminum water bottle for me) before heading to the car wash to get all of the dirt and grime that my car had accumulated since we bought it at the end of October of last year.

I hardly recognized it once we were done.

Once the car was washed, we headed back to my in-laws house to wax and clean the interior. All of the upholstery was cleaned (and stain guarded), all of the floor mats vacuumed and spot treated, and all of the plastic and faux leather was treated. (The car now has a lovely chemical clean smell.) While I worked on the interior, my husband worked on the waxing, and my car is now so shiny, I can see my reflection in it.

Once all of that was done, he inflated the tires, including the spare. And it was a good thing he inflated the spare because it was roughly 49 psi UNDERinflated. So if I had gotten a flat, I would have been S.O.L. The tires on the car itself weren't bad. A little under, but not dangerously so. However, now that they are properly inflated, I will now see that I get a little better fuel economy.

On the Thursday before we leave, I'll gas up the car and get some snacks. As I now have a Rewards Card with Freddy's I don't have to harass my husband for the fuel card anymore. I still have to fill out the paperwork and hand it in, but it's not like there won't be time. As it stands, I was thinking about going and getting another pair of pants from Freddy's ANYWAY so it's not a huge deal.

Anyway, I'm glad my car is clean and aside from the fact that I need to put in my new air freshener, everything is looking good.

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Today was a good exercise day, and by good I mean that I actually wend down the the gym and lifted weights and tried to up the weight in a few areas without hurting myself. So far so good. I can feel certain muscle groups starting to tighten up, and while it might be a few more weeks before the flab starts officially going the way of the dodo, I know that I'm starting to make a difference.

Saint Patrick's Day was pretty easy going. I spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening cooking. I also watched The Quiet Man. I find it amazing that even though I've seen the movie multiple times, I still find something new in it. I was planning on watching The Boondock Saints after dinner with my husband, but a slight miscalculation with dinner made that a no-go. However we watched two episodes of Burn Notice with dinner and tipped our hats to Fi. There's now half of a corned beef brisket in the fridge that will be chopped up with potatoes and turned into homemade corned beef hash on Saturday.

Prep for SakuraCon is nearly complete. This weekend my husband and I are going to get the oil changed in my car, as well as put air in the tires and vacuum the interior. I'm also going to make sure that my copy of The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road also makes it into the glove box, as interesting reading material for the drive may stave off boredom (playlist ideas, road games, best uses for condoms!). I'm also going to be washing my car here in a few days because it's "EW GROSS." I haven't washed it since I bought it, and I bought it in late October. So yes, we're talking about five months worth of dirt on my car. However, a wash and wax is in the immediate future so my poor little car won't look so pathetic. I also should look into putting the window cling on as well. I'm heading to Seattle - I should put as much WSU crap on my car as I possibly can. (I already have the license plate cover.)

Short of packing my suitcase, I'm ready to go to Seattle. I even managed to get the printer working so I've even printed off my pre-registration form. All that's really left to determine is where we're meeting up with the people we're caravaning with.

Dinner tonight is a pretty low-key affair. I'm making white chicken chili in the slow cooker. I'm wondering if it will thicken up any, because right now it resembles soup. If it retains its soup-like consistency, I may just make some rice and serve it over rice, ala Red Beans and Rice (except these are white beans and chicken). Either way, it'll be pretty damn good.

On the writing front, I'm gearing up for Script Frenzy. I need to learn my way around Celtx, but I have about two weeks to do that. I'm also working on Fire Emblem fic, using the infamous 100 Themes. What the hell - I do some of my best work with prompts. Also, it keeps me writing and most of them are one shots. WOO!

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's about it.

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Okay people, I'm still taking questions for THIS MEME and I'd be rather pleased if a few more people played along. These don't have to be super thought provoking questions. In fact, I'm willing to wager that the sillier they are, the better. ^_^

And now to the real contents of this post:

I've started up lists for SakuraCon. Not a list of what I want to do, who I want to see or what I want to buy, but instead a list of what I need to do and get before I go.

1) Car Care

I got the oil changed in November, and since I'm a bit of a home body, I don't drive that much. However, it's been long enough that I probably should get the oil changed before I go. Not a super big deal, as my husband is handy with things like that. I also need to wash my car (and the only reason why I'm not doing it today is because the crappy weather is here for another few days or so). This weekend I'll put air in my tires (at the same time that my husband does his) and vacuum out the interior and trunk because it needs it. Also, fueling up and using the injector cleaner is a must, but I can probably do all of that right before I leave town.

