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"Regrets are just a way for the foolish and the guilty to pass the time." -Cho Hakkai
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My dress is starting to give me a bit of a headache. I'm really not looking forward to the zipper installation, so I may be calling my mother this weekend to have her help me. However, I did get the lining stitched together, and the skirt lining and actual skirt and now sewn together. I'll save sewing the bodice to the skirt for tomorrow, because once I do that, I have to install the zipper, and well. You know.

Since Saiyuki RELOAD is done (the anime, I mean, since the finale is running right now), I've gone back to read the manga. I got through the first four volumes of Saiyuki last night, and I'll probably get through the rest of it once the anime is done before quickly fixing up dinner (French toast bread pudding) and then heading for my baby brother's final football game. Tonight I'll probably continue on to what I have of the RELOAD manga, but I have no idea how many volumes I get through, and there's also the fact that I'll probably do more character building for this year's NaNo.

Nano is a going a bit slow at the moment - I keep getting a couple of characters done each night, until I decide that I don't like how they're currently sketched out so I completely re-do them, not making it much further in my work. What I really need to do is make sure that I complete a certain number of character sketches each night, so that when November finally rolls around, I actually have a full cast to work with. I know that I didn't get that established last year, and I really hated wasting time I that could have been writing with character building.

Anyway, time to get moving again. No point in being idle all day.
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So, I slept a solid twelve hours last night. I sort of dozed during the day, but I never actually got around to napping. At shortly after nine last night I stumbled into bed and slept like a rock. I didn't wake up until almost nine thirty his morning. The sleep was much needed, and I woke up feeling pretty good.

Today has been kind of lame. I sewed the panels of the skirt lining together, but that was as far as I got, as today's project has been transferring the music from my laptop to the HTPC. I also need to back up my other files onto CDs and whatnot - mostly because my screen has been questionable at best as of late and the time may be rapidly approaching for a new laptop. I don't think spilling milk on it helped it any. >_<*

Between copying files, I've also watched two discs of Saiyuki RELOAD, and we've reached the point in the series where things have taken a more serious turn (of course, despite all outward appearances, Saiyuki is actually pretty serious). There have been, of course, scenes of gratuitous fanservice up until this point - the bath house episode comes to mind, which is also one of the first looks at Hakkai's scar - but despite the silliness, there's always a serious undercurrent.

There hasn't been much progress in sewing, mostly because I just haven't felt like it today. ^^ Perhaps I'll get more done this evening, before my shows start up. Until then, I may just continue to load files onto my flash drive to be moved onto the HTPC. I'm really dreading the zipper installation, so I may be calling my mother this weekend to give me a hand with it. *guh* All in all, the rest of the dress should be fairly simple and straight forward. After all, it's about half way constructed now. I'll just finish sewing the lining together before I have to change thread colors, and then finish up the rest of the construction.

Well, once my shows start tonight, perhaps I'll go through my photos and weed out the blurry/illegible ones and start loading those onto the flash drive and from here on out I'll just load photos onto the HTPC. After all, if I'm going to be showing them to large groups of people, it's easier to do it on the TV rather than my laptop.
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I forgot how fantastically puntastic ADV's dub of Saiyuki is. Geneon's dub of RELOAD is much closer to the original script, and in some cases the casting seems a Not that I don't like the cast - I actually quite approve of a lot of their other roles - they're just not the ADV cast who took their characters and put their own life into them. At any rate, got through the first two discs of RELOAD today. My husband sat and watched them, much to my surprise. Anime as a general rule isn't his thing, so I rather enjoy it when he sits down and watches my shows with me. :)

As to the dress, the bodice is half way constructed and I officially started on the skirt. Of course, as I was making marks on the fabric for construction purposes, the pencil lead broke and I couldn't find my sharpener. After turning the guest room inside out I decided that I would just have to go and buy another. Since I was going out, I found a black dress for Lydia, spray in black hair dye for Lydia and Sheena, red and black eyeshadow for Wrath (the black eye shadow will also serve as eyebrow coloring for Sheena and Lydia), and false eye-lashes. Mostly so my eyelashes show up in photos for Sheena and Lydia, but I'll probably end up wearing them for the Christmas party. If I have them, might as well use them. ^_^

When I got home I decided that I would put the newly acquired pencil sharpener in the all purpose art drawer in a set of storage containers that live in the guest room closet. Which is when I found the missing sharpener sitting right next to my jewelry box.

Head, meet wall.

But I've decided that this isn't totally for bust. I'm going to put the spare sharpener into my sewing basked so I can always sharpen my fabric pencils when need-be.

