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Y'all know that the whole "cannot tell a lie" is a myth, right?

Anyway, here's some truth for ya: I can stick my tongue up my nose.
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Oh the Wellth Fargo Wagon ith comin' down the sthreet....


Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, cheap, cheap, cheap, talk a lot, pick a little more...

I went to go see the a local high school's production of The Music Man last night. Is it obvious?
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Go Giants! as I am loathe to see the Patriots win another Super Bowl in just ten years. I'm really hoping for a repeat of Super Bowl XLII
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I've been told that I look like a cross between Brooke Shields and Anne Hathaway.

Honestly, I don't know who I looks like. I've posted pictures of me here before, so who do you think I look like?
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I am year of the Rat. :D (A wood rat, to be precise.)

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If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fires
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

--Shel Silverstein
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I suppose that the one movie that I "must-see" every holiday season is White Christmas. (You know, the one that prompts Clark Griswold to quip, "We'll have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Fucking Kaye!") My mom recorded it off TV years ago, and we always made time to watch it during the holiday season. Then a few years ago my mom bought me a copy of the movie on DVD, which I now watch when I decorate the Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving.

There is also another movie that I used to watch every single holiday season - A Muppet Christmas Carol.

I don't remember exactly when my parents decided that it was the movie we would all watch on Christmas Eve before bed, but apparently that was one. A few years ago it was another one that I got on DVD, but for the last couple of years I haven't been able to watch it as my husband's family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. The celebration seems to run extra late for the last few years, so I might try and watch the movie Friday afternoon this year.
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I met Tony Danza (Taxi, Who's the Boss?) when I was fourteen. He said I had beautiful eyes.

I've also met author Patricia Briggs (The Mercy Thompson Series) a couple of times. She used to live across the street from where I worked, so it wasn't uncommon, especially on game night, for the whole Briggs clan to shlep on over to get drinks and snacks for the night. The first time I met her (before I knew that she was a best selling author, heh), her son Collin was glommed on to me. She thought it was hilarious. I saw her a several times after that, and then the family moved to Montana for a bit. They've since moved back to the area, and I attended a book signing at our local (and only) Barnes and Noble right after Bone Crossed was released (that's the fourth book in the series, BTW).

I've also met Marcos Avila, a former member of the Miami Sound Machine and husband of Cristina Saralegui (you know, she's Oprah but Cuban). I went to a taping of The Christina Show just before my senior year in high school, and because my dad did the lighting for the show (as in he sold them the lighting equipment and then worked with the lighting director in order to create the show's lighting design), we got to attend for free and entered via employee entrance. There are perks to your father working in the industry - he's friendly with the studio's manager and owner (the manager was a very nice gentleman but I cannot for the life of me remember his name, and Marcos, along with Cristina, own the studio where the show was shot and my father worked with them frequently before he retired).

My brother got real friendly with Paulina Rubia's mother when my dad was working on the lighting for the stage in Paulina's house. He met Paulina herself a few times, but from what I heard, she was a class A bitch.
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Hmm, lemme see.

There were no student loans to pay back.

The cars are paid off.

My wedding band and engagement ring have been paid off for a while (since 2008). My husband's wedding band (both of them XD) was less than $200 so those were just paid off up front.

We rent an apartment, so we have monthly payments on that, which I suppose is a kind of debt.

I think we still have a balance on the credit card of nearly $800, but that's mostly because my husband hasn't gotten around to paying it off yet, but that'll happen soon enough.

So, um, aside from the fact that we owe rent every month, I guess we really have no debt.
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! ...Or not. )

I'm sharing this not to win, but to share the fun. And because Maleficent is AWESOME. Photo taken Saturday night - the pumpkin is now at my parents' house where it will be enjoyed by the trick-or-treaters, since I don't get any in my apartment complex.
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I play the violin, and I've been playing the violin for seventeen, almost eighteen, years.

I don't play as often as I used to, but every so often I'll pull it out of the closet and mess around.

Further more, I had piano lessons as a child, but I really didn't like my teacher. However several years later I decided I wanted to play again and am now largely self taught. The reason why I can read bass clef at all? Because I taught myself.
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At the moment, I am a registered organ donor. However, I realize that after a certain point my organs will not be desirable, and that's where I'm a little hung up. I do like the idea of donating my body to science to be either studied or used by a future generation of doctors. However, I do like the concept of "eternal rest" in a plot somewhere, and that I'll become one with the earth for eternity. I do suppose that there's some discussion to be had with my husband after I reach my "sell by date" for my organs (he has, thankfully, fully supported my decision to become an organ donor) about what he wants and how we'll deal with that as a couple.
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Oh God how I wish I were making this up.

When I tell the story, it doesn't sound like it really happened - and I was there. )
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You mean beyond the love of the Pixar films? Hmmm...

My very first experience with a computer was on my dad's Apple and in middle school we had the Mac Lab for class use.

Otherwise I've been running on a PC. Old IBMs and eMachines and most recently Compaqs and HPs. I'm pretty sure you can't classify the custom built Home Theater PC.

If anything, Jobs kept pushing for change in the computer industry, but I certainly don't buy into the whole, "Macs are better than PCs" spiel that he seemed to be pushing over the last several years. For the pushing for innovation, I can respect that. Everything else? Not so much.

I certainly don't believe that he was some sort of mega revolutionary that totally made the world stop and think. If anything, he created a bunch of drones in the Apple fans, who felt that conforming to the whims of Apple was the entirety of their lives. Also, paying for ridiculously overpriced goods that were no better than another name brand product. I could buy a PC with all of the same components as my friend's MacBook Air (same processor, memory, storage space, etc.) for half of the cost. For those of you going, "But Macs don't get as many viruses," that's because viruses are created to do the most damage. Most people have PCs, therefore most viruses are created to take down PCs. If everyone had Macs, then Macs would get just as many viruses as PCs get now.

