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I finally finished my Avatar: The Last Airbender mood theme and got it installed yesterday. Since I'm HTML incompetent, I had to do it the long way. The whole time I was listening to Rob Paulsen's podcast and laughing manically. It was really hilarious to listen to both Billy West and Dee Bradly Baker, the latter going into Appa, Momo, and Perry the Platypus on command.

In other news, I've decided that I need to start sketching again, and so I just cranked out a few sketches of buttocks, a face, and a few hands. I think I'll work on the individual parts before I start drawing whole people again. I really could benefit from a life drawing class, though I suppose I could beg my husband to strip down and model for me.

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty chill, especially since I'm not at Sakura-con running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Rather than being stressed about con, I'm happily sitting at home this weekend, sketching and watching TV and best of all I get to have Easter Dinner with my family. I've been tasked with bringing a dessert, which will be angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

There's probably some incidental cleaning that should be done, but I just haven't felt the urge to do it yet.
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Yesterday I went out and bought the clips for my My Little Pony ears, as well as binder rings for the tail (I also picked up one of those multi-pocket file folders for work, too, because there was no way I was writing a check for four dollars). I watched Sailor Moon as I cut the yarn to the appropriate lengths for the tail, and the tied it off around the binder ring. My biggest concern is that there will be red fuzzies all over the back of my pants, so one of things I should seriously consider buying is a lint roller, if someone hasn't packed one already.

I also started messing with the ears and barrettes, only to find that baring some serious sanding (which I do not have time for), there's no way that the ears are going to stay on the barrettes. So this afternoon I get to run out to the craft store and buy more Fimo Clay to mold ears this afternoon which actually conform to the barrettes, and then hot glue them on. Hmm...maybe I should pack the hot glue gun as well... I haven't bothered messing with Sugarberry's wig, but part of that was that she was going to be styled on the spot, rather than pre-styled.

And speaking of styling wigs, I applied another coat of gel to Sheena's bangs and forelocks, which means that hopefully they'll stay put. Otherwise I'm going to get creative with the bobby pins. (Or one of my friends will.) I did seriously consider fluffing out the ponytail, but I have no practical way of doing that. And yes, that sound you hear is me banging my head against the wall because I should have just buckled and bought the pre-styled wig, because at this point the cost is roughly the same.

Also, I need to bite the bullet and buy my Sailor Venus wig, and then look into attaching red ostrich feathers to a comb rather than doing the Red Bow of Doom. I think the ostrich feathers are more Burlesque than the bow. But if I do the bow, I'm going to do it a la PGSM, where Sailor Venus has the strands of beads and jewels hanging from her bow. My biggest beef with Burlesque Sailor Venus is that 1) I need to lose about ten pounds and 2) she's going to be expensive because she's going to require expensive fabrics (and here I was thinking that my Sunako was going to be the most expensive - sheesh!), accessories and wig! (For a Sailor V length blonde wig, it's well over $50, and that's if you don't get it pre-styled. Augh.)

So, remember kiddos! The moral of the story is Cosplay: It's More Expensive Than Crack and Can Just as Easily Ruin Your Life.

In other news, I'm going to start in on packing and laundry today (hopefully). The biggest thing is that I need to wash my pants (or at the very least my jeans, cause it's time) and determine if I'm actually going to brave the swimming pool at the hotel. (It's indoors, and I know at some point I'm going to be "OFMG HOT TUB NOW.") I'm also thinking flannel pajamas because this is Seattle in April (which is also why I maintain that my MLP costume will have actual sleeves instead of the arm warmers). Naturally I'm really excited (we leave in two days) but I'm also really terrified and nervous, which I guess is normal right before con.

Well, I suppose I should be off to get the clay for my new pony ears. Fun times, fun times.
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So, to start things off, a DeMotivational Poster:

demotivational posters - Rainboom Doctor
see more Very Demotivational


And now, the real post.