Anyway, I should figure out what I want for dinner tonight. Part of me is feeling really lazy and thinking that leftovers are in order.
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So I plowed through the first fifty episodes of the Gensomaden Saiyuki, finishing a few minutes ago. I've moved on to The Big Damn Movie, which is the swan song of ADV's dub and comes directly after Gensomaden Saiyuki and before Saiyuki RELOAD. Needless to say, there's a hilarious commentary with the English cast and plenty of funny stories (like Greg Ayers - Goku - ripping his pants during a recording session) and waxing poetic about their last effort on the series, after they lost the bid for RELOAD. I'm not watching with the commentary this go 'round (maybe tomorrow, pending how things go), but since it's been a while, I may just watch it to watch it before starting dinner and call it quits on the sewing for today (but more on that later).

Saiyuki: Requiem For The One Not Chosen, or Saiyuki: Requiem as most of the fandom calls it, is 90 minutes of chaos in the Saiyuki verse. I say "chaos" because there's action, humor, batshit crazy antagonist, and more infamously, Gojyo's shower scene. I think it's one of the few times I've ever seen [ profile] sideshow_ericka want to lick the TV. The time we watched it on my parents' TV (a 61 inch behemoth) she nearly started petting the screen. I'm wondering just how good it'll look on my slightly smaller but hi-def TV. So maybe I get a Big Damn Nosebleed from watching the Big Damn Movie.

Anyway, the bodice is now more or less constructed. I've been pinning and gathering fabric for the rouching, which is taking more time than I anticipated. Of course it probably doesn't help that I've been fighting the fabric. Crepe back satin is lovely, but boy is it a pain the ass to work with.

And ho-shit shower scene. @_@ 'Scuse me while mai brain asplodes due to teh fanservice.

...And now I'm back. The crepe back satin is causing some minor issues, but hopefully in a few more days I'll have the hang of it. I can't say that I'm excited about doing the pleats on the skirt (I have this nagging feeling that I'm going to spend quite a bit of time fighting with those...) but hopefully it won't be because the fabric is still pissing me off.

I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of the movie before I have to start in on dinner. Sans the celery because my husband doesn't like it and I didn't feel like running to the store to pick some up.

...God, I forgot how cracked this movie is at times. ^^;
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So. Today I watched more of Saiyuki pausing occasionally to check in on the rescue operation of the Chilean miners. I'm happy and relieved that all of the miners have been rescued and that for all intents and purposes, they are doing well as can be expected.

While this was going on, I was sewing the underlining to the main fabric of the dress. Tomorrow I'll start the actual construction on the bodice and if all goes well, quite possibly the skirt. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done - the rouching on the bodice might take a bit more time than I'm anticipating, so we'll see. I may only get the bodice done tomorrow, leaving me to do the skirt on Friday. I probably won't work on it over the weekend only because I've already got plans and I'd also like to be able to watch the football game without worrying about trying to get my sewing done.

And also, at some point this week, I need to get Lydia sewn. I may try and get that done between the bodice and the skirt. It shouldn't take too long to get the poncho sewn, and then I'll just use my fabric markers to draw on the spider web design. I had thought about getting my husband a Beetlejuice costume to match me, but I've realized that trying to get him dress up for any occasion is like pulling teeth. I've decided that it's not worth it to fight him on it, so he won't be dressing up. Further more, I have to try and figure out if I'll be matching my parent's house, as they want to run the haunted house for two nights, using it as a food drive - first night for sure, and possibly the second night as well. If that's the case, I may use the Duchess and do up my hair in a semi-period style and help out on the first night. But the second night will be in Sheena. I didn't spend two weeks getting that costume just the way I wanted it (though I need to starch the crap out of the bow to get it to proper stiffness) not to wear it for Halloween.

At any rate, I should probably get going to bed. I hope I can get an early-ish start tomorrow morning. Not that I want to set a speed record on this dress (which usually leads to shoddy construction), but I'd like to get it done in the least amount of time possible.

And with that, g'night y'all.
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All of my fabric is cut out, including the fabric for Lydia's cape. Once the table is back in its original form (taking the leaf out) I'll start sewing. In the mean time, I'm going to sit and enjoy some Saiyuki. I'm currently on the second episode of the second season of the first run (read: not RELOAD), and once this DVD is done, I'll probably play some Animal Crossing while sitting on the heating pad, hopefully getting some of the tension out of my back.

I think the only gripe I have about sewing is that while cutting out fabric, my back almost always ends up extremely tense. I'm sure that this is because of my height vs the height of the table that I'm using to cut my fabric. I spend a good chunk of time bent over pinning and cutting, and until I get a bigger living space and a room officially dedicated to sewing, I won't have room for a taller table. My only lament, and not really something that can be fixed any time soon.