2) Buy stuff

I think we're planning on getting things like Cup Noodle and granola bars and juice boxes for the trip, so we don't have to spend an insane amount of money on food. I'm going out with a friend on one night (and before I get any raised eyebrows of, "What's up with that? Aren't you married?" this guy is like my annoying older brother and even thinking about him romantically gives me the heebyjeebies) so one dinner is covered. :3 But the rest of them will probably be food on the fly that travels well. Also, need to buy snacks because I don't like getting hungry on the road in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE. And when my blood sugar tanks, having food at my fingertips is a good thing. Especially if I'm driving.

3) Pack

This is the stuff that will be thrown into a suitcase the day/night before. Since I'm not cosplaying, I'm going for comfort. Tee shirts and jeans all the way. A light jacket or a sweatshirt (which will be decided upon after checking the weather reports). Basic makeup. Basic toiletries. Maybe my hairdryer because I have no idea if the hotel is providing one. (Just checked, and yes they provide hairdryers). Hair brushes. Seriously, I'm packing light - and it's only a three day, two night trip. It's not like I need a lot of stuff. Though I might just bring a small duffel to pack swag in (and even then I'm not planning on buying a lot of stuff).

My husband is laughing at me because apparently I am an anal retentive list-maker when it comes to trips. However, my plan is to get up and shower Friday morning so I can eat real quick, toss my stuff in my car (if I haven't already loaded it in the night before) and go pick up the two people that I know for sure are coming with me. (There is a possibility of a fourth and/or fifth person, though they won't know for sure until the week before - which is why I breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that it will most likely be six people and not seven in the hotel room.) From there we'll stop and get gas, pick up a few groceries, and maybe Starbucks depending on how badly we need caffeine. I want to set a SPEED record for how quick we can get out of town, so people had better be ready when I knock on their door. We're caravaning up with a few other friends as well (the rest of the hotel room occupants), so we have to pick a location to meet up with them and we'll all head out together.

The goal is to be in Seattle by noon so we can get checked in, toss our stuff in the hotel room and then get in line at registration. I don't want to miss the entire first day standing in line. That's lame. Anyway, I'm excited and aside from double checking on a few things, I'm more or less good to go.

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What the hell, mother nature.  Why is it WINTER all of a sudden?  It's only October.  Days can be warm, nights chilly.  But DAMN all of a sudden it's freakin' cold out there and there don't seem to be enough layers of clothes in my closet to keep me warm.  (My husband thinks otherwise, though.)

In any case, my cousin came up from Virginia to visit with friends and family here in Washington State (as opposed to Washington D.C., near where his wife works).  We ordered pizza, watched Jeff Dunham, and then had ice cream before he went back to his hotel.  Today he's visiting with my sister and her family, and I'm waiting for [profile] forgotten_relic to get here.  I'm taking her to Jo-Ann's with me when I go to buy my fabric for my party dress.  

Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my cousin, but several of my friends went to Oregon to visit [ profile] chaosblue and [ profile] irksnapple and take care of some business there.  Of course, I probably should have mentioned to [ profile] chaosblue that everyone was still planning on going down to visit her, because she got a call shortly before midnight saying that they were on her street.  She was in bed.  Whoops.  ^^;;  Of course she called me at just after midnight (moments before I was about to shut down my computer and go to bed myself) telling me that yes, everyone had arrived safely and that she could have used a little warning.  ::bows down to [ profile] chaosblue ::  I am not worthy!  Forgive me!  Accept the brownies as a token of my apology!!  ::continues bowing and groveling::

Ahem, anyway.  I wish I could have gone down to visit as well so I could see her and the munchkins.  But my cousin visiting and [profile] forgotten_relic 's impending arrival (in a couple of hours) meant that I couldn't.  But I'm totally there in spirit, doing shots of tequila to boot.  XD

Anyway, I think I'm gonna find something to watch, granted I can wrestle the remote away from my husband.  ^^;;

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My husband and I drove up to Wenatchee and then Manson on Friday to visit with my 90-year-old adopted grandmother.  For a 90-year-old woman, she's doing really great, I'm pretty sure that she's still got another five years in her.  She's still pretty sharp, though some times I think things get past her simply because she's had such a long and full life already.  It was really nice to chat with her, and I really hadn't seen her in three or four years.  (I think it was 2005 the last time I saw her.)  We went to lunch with my dad, oldest sister, husband, grandma, and then my cousin and his wife.  It was nice to sit and talk, again because I hadn't seen them in about four years. 

After lunch we went back to Grandma's house (my cousin and his wife went back to work), and talked for about three hours before we looked a the clock and realized that we needed to drive back to Wenatchee.  We went to dinner and then tried to find my uncle's place - which was difficult because I was fifteen the last time I was there, and also in the daylight.  In the dark, ten years later, it was a bit more difficult.  Eventually we found the place and got settled in for the night.