It's time for another convention and my mind is whispering, Okay, you can panic now! )
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So I had that oh so wonderful epiphany about five seconds ago that it's less than two weeks until Sakura-con.

It's weird, because I'm excited but at the same time I suddenly realized that, "ZOMG I HAVE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO FINISH SHEENA'S WIG AND GET CLIPS FOR MY MY LITTLE PONY COSTUME EARS AND I STILL NEED TO MAKE THE TAIL AND AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH." I feel that abusing caps lock was necessary to convey exactly how I feel at the moment.

The actual My Little Pony costume will have arm warmers instead of sleeves, but since this is Seattle in April, I'm going for actual sleeves. I'll probably try on the shirt with the jacket just to make sure everything fits the way it's supposed to, and probably invest in a binder ring to attach the tail to my jeans (it's made out of red yarn). My biggest issue now comes from the fact that I have to find a way to attach the ears to the wig - my best guess is that I'll get some broad, flat clips and glue them on, and then just get creative with the wig. I had originally thought about putting them on a headband, but the ears aren't conformed to the curve of a headband and even if I glued them on they probably wouldn't stay. Yeah...not really looking forward to fighting with those.

At any rate, I need to start making a list of everything that I need to remember (beyond the usual of a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shirts and the usual safety pins, make-up, and hair supplies) to bring with me. I'm tempted to even bring my computer, for the sole purpose of being able to charge my iPod. (And you never know when I'll reach con burn out and need to retreat to the relative safety of the hotel to play on Facebook for an hour.) I also need to talk to my friend who lives in Seattle about the possibility to meet up and get something to eat, granted he doesn't randomly decide to attend the con for a day (in which case I would totally insist that he take me out that night - any day I don't have to eat con food is a good day).

I suppose that after I get home and get work squared away, it's time to start getting everything ready for con.

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So. I'm back.

Oh God it's con funk. Quick! To the BPAL booth! )

My husband is my hero, as he had Easter dinner ready to go when I got in. I spent a few minutes enjoying the fact that I was home and then took a shower, delighting in a shower that is wider than my hips. Then I sat down to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, which my friend Ryan bought for me. :3

Oh my God. I love it.

Anyway, I'm gonna take it easy here for the rest of the evening and maybe try to get through as much of Silver Borne as I can for tonight before I finally crash like a busted satellite.

G'night everybody!

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Today was a good exercise day, and by good I mean that I actually wend down the the gym and lifted weights and tried to up the weight in a few areas without hurting myself. So far so good. I can feel certain muscle groups starting to tighten up, and while it might be a few more weeks before the flab starts officially going the way of the dodo, I know that I'm starting to make a difference.

Saint Patrick's Day was pretty easy going. I spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening cooking. I also watched The Quiet Man. I find it amazing that even though I've seen the movie multiple times, I still find something new in it. I was planning on watching The Boondock Saints after dinner with my husband, but a slight miscalculation with dinner made that a no-go. However we watched two episodes of Burn Notice with dinner and tipped our hats to Fi. There's now half of a corned beef brisket in the fridge that will be chopped up with potatoes and turned into homemade corned beef hash on Saturday.

Prep for SakuraCon is nearly complete. This weekend my husband and I are going to get the oil changed in my car, as well as put air in the tires and vacuum the interior. I'm also going to make sure that my copy of The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road also makes it into the glove box, as interesting reading material for the drive may stave off boredom (playlist ideas, road games, best uses for condoms!). I'm also going to be washing my car here in a few days because it's "EW GROSS." I haven't washed it since I bought it, and I bought it in late October. So yes, we're talking about five months worth of dirt on my car. However, a wash and wax is in the immediate future so my poor little car won't look so pathetic. I also should look into putting the window cling on as well. I'm heading to Seattle - I should put as much WSU crap on my car as I possibly can. (I already have the license plate cover.)

