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From [ profile] lukecanwaltz88:

1) Give me a pairing.
2) Give me an AU setting.
3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

And now, because it's not listed anywhere, a list of my pairings:

Ships Ahoy! )

The ever elusive list of my ships. I don't know if I've ever posted a comprehensive list before. XD I may have to copy/past this to my profile or something.
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We're half way through the second season of Haven and all I'm really sure of at this point is that I want more. Not just the usual, "episodes through the rest of the season" more, the "I really hope we get at least five seasons out of this show, but more would be great, thanks," more.

I'm really not even a fan of Stephen King's work. I can appreciate that impact that he's had on popular culture and literature (and the fact that he says that Stephenie Meyer can't write makes him good in my book), but I've never felt any sort of urge to read his work. First of all, I'm really not a fan of horror novels. I'm just not. Suspense? Drama? Romance? Mystery? Sure, but horror, not so much.

Of course I've seen a few of the films based off of King's work, but for the most part they're really not my thing. Sure, I have a soft spot for The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, but I've never felt any sort of desire to go delving into King's work. Which to some people is a complete and total travesty, I know.

I suppose I started watching Haven for two reasons. One, it came on immediately following Eureka. Two, they had been promoting the heck out of it for the two or three weeks that Eureka was running before Haven started, piquing my interest. Since it was on immediately following Eurkea and on a Friday night to boot, I thought I'd give it a try. After all, if I didn't like it, I could just turn it off and never watch it again. But there was something magical that happened in the pilot. The characters were well thought out, the actors had great chemistry, and best of all, it left you wanting more. Just what was going on in the little town of Haven? What was with all of the strange things?

It took me all of three episodes before I gleefully dove into the fandom and joined up with the LJ comms, established my ship, and was cheerfully discussing the episodes with other fans. Admittedly, I've only now started writing fan fiction for the series, but I'm pretty happy with what I've produced so far.

Anyway, I keep trying to get more people to watch the show. Really, I should see if I can get [ profile] irksnapple to watch it seeing as she's a King fan and will actually get the references they like to slide in. After all, the show is written and produced by a bunch of Stephen King fanboys (and a fangirl, I think?). I know she'd get a kick out of.

And now that I'm done musing about my favorite show at the moment, I'm off to put on make-up and then go and get my hair cut. Because it needs it.
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As of this week, all of my summer shows are in full swing. :D

Monday - Friday I have shows. And I love them. )

At any rate, I'm glad to have my summer programming back. A few of these shows also do winter seasons, but for the most part they're almost all exclusively summer shows. Yes, it's kind of hard to wait for summer to come so I can watch them, but I think that the fandoms should keep me going through the rest of the year.
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On Facebook, my brother posted that he's watching Van Wilder. The temptation to quip, "Oh, you're watching the movie version of your collegiate career?" is very, very strong and it's taking every single ounce of willpower I possess not to. But I want to, so very, very badly. Seriously, the kid has been in college for the last seven years. It's about damn time he graduated with a B.A. in something.

In which I muse about a good franchise gone bad. )
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My sister got into Farscape when she was in college. They guy she hung out with (dated?) had the entire series, or at least what was out at the time, on DVD. She started from the beginning and loved it, and when she came home for breaks sucked me into watching it. Or more accurately she got me sucked into it while I was up for a football game and it continued when she came home for break.

My husband and I have currently put the whole series into our Netflix queue, and we're almost done with Season 1. We have two episodes left, and given that I've seen most of the last part of the series (a fair chunk of Season 3 and most of Season 4), I keep squealing with delight as characters start making appearances.

As proven by my happy chirp of, "Scorpy!" the first time Scorpius' silhouette appeared in "Nerve." And when they announced that Moya was pregnant, all I could think about was Talyn being a brat. Of course seeing Gigi Edgely and Paul Goddard's names in the opening credits had me giddy with anticipation, as I've always been fond of Chiana and Stark.

And course the whole time, I'm thinking about this:

"Piece of advice, if you're going to rip something off, think of something a little more obscure."

This is really funny because both Ben Browder and Claudia Black worked together on Farscape before making the jump to Stargate SG-1. Claudia resumes the role of Aryun Sun and Michael Shanks takes on Ben's original role of John Chriton. (It makes sense in context.) Ben shifts to Stark, an Thor becomes Rygel, Sam becomes Chiana, and Teal'c as D'Argo. (Again, makes sense in context.)