The next morning I found everyone up and my aunt busily making breakfast.  It was nice to sit around and chat over breakfast, and then we started in with showers, and then my husband and my dad jumped in to help my uncle put bricks on his new patio.  Shortly after breakfast we went out to my uncle's orchard and picked apples - we now have Italian plums and various apples sitting in my fridge.  One of my other cousins showed up while we were out and it was nice to see him.  Considering that it had been a few years since I had last seen him, it was good to get caught up a little before one of my other uncles showed up with his wife.  Shortly after that, the boys (sans my husband) went to go and get more bricks for the patio and we ladies (plus my husband) drove up to Mission Ridge to look around.  On the other side of Mission Ridge is Ellensburg, which I don't think I ever realized before.  I snapped a few photos and then we drove back to the house and chatted some more before the guys got home and the BBQ started.

The food was good, the company excellent, and after lunch my husband and I took off for home with my dad in tow.  We got home, and by home I mean back to the city where I live, by six forty-five and stopped off at Avalanche for dinner.  My dad really enjoyed the food and the price, and I think it's a place he'd go back to when he comes up to visit again.  After that we got back to the apartment, unloaded the car and then talked for a bit before going to bed.

This morning broke windy and gray.  For the first time ever, I woke up in my own bed to the smell of coffee - which my husband had dug out of the cupboard for my dad to make.  After a while I made waffles and sat down and watched "my boys" - the Fox Pregame Show.  The 'Hawks started immediately after, but they're playing the Colts so I'm not expecting much out of this game, except for a dignified win.  I hope.

Anyway, I'm waiting to hear from my dad, as we're supposed to meet with him and my sister and her family for dinner.  And somewhere in there have my dad meet my husband's parents.  We'll see what the day brings.
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Talking to Katie about her upcoming wedding has gotten me thinking: without the help of my totally awesome friends, I would not have the wedding of my dreams.

So, Ericka, Katie Belk, Melissa, Stephanie and Sabrina: I owe you my soul, my first born child, dinner and possibly anything else you can think of.  Because without you jumping in and doing that voodoo that you all do so well, I would not have had my perfect wedding.  Thank you ladies, I really could not have done it without you.  When you wish to get what you are owed, let me know.

In other news, my dad is coming to town and I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  If I'll have to get a hotel room in Wenatchee over night, if my dad is going to be staying with me and my husband, if he's riding back to the Tri-Cities with us....

What I do know is that he wants to see my apartment.  Which is mostly clean.  But not SUPER clean.  So guess who's going to be cleaning like a mad woman when there isn't a man around to make messes?  That's right, me.  At least I know I won't be bored.  ^^  Just lonely.  But the plus side to all of this is that I can play my music as loud as I want while I clean and not have to worry about my husband going, "The Spice Girls?  Really?"  Hopefully, I'll clean out a lot of the crap that has been accumulated, including old papers that should probably be tossed but weren't when I moved because I was trying to get moved.  I think my husband will appreciate me cleaning out the crap in the closet in the guest room.  Something I think my friends will appreciate as well as they often crash in the guest room.  ^^
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So I've unofficially been counting down until Anime Expo. And it looks a little something like this:
So yes, I'm officially excited by this. I have a list of things to pack, however I do not have a list of things I'm going to buy, because the only thing I'm going to buy is the tactics manga if I can find it. And volume 11 of Kaze Hikaru. And anything else I follow if I happen to find it. Of course I'm going to poke around and find some giftage for younger siblings as well, maybe a shirt and a pin or two, but I'm not going specifically looking for anything.

I'm ready for this trip, I've been wanting to go for YEARS and I finally have an opportunity to go. I have costumes squared away, though I do have to make a trip to Hot Topic and probably the local porn store (because it's the top place to find back-seam fishnet thigh highs) to get the final pieces (pettipants mean "panty shot FAIL!") so that I'm not going to flash anyone and so that I have complete costumes.

*squee!*  I'm really excited!

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So I went camping with my husband and his family this weekend.  It's apparently a bit of a tradition that they all pack up and head to Elk City, Idaho.  Last year was supposed to be my first year out, but my husband got sick and so I spent Memorial Day weekend tending to my big baby of a husband (because as ANY woman can tell you, even the biggest, baddest men turn into babies as soon as they get sick) rather than roughing it in backwoods Idaho. 

The fun is in the details! )

I'm happy to be home, where there is a flushing toilet rather than an outhouse and warm running water for a shower.

Now I need to go out and get some aloe vera gel for this sunburn...


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