Short of packing my suitcase, I'm ready to go to Seattle. I even managed to get the printer working so I've even printed off my pre-registration form. All that's really left to determine is where we're meeting up with the people we're caravaning with.

Dinner tonight is a pretty low-key affair. I'm making white chicken chili in the slow cooker. I'm wondering if it will thicken up any, because right now it resembles soup. If it retains its soup-like consistency, I may just make some rice and serve it over rice, ala Red Beans and Rice (except these are white beans and chicken). Either way, it'll be pretty damn good.

On the writing front, I'm gearing up for Script Frenzy. I need to learn my way around Celtx, but I have about two weeks to do that. I'm also working on Fire Emblem fic, using the infamous 100 Themes. What the hell - I do some of my best work with prompts. Also, it keeps me writing and most of them are one shots. WOO!

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's about it.

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Okay people, I'm still taking questions for THIS MEME and I'd be rather pleased if a few more people played along. These don't have to be super thought provoking questions. In fact, I'm willing to wager that the sillier they are, the better. ^_^

And now to the real contents of this post:

I've started up lists for SakuraCon. Not a list of what I want to do, who I want to see or what I want to buy, but instead a list of what I need to do and get before I go.

1) Car Care

I got the oil changed in November, and since I'm a bit of a home body, I don't drive that much. However, it's been long enough that I probably should get the oil changed before I go. Not a super big deal, as my husband is handy with things like that. I also need to wash my car (and the only reason why I'm not doing it today is because the crappy weather is here for another few days or so). This weekend I'll put air in my tires (at the same time that my husband does his) and vacuum out the interior and trunk because it needs it. Also, fueling up and using the injector cleaner is a must, but I can probably do all of that right before I leave town.

2) Buy stuff

I think we're planning on getting things like Cup Noodle and granola bars and juice boxes for the trip, so we don't have to spend an insane amount of money on food. I'm going out with a friend on one night (and before I get any raised eyebrows of, "What's up with that? Aren't you married?" this guy is like my annoying older brother and even thinking about him romantically gives me the heebyjeebies) so one dinner is covered. :3 But the rest of them will probably be food on the fly that travels well. Also, need to buy snacks because I don't like getting hungry on the road in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE. And when my blood sugar tanks, having food at my fingertips is a good thing. Especially if I'm driving.

3) Pack

This is the stuff that will be thrown into a suitcase the day/night before. Since I'm not cosplaying, I'm going for comfort. Tee shirts and jeans all the way. A light jacket or a sweatshirt (which will be decided upon after checking the weather reports). Basic makeup. Basic toiletries. Maybe my hairdryer because I have no idea if the hotel is providing one. (Just checked, and yes they provide hairdryers). Hair brushes. Seriously, I'm packing light - and it's only a three day, two night trip. It's not like I need a lot of stuff. Though I might just bring a small duffel to pack swag in (and even then I'm not planning on buying a lot of stuff).

My husband is laughing at me because apparently I am an anal retentive list-maker when it comes to trips. However, my plan is to get up and shower Friday morning so I can eat real quick, toss my stuff in my car (if I haven't already loaded it in the night before) and go pick up the two people that I know for sure are coming with me. (There is a possibility of a fourth and/or fifth person, though they won't know for sure until the week before - which is why I breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that it will most likely be six people and not seven in the hotel room.) From there we'll stop and get gas, pick up a few groceries, and maybe Starbucks depending on how badly we need caffeine. I want to set a SPEED record for how quick we can get out of town, so people had better be ready when I knock on their door. We're caravaning up with a few other friends as well (the rest of the hotel room occupants), so we have to pick a location to meet up with them and we'll all head out together.

The goal is to be in Seattle by noon so we can get checked in, toss our stuff in the hotel room and then get in line at registration. I don't want to miss the entire first day standing in line. That's lame. Anyway, I'm excited and aside from double checking on a few things, I'm more or less good to go.

