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Dude, I'm tired.

For the record, I was wrong, today is not my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, that's actually on this coming Thursday. But today was the day that the family celebrated - by cleaning out their garage and weeding the garden. I was put to work vacuuming the bedrooms in the house, including getting the cobwebs in the corners of the rooms. From there I headed out to help with the garage, which had something like thirty years to accumulate junk. To my knowledge, it's never been cleaned out until today.

In the middle of all this work, we had lunch - chili, clam chowder, veggies, and corn bread. We also picked up a cake for them, so while it wasn't some big, blow-out bash, it was a nice get together with the family, even if it was only a handful of us.

After all was said and done, my husband and I rolled out, going grocery shopping after. I don't know how I survived - I was walking around like a zombie the whole time - but we decided that today we were going to be lazy and and just pick something up from the deli case for dinner. Mmmm, orange chicken. :)

Anyway, I'm tired, so I think I'm just gonna sit and watch TV. I kind of want to take a shower, but I don't know if I have the energy to stand for the duration. ^^;;
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Today is my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. Because they're both getting on in years and my grandpa hasn't made a full recovery from his knee replacement surgery, instead of a party my family and I are doing house/yard work for them. I think I'm supposed to be heading over in an hour-ish, which means that I should probably get off the internet and take my shower, right?

At any rate, I told my mom that my husband and I would go over and help, since it seems like the brunt of the work is going to be yard work (though I have no idea how much yard work is actually going to be done, seeing as it's supposed to rain all day) and cleaning out the garage so that my grandma can bring her plants in from the cold. There's also going to be chili and clam chowder so everyone who's pitching in and helping can sit down and enjoy a meal with my grandparents. We figured that since they didn't want a big, fussy party, we can help them out instead and wish them well in our own way. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

I suppose I really should get going. That whole shower business needs to be taken care of, and I should probably eat something so my blood sugar doesn't suddenly tank on me.
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So, on the docket today.

1) Clean. It's Sunday. This should be a no brainer.

2) Go to my cousin's wedding. I forgot to RSVP, but he didn't RSVP to mine, so I think that makes us even. Besides, I don't think I'm going to spend that much time hanging out there. Go for the ceremony and probably leave after cake. And I'm probably not going to drink anything more than water.

3) Do a little yoga. Yesterday I finally tried out Wii Fit Plus. I didn't think that I really worked anything...and I was wrong. I'm ridiculously sore today, so methinks all I'm going to do is stretch myself out and hope that eases some of the pain.

I think that wraps up all I have planned for today. I'm going to wear the skirt that can be worn 15 different ways (more, if I feel like getting creative) as a dress since it's cute and light enough that I won't die of heatstroke (though today is only supposed to get up to 80 degrees, so it shouldn't be that bad). I also have to remember to get a gift card for them, since I have no idea what they already have or need, and a gift card seems like a great way to make sure that they can get what they want/need.


Jul. 21st, 2010 10:51 am
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Yesterday I went with Maria to take her kitten to the vet in Zillah so that he could be neutered. Since we couldn't get the cat until four and his appointment was at eight, we were left with eight hours to fill. We drove the extra hour to Ellensburg for some shopping since Maria has never been to E-burg, and since I kinda knew where I was going, we took my car (and the GPS, just in case).

There's a store in Ellensburg that specializes in fashions from India, Bali and Thailand, I believe. The last time I was in the store, I ended up buying a dress. The Indian silk dress, if you remember. This time I bought a scarf that matches what I affectionately call my Bollywood skirt (same colors and dye pattern, believe it or not) and a skirt that can be worn 15 ways (as a skirt, a shirt, and a dress). I can't go in there without buying something, apparently. X3

Since it takes all of two hours to more or less see everything there is to see in downtown Ellensburg, we headed down the Yakima Canyon, then back to Yakima/Union Gap to spend half an hour at the Valley Mall before heading back to Zillah to pick up Raja, who was stoned out of skull on the trip home and slept, which works for me because it meant he wasn't being sick in my car.

On the whole, the trip was fun, if not a little exhausting. Today I need to give my car a once over to see if there were any problems that cropped up during the trip (tire pressure comes to mind) as well as finally run to the fabric store to, well, buy fabric and a few other odds and ends. The big thing is looking for fabric for my Halloween costume (Sheena from Tales of Symphonia) and a few other odds and ends for costumes and future projects. Like going through the bridal/special occasion dresses to get some ideas for my cousin's fiancee - granted I'm actually making her dress. (I still haven't heard anything about that, and it's starting to tick me off ever so slightly. Wedding dresses require time, which admittedly I have in spades at the moment, but I'm a perfectionist so I'd like as much time as possible to made the damn thing if that's the case.)