Congratulations, Jobs, you perfected the art of willing highway robbery.

I'm not saying that he's evil and shouldn't be commended for how he did push for change and developments in computers, but on the same note, the man was hardly a saint. He was very good at what he did - making computers and then charging way too much for them.

How very American of him...
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Text speak in anything OTHER than a text message.

When I see text speak in stories (and not because a character is reading a text), in "serious" blog posts or anything where proper spelling and grammar should more or less be required, it sends me over the edge.

Because you look like an uneducated MORON. I will not take you seriously. So people who review a story of mine with "lol gr8!" is immediately deemed an idiot in my mind. While I appreciate that you enjoyed whatever I've written, if you feel a need to comment do so with proper spelling and grammar. Likewise, if I leave a review for you with, "The plot was strong, but your atrocious spelling and grammar made me want to quit reading a quarter of the way through," don't assume that I'm being a troll. The review function on various websites is meant for readers to leave constructive criticism for the author so the author can say, "Oh, hey, they're right, I really should watch my tenses." For someone to start raging that their writing is "just fine" and "doesn't need any work" after recieving constructive criticism really drives home the whole "uneducated moron" label I've given them by default.
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The Blair Witch Project. I know it seems cliche, but when it came out it revolutionized the way horror movies were done. Hack and slash flicks were considered passe by audiences - the formula had been done to death. What The Blair Witch Project did was take it make the move low tech, and instead of constantly bombarding you with Jason or Freddy slashing their way through the cast and rivers of blood, it kept you guessing what, if anything, was out to get them. I think because you never see what's out there in the woods, the sense of impending danger is much more real. Because then it was a lot harder to walk out of the theater (or living room) without wondering what was in the shadows that could get to you.

This formula, at least for a while, was successfully executed by M. Night Shyamalan, who liked the idea that the unknown was always much more terrifying than something that we could identify. It's a formula that Steven Moffat also uses to great success, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

Ask any Who fan who the most terrifying Who villain is, and the most common answer is the Weeping Angels. That's right, Steven Moffat made cemetery statues, actually any statue, terrifying beyond belief. He has also made shadows terrifying - the Vashda Narada are flesh eating shadows, making any dark place a personal hell if you think about it too long. Also keep in mind how much of the past year of your life you actually remember. How much of it is just a faint blur? Now what if the reason why you can't remember is because there is an alien race using post hypnotic suggestion to guide your actions and you don't remember them after you turn away from them? Oh yes, as silly as Steven Moffat can get (see the Red Nose Day specials "Time Crash" and the "Curse of the Fatal Death" to see just how silly he can be), he can also be absolutely terrifying.

And really, The Blair Witch Project made the sort of low tech, what the hell is hunting me horror film popular. Of course now it's the formula that's been done to death, but when the movie first came out, it scared the shit out of EVERYONE.
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Hm. I have a passable grip of Spanish. I lovingly refer to it as "combat Spanish" in that I really only end up using it in tight pinches where I need to get something said, and while it's no where near perfect, it's enough to get a point made. Further more, said Spanish is Cuban Spanish versus the Mexican Spanish that dominates the area. Confused the hell out of my Spanish teacher in high school because while she was teaching everyone to speak Mexican Spanish with the Mexican accent, I spoke Cuban Spanish with a Cuban accent (with the lightest traces of Dominican, or so I was told), which is what I grew up hearing. After a while my teacher gave up trying to correct my accent after she listened to an interview with Gloria Estefan in Spanish and realized that my accent was Cuban and therefore technically not wrong. Something I haven't lost from my Spanish classes, though, is my ability to sing Christmas carols in Spanish. I can still rock "Noche de Paz" like no one's business, thank you very much (also this is much to my father's amusement).

I also had a basic grasp of German AND Russian at one point, though since I learned that back in middle school, I've lost pretty much everything excepting knowing how to count to nine in German and how to order beer in Russian (long story on how I remember that tidbit). I've learned a few key phrases in French, but those are just humorous phrases.

I would like to learn American Sign Language. I remember in kindergarten we had weekly lessons in ASL, but I hardly remember any of it. And what I can sign is "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (at leas the main verse) which I learned in elementary school and do it often enough that I can still do it. And I can still sign the alphabet. That's about it. I don't know if I want to be completely fluent in ASL, but I do remember a deaf customer at the store where I used to work and I could sign "hello" and "thank you" (and that was it) to him. I would have liked to do more, but alas, I've long since quit that job.

I'd also like to start learning Japanese, especially since there is a very strong possibility that my husband may end up working there next year. I'd like to be able to function in town without the constant need for an interpreter, but we'll see how that pans out. It's possible that he'll also end up in Australia - in which case I'd probably force myself to learn the basics of Australian slang and whatnot.

Ultimately, my goal is to learn how to say, "Where is the bathroom?" (or "Where is the toilet?") in as many different languages as possible.
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"Regrets are just a way for the foolish and the guilty to pass the time." -Cho Hakkai
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Appetizer: Coquettas de Jamon, no dipping sauce required.

Main course: Cuban style black beans and rice with tostones as a side.

Dessert: Flan

Drink: Honest to God Cuban mojito.

That is my idea of a perfect meal. I wonder if I can get my dad to make it for me the next time I go down to visit?
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"Welcome home, sweetie! How was work?"

And then I get to listen to him bitch about the asshattery that's going on at his office.


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