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Okay, for the reminder part, I want to once more ask my f-list to submit questions to this entry. It's the one about the fifteen characters, and asking questions involving the numbers. (i.e. Two and Five are going out for drinks. Where do they go and what do they order?) I only had two people suggest questions (thank you [ profile] genetic_drift and [ profile] bandnerd88!!) so I'm looking for more. I'll give it another week and then post the answers.

In other breaking news, I'm finally registered for SakuraCon. This has turned out to be very awesome for me, as I was at Anime Expo last year for the world premier of the Trigun movie trailer (which was as yet to be titled), and I will be at SakuraCon this year for the world premier of
Trigun: Badlands Rumble

The anime Gods love me.

[ profile] sideshow_ericka already reserved a hotel room, and it's already been decided that we're taking my car because 1) it is little and zippy and perfect for Seattle traffic, 2) it has four doors, 3) it has a decent sized trunk, 4) it gets pretty good gas mileage and 5) it has a brand new stereo system which can play iPods or MP3 players of choice, MP3/WMA CDs, SD cards, USB drives, standard CDs, and has a Bluetooth connection so I can make/receive calls through my car. I plan on driving a good chunk of the trip (probably with no more than three passengers at the current attendance roster, though it's possible we'll have one more person), with [ profile] sideshow_ericka driving in Seattle unless [ profile] travellyr does end up coming, in which case both of us might just pawn it off on her. XD I have no problems driving us over the passes and into North Bend - I've done it before - but I really dislike driving in heavy traffic (which is why my husband usually ends up driving when we're on vacation) in unfamiliar territory.

Another perk of going to SakuraCon is that at least one evening, granted programming is teh suck or not particularly interesting, will be spent hanging out with a buddy from middle/high school, who has promised me real food (as opposed to the crap we'll be eating at the con) and alcohol. I suppose I could try and see everyone I know in Seattle that weekend, but that might be a little much. Besides, I have no idea what my sister's work schedule is, or if my sister-in-law will even want to visit with me. (We get along just fine, it's just that we don't have that much in common.)

So. Anyway. :3

I am officially excited now. I don't think I'll be looking to spend a ton of money at the con. Pick up a tee shirt or two, maybe a pin. See if I can hunt down hard to find manga volumes (specifically, more of tactics since my local Barnes & Noble doesn't carry it). Hunt down costume pieces.
(That's right, must hit up a Capital Hill sex shop for bondage tape....)

Wow, less than a month to go!!

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I need to register for Sakuracon. I only have until Monday until I have to pay full price - so I need to just suck it up and get it done. I also need to ask [ profile] sideshow_ericka how much I owe her for the hotel room, too. I still owe her for plane tickets from AX last year, so I'll probably just write her a check for eighty bucks and start paying off the plane tickets and the hotel. And then probably finish up paying her back for the plane ticket in April.

Anyway, I wish I had been a bit more committed to Sakuracon earlier (mostly because their prices for pre-registration are NICE, especially if you do it immediately following the con for that year), but I was uncertain if I would have a job and so on. Now that I know what my situation is, I know I can go. But still. It's not like I have a lot of money to throw around and I'm not afraid to get stuff cheap if I can. (Which reminds me...need to balance my checkbook....)

Of course, I'm procrastinating. ^^ But I need to do it BEFORE Monday, because saving ten bucks is saving ten bucks. That's money for coffee and a pastry, or something else at the con.

Also on the to-do list? Figure out who all will be in my car, how we want to do gas money (though I think five to ten bucks per person should cover to and from gas costs), and so on. I think my car works because it is small and zippy (perfect for Seattle traffic), has four doors (good for transporting more than two people), fuel efficient (32 mpg!), and I just had a brand new stereo system put in, which has bluetooth, iPod connection, AUX imput, reads SD cards, and MP3/WMA data discs. By all accounts, unless we get a minivan, my car is one of the more practical options for this trip. But we need to figure out how many people are coming because my car may not be the most practical option. Anyway. Moving on.

Need to register for Sakuracon.


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