Anyway, I'm enjoying seeing the series from the beginning because I basically got the Cliff Notes version of the series up to the point I started watching it and after Sci-Fi took it off the air, I couldn't even catch in re-runs, though Hallmark had it for a while. Just never when I could remember to watch it. I had heard about Zhaan, but never got to see her, as she had already died by the time I started watching. I'm enjoying her character and will be sad to see her go, but since I've always know from the beginning how things will end for her, I suppose I'm better equipped to deal with her departure than someone who had been watching from the get go.

I just hope I remember to take the DVDs down to the mail tomorrow. ^^;;
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So, I slept a solid twelve hours last night. I sort of dozed during the day, but I never actually got around to napping. At shortly after nine last night I stumbled into bed and slept like a rock. I didn't wake up until almost nine thirty his morning. The sleep was much needed, and I woke up feeling pretty good.

Today has been kind of lame. I sewed the panels of the skirt lining together, but that was as far as I got, as today's project has been transferring the music from my laptop to the HTPC. I also need to back up my other files onto CDs and whatnot - mostly because my screen has been questionable at best as of late and the time may be rapidly approaching for a new laptop. I don't think spilling milk on it helped it any. >_<*

Between copying files, I've also watched two discs of Saiyuki RELOAD, and we've reached the point in the series where things have taken a more serious turn (of course, despite all outward appearances, Saiyuki is actually pretty serious). There have been, of course, scenes of gratuitous fanservice up until this point - the bath house episode comes to mind, which is also one of the first looks at Hakkai's scar - but despite the silliness, there's always a serious undercurrent.

There hasn't been much progress in sewing, mostly because I just haven't felt like it today. ^^ Perhaps I'll get more done this evening, before my shows start up. Until then, I may just continue to load files onto my flash drive to be moved onto the HTPC. I'm really dreading the zipper installation, so I may be calling my mother this weekend to give me a hand with it. *guh* All in all, the rest of the dress should be fairly simple and straight forward. After all, it's about half way constructed now. I'll just finish sewing the lining together before I have to change thread colors, and then finish up the rest of the construction.

Well, once my shows start tonight, perhaps I'll go through my photos and weed out the blurry/illegible ones and start loading those onto the flash drive and from here on out I'll just load photos onto the HTPC. After all, if I'm going to be showing them to large groups of people, it's easier to do it on the TV rather than my laptop.
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I got up this morning, had breakfast, and then did the 30 minute free ride in Wii Fit Plus. I am now exhausted with very little energy to even sit on the couch like a bump on a log.

And now for some thoughts about what I've been reading/watching as of late.

Cut for spoilery-type thoughts. )

Anyway, I don't know if I have any big plans for today. The husband and I are going to head to Costco to wander around. I want to see if I can find an electric toothbrush that isn't huge. I've been using a different head on my husband's Sonicare, but the handle is so bulky I really dislike using it. Costco usually has a pretty good selection of electric toothbrushes (including the Sonicares!) so I'll see if I can find one that I like. Since I started using the Sonicare, I've noticed that my gums are a lot healthier, though that might also be in part to the regular flossing. ^^; After that, I have no idea what else. I need to finish my banner for my pins, which involves buying yarn that I'll have to pawn off on a friend who either knits or crochets. Also, cutting the dowel that I bought into two parts.

Well now, it seems my husband has prepared lunch. Later.

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So yeah. TV. Because I'm watching (or was watching) about a half-dozen TV shows. This isn't even scratching the surface of my shows that are coming back in the fall.

Behind a cut so you can remain unspoiled. I'm nice like that. )

And now it's time for bed because I need to be functional at a decent hour tomorrow.

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...if it's a good thing or a bad thing that when I hear a location mentioned in Burn Notice, I automatically know where they are.

Like Marine Stadium.

And yes, it really is a collection of graffiti.

Of course this isn't the first time it's happened. There have been multiple locations where I smirked and told my husband, "Hey, I've been there."

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Oh Gods. Netflix is so awesome. I could care less about getting the DVDs by mail, it comes down to what we can watch instantly.

A few months back we got a new TV. LCD, flat screen, inputs of all kinds.... Anyway, new TVs tend to be glorified computer monitors, and my husband and I took advantage of that fact and built an HTPC (home theater personal computer) to hook up to it. This weekend we set up Netflix with the intent of watching streaming movies.

And not just streaming movies, streaming TV. I found
seaQuest DSV
, and have been happily geeking out. I forgot how much I love both of those series. My husband and I have been working though
and I'm sure once it wraps up, then we'll move on to

Oh how I love the instant gratification.


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