...I should probably start my laundry. My hamper has reached the point where it's about to asplode unless I do something.

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I completed NaNo this afternoon - 50,057 words to finish novel one, in a series of...well, I don't know yet. It may be two or three, though I'm not sure. But the story is, for all intents and purposes, finished and the word count reached. Woo. (Seriously, I'm jumping up and down here, I'm just sort of worn from wracking my brain for 30 days straight.)

Now I have all of December to work on Char's dress, which should theoretically only take me only a couple of weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to cut out the pattern, then on Wednesday make an attempt to cut out the dress so that I can start sewing by the end of the week. I also need to assemble the garters. However, all of that should go fairly easily, especially since I've made the dress before and making the garter isn't exactly rocket science.

I also plan on making gifts for my friends, hopefully fairly inexpensive to make. I think the girls will like them (I'm not gonna worry about the boys), but now it comes down to finding the materials to make them. Which could get interesting. ^^;;
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Guh. This weekend is gonna suck. Not so much because of the Black Friday sales that are probably going to extend into the weekend, but because Sarah Palin is going to be signing books at a bookstore 1.8 miles from where I live. I think that means that I will not be going anywhere on Sunday. >_o

NaNo goes - I'm trying to get my word count way up before Thanksgiving because I'm fairly certain I won't have time to write. I suppose I could do it during the parade...but....I'd rather just watch the parade. XD And of course, after the parade, I'll need to take a shower and head over to my parents house to visit for a bit. From there, we're going to my husband's cousin's house for dinner. I honestly have no idea what to expect - but I'm going to playing cards and my DS with me. So yeah, I don't know how much time I'll have to write on Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to pad my word count so I only have to write a few hundred words.

Other than that, life is pretty good. I have fabric for [ profile] chaosblue 's dress, but I still need to get the pattern. Of course that should go together fairly easily - I'm confident that I can get that it done with a few weeks to spare. Also I'm working with [profile] sideshow_ericka on getting her fabulously accessorized, because damn it, she's getting married and she has to look fabulous.

Anyway, I need to shower, work on NaNo a little and I have errands to run. Ta.
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Just like the entry title says, I'm putting off NaNo to write this blog. :3

It's not that I'm behind - yes, I'm behind for TODAY'S word count, but only by 500 words or so. So let me put it this way, I'm allowed a little break from the drama that is Ryder and Gabrielle. Because ZOMG there is DRAMA. Like whoa. Seriously, I don't know where it's all coming from. All of a sudden Ryder and Gabrielle are bickering and won't stop. Of course it doesn't help that Miss Olivia throws her two cents in to drive them apart any way she can any time she can.

Secondly, I found To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar on TV. Of course, the first indication that I had even found the movie in the first place was Patrick Swayze in all of his drag queen glory. My goodness but he made a beautiful woman. It also reminds me of what an incredible talent he had, and how yet another star has burned out far too soon.

Finally, [ profile] chaosblue is getting married and I'm making her dress. Since she doesn't want the full blown wedding dress (and I really don't blame her, trying on and buying those things is some sort of ridiculous) I'm actually going to make her a nice formal dress that she can wear for other occasions. It's a shade of red (to hell with the old saying, "Married in red, better off dead," as I rather think it has a nice sense of Beetlejuice to it) that is quite stunning. I found the fabric at the local fabric store (at ten dollars a yard @_@) and thankfully the red is the same shade as the red drapery from my Athena costume so I don't have to buy thread. I still have to buy the pattern zipper, hook and eye closures (I think...I might have two left...nope, just one) and the fabric. Hopefully the dress won't run much more over $70, which is better than anything that she could possibly find on a store, and this one will be quite stunning on her. She'll need to find shoes, of course, and tell me how high the heels are so I can hem it appropriately. Personally, I'm really excited to do this for her. I'm allowing her to comp me for the cost of materials (which I'm trying to keep as low as possible) and the time spent making the dress will be a gift. On the plus side, I've already made this particular dress (for my husband's company Christmas party) so construction will be a breeze. I may put the cutting board on my bed this time, and cut the fabric on there, so I'm not crawling all over the floor. X3 Save my knees a little pain.