Anyway, since I've decided to re-watch Saiyuki, I've forgotten how funny/awesome the series is. Of course the second season is all filler (some of it was eventually retconned into Saiyuki Gaiden) because it overtook the manga, but at least the story was approved by the manga-ka and she also did the character designs for Homura, Shien and Zenon. Perhaps I'll get around to re-reading Saiyuki Gaiden because I read most of it in one push, and then didn't read it again until it had been finished and I had picked up from where I had left off, only vaguely remembering certain things about the story. I'm fairly sure Minekura put Homura, Shien and Zenon in some of the background panels of Gaiden, but I find that I can't recall exactly. So, clearly it's time to re-read that particular arc.

I suppose I should set about to getting all of my sewing stuff squared away, but I think that I should get the table back to it's regular size. The dining room really isn't big enough to accommodate the arrangement as it stands now. I guess I'm stuck until my husband gets home - getting the table back to its original position is a two person job.
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So I took the time a few nights ago to get caught up on Saiyuki RELOAD and Saiyuki RELOAD Blast and Saiyuki Ibun. TokyoPop is dragging their feet (or they just haven't gotten all the chapters) on volume 10 of RELOAD and hopefully when they're done with that, they've move on to Gaiden (which is complete) and then RELOAD Blast and Ibun. The former of those last two titles tells us that it's been two years since they've all left Cheng'an, so Sanzo is now 25, Hakkai and Gojyo are now 24 and Goku is 20 (plus or minus 500 years - no one knows how old he really is). The latter is Koumiyou Sanzo's back story, telling about his training to be a Sanzo monk and how he ended up with the Manten scripture - a sutra traditionally held by a youkai ( makes sense in context). I'm fairly certain that Ibun will probably run all the way through to Koumiyou Sanzo's death, and perhaps we'll see Kouryuu's childhood from his point of view. I've always had this sneaking suspicion that Koumiyou Sanzo knew that his death was rapidly approaching, which is why he named Kouryuu as his successor at such a young age.

Also, while reading, I found two of the scariest images in Saiyuki history: here and here.

Proof that body swapping in the Saiyuki 'verse is NOT OKAY.

Needless to say, I have saved those images to my computer and I'm now coloring them in Corel Painter. X3 Icons will be made and shared, if you were wondering. I may also take the opportunity to see if I can find artbook scans that will also be turned into icons. Anyway.

Today's big project will be cleaning the oven. Of course that means five hours that I can't leave the house. So while I thought that I might go and buy fabric, I realized that it probably won't happen today. Tomorrow it is! Right now the oven is mocking me, as are the dishes, so I really should get going on them. It's relatively cool out today - I think it's only supposed to be in the low seventies out today. Perfect, considering that the oven will be heating up to something like 900 degrees while it cleans itself.
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I'm taking a short break after my shower to write a quick entry. First of all, I've gone in a completely different direction with NaNoWriMo. I was originally going to write a follow-up to Magnolia Blossoms - last year's completed effort - when I had a little brain storm that wouldn't go away. So I opened Word, started jotting everything down, and lo and behold, I have a completely different story idea for this November. You can read more about it at my NaNo LJ, [ profile] penismighter. Also there is the link to my official NaNo profile. :)

Secondly, today will be spend doing more cleaning. The oven needs to be pre-washed (to get the worst of the gunk out, and may be assisted by boiling some water, sticking it in a dish, and letting the oven steam for twenty minutes or so) before running the self-cleaning cycle, tables and whatnot need to be dusted, and the whole apartment should be vacuumed for good measure. I'm also going to run the excess plastic bags down to be recycled as well as pick up a few boxes to start putting Goodwill bound clothing into.

Of course, I still have all of the usual things to do today - doing dishes and making the bed - never mind that all I want to do is play around with the special features on Beauty and the Beast. Also, I want to watch all of Saiyuki again. Maybe what I do is put Saiyuki in as I work so I have background noise. Besides, I think my major plans for once the cleaning is done is to cut out the pattern for the Christmas party dress. I'll probably go and pick up the fabric tomorrow. I'm going with that dusty, rose pink. It has light peach undertones, but I can wear it. Plus, I have a coupon for 50% off of a fabric purchase. Now seems like a pretty good time to go and get it, that way I can get the dress sewn before NaNo starts.

In other news, I finished Naked Heat last night, but that's an entry in and of itself. And in case you were wondering, there really is a Firefly reference on page 141.


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