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The Cougs won the Apple Cup.

In overtime.

JFC I can't take this anymore.
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So first of all, fannish things.

I'm trying to construct a rough Haven timeline. I've been rewatching all of the episodes and making notes of events and dates. Someone else in the fandom has started up a fansite to use as a resource for fic - I'm doing it more out of curiosity more than anything else. There are a lot of conflicting information in the episodes themselves. There can be a bit of a hand wave with some facts - one of the common explanations is that most of the town forgot what happened immediately following a certain event. So far the biggest mind screw so far is that in the last episode of season two, there's lots of conflicting information regarding the death of Simon Crocker. It's screwy enough that the date on his tombstone conflicts with statements he makes earlier in the episode. Most of us have decided that we're going to wait until we can get more definitive information. Hey SyFy, here's a thought, get a Haven Timeline up on the official website. Of course that would mean that the writers all agree on the timeline...

Secondly, football.

The Cougs were doing pretty darn good against UCLA yesterday, but their inability to get TDs after getting to the red zone ultimately bit them in the ass. If they had gotten TDs instead of field goals, the Cougs would have won. Also, if they had managed to stop UCLA.

Today's game with the Seahawks and Giants is looking to be a slugfest. I'm going to take a speed shower at half time (in another minute or so) and hopefully Seattle will be able to win this game. It'd be a huge boost for the club. Not that Seattle is doing terrible, it's still early in the season after all, but they need a solid win against a decent team. But it's going to be a lot of back and forth. Both teams are playing well. Not great, if the number of turnovers is any indication, but well enough that they seem to be pretty evenly matched.

Well, the quarter is up and I really need a shower. Ta!
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I have no football today. *pouts*

Technically the Cougars are playing, but the game isn't on TV. The Seahawks also have their Bye Week so no football tomorrow either. My husband has been positively giddy at the idea of me free for an entire weekend.

So, being Saturday, husband and I will be heading out to do our grocery shopping. Except I have no idea what I want for dinner the last two days of week and the idea of going out probably isn't an option. I'm seriously drawing a blank, and even going through the number of cookbooks that I own is coming up with anything that looks remotely appetizing. Not even ideas from Alton Brown or Paula Deen are looking good. (Which is saying something.) I'm drawing a blank, and I have to admit, my one requirement is something that could give me one more day of left overs. Or maybe I just do something easy like spaghetti because that requires maybe all of ten brain cells to make and is great for days when I really don't feel like putting a major effort into my cooking. Shocking, I know.

Other than that, I'm gonna say that today will be pretty laid back. I may start cutting out fabric today and start sewing tomorrow and just get the dress done. The other option is putting in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and working on a zombie cross stitch that I can turn into a pillow just in time for Halloween. Or more of Saiyuki. Both are completely viable entertainment options, and both have been watched/read enough times that I really don't have to pay attention to the screen to know what's going on.

Thoughts about Haven's season finale - behind a cut because wow are they spoilery. )

Anyway, ten minutes after Haven ended I was in bed, probably 45 minutes after that I was asleep, I woke up at 8:30 this morning and I'm still exhausted. I would hate to think that I'm suffering from mild depression (let's face it, there are a lot of different symptoms and they vary from person to person), but my occasional loss of interest, my insane desire to do nothing more than sleep on some days, and pain in places that have no reason to hurt can all be indicators of depression. Or maybe I just have some funky hormonal imbalance that is presenting as depression. Well fuck. I'm like an episode of House now.

I suppose I should truly get my ass in gear. I'm showered and dressed (God I love being clean) and now I need to go grocery shopping. Food is a must.
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So. I have football on right now. Here's hoping the Cougs can win another after last week's last second win.

Also, I changed the layout of my journal. I'm still thinking about getting a paid account because I really do want more icons (yay icons!). I went with a nice warm, neutral tone that coordinates with my Mercy Thompson icon, which I have made my journal default. :3 This also means that I changed my mood theme - hello foxes!

Anyway, I think I may dink around with the boot covers again. Even though they're "finished" part of me really doesn't like how the buckles are done, hence a desire to re-do them. Further more, I need to sand down the dowels for my pin banner, place my pins on said banner, and then hang on the wall. I thought about buying yarn to use to string it up, but I then realized that I had a crap-ton of blue embroidery floss (which I can't use on the Zombie cross-stitch, sad!) leftover from Aurora that I could use instead. Buying yarn is a bit of a moot point for me as I don't knit or crochet. And even though I know that quite a few of my friends would gladly take it off my hands, I just didn't feel like bothering with it.

So. Here's hoping that the Cougs will pull ahead of SMU and win the day for Crimson and Gray!


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