Anyway, back to Ryder and Gabrielle. Hopefully I can pad today's word count by the end of the two o'clock hour.
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So Katie's wedding was last night and it was a wonderful event. The ceremony itself was outdoors in one of the small courtyards at a local hotel. About the only downside of the setup was that the audience was facing the setting sun though the first part of the ceremony, until the sun dropped behind the building and we all weren't holding our hands up to shield our eyes. It was short and sweet, officiated by an aunt of the groom. The music choice was excellent, starting with "Ashokan Farewell" to seat family, then "Kanon in D" for the entrance of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the the traditional "Wedding March" as the bride came in. When the time came for the bride and groom to make their exit, they played the Final Fantasy victory music, which was wildly appropriate and made me (and several others who know the bride and groom well) to smile widely and laugh.

The reception was held in one of the ballroom/conference rooms at the hotel and was done up in whites, silvers and purples, the bride's favorite colors, and the group of us from high school claimed a table and took up all but two seats, which were claimed by a friend of mine (and the bride) from our community college days, Colin Briggs (for those of you who know of author Patricia Briggs, that would be her son) and his fiancee Laura. We were able to chat and catch up, and found out that he'd been on his mission in Cleveland for the last two years, but he was back in town, engaged, and apparently looking to finish up at the local community college and continue school from there. When the bride and groom made their entrance into the reception, they played the "Imperial March" from Star Wars, which had me laughing again.

The food was a sandwich buffet with salad and fruit and an amazing roast. The wedding cake was beautiful, four tiers done up in either plum or cherry blossoms, flanked by two dragon cakes (which I'm seriously thinking about submitting to Cake Wrecks as a Sunday Sweet of cakes done right).  I might have to post a picture so you can understand just how awesome the dragon cakes were.  Anyway, the reception was pretty standard, dancing, food, booze, laughter...

I'm really happy for Katie and her husband, and I'm thinking about having them over for dinner some time.  It would be really nice to be able to sit and talk with James since I really didn't get a chance to talk with him at the wedding.  Plus it would mean four man gaming after dinner.  XD

Anyway, I'm going to download the photos I took and make a nice slide show for the people who couldn't make it to the wedding.  Ta!

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Anyway, I'm doing my nails and watching the end of Meet the Robinsons on Disney Channel.  I'm waiting for my nails to dry enough for me to start doing my hair, though I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it.  Curl it, sure, but after that I don't know.  Pull it back, leave it down, put it half up?  I know the bride said that she doesn't care what we wear, but I do want to look nice.  It's just how I was brought up.  Though I'm still toying with "The Bride's Mafia" look.  X3

At any rate, I think I might go grab the hair dryer and set it to it's cool setting and blow dry my nails to speed along the process.  And then go waffle over shoes.  With some help with [profile] forgotten_relic who is here with me in spirit.

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So I need to do some personal touch up work before the wedding tomorrow. Unfuzz legs, tweeze the eyebrows, make sure that my hair has something nice in it - you know, make myself presentable for a wedding. Because even though the bride said that I could wear whatever, I'm old school and firmly believe that one dresses up when going to church or to a wedding. And while I'm planning on wearing a black taffeta dress, the purple bolero jacket that I'll also be wearing makes it a little more casual.  Though I may hit up the silk flowers at Wally World this afternoon and see if I can find a nice purple flower to pin to the hip of the dress and make it a little more fun as well.  I also have to pick shoes - and coming from someone who has at least three different pairs of black heels, this is going to take much hemming and hawing and asking people, "What do you think?  This shoe or this shoe?"

I'm also starting to feel better, though for some reason I feel much warmer than usual.  And because I'm usually someone who's freezing even in the middle of the summer, I feel like I should be concerned, even if I'm not running a fever.  Sadly, I've reached that point in the cold where I can feel the mucous in my lungs, so sometimes I feel (and sound) like death walking.  If I could be sick over Halloween, I'd seriously consider being a zombie.  Maybe a zombie bride's maid or the Corpse Bride.  Could be fun.  Anyway, I'm glad to be finally kicking this stupid cold, though I have this niggling feeling in the back of my mind that it'll hang around for another week or so.  

All and all, things are pretty quiet around here.  I'm starting in on my gift for the birthday party, and hopefully it will be done by this evening - granted I actually feel up to assembling it.  I also have to figure out what we're doing for dinner next week.  To the cookbooks!!


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