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My car is clean. Like, make sure you're wearing some sort of protective eyewear when you look it because it's so damn shiny.

The weather this spring has been absolute crap and I just now got a good enough forecast to allow for me to wash my car to the nth degree. My husband started early, washing his car and then doing the clay polish on it, followed by waxing it. After I dragged myself out of bed (rather reluctantly because my bed was nice and cozy and the idea of sleeping forever seemed really good) and fed myself, I forced myself to go for a bike ride. Once I got home and showered, I took some time to have coffee, followed by quickly throwing stuff in the dishwasher and running it before going to wash my car so it could also get the polish and wax.

And now my husband, sweetheart that he is, is changing the oil in my car as well as getting the headlight casings restored because they're cloudy and therefore not very effective.

I'm doing laundry (joy) and I should probably empty the dishwasher. Of course after being on my feet for most of the afternoon means that I really just want to sprawl on the bed and not move until tomorrow morning. Not that it's going to actually happen, mind you, because there is a boatload of laundry to do and I really shouldn't put off the dishes.

Even if I want to.
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See, that winter storm watch that all of Washington is under right now is still in effect. I doesn't end until 10 PM tonight. I've only seen a handful of snowflakes all day, while I was eating breakfast. Nearly everywhere around us is getting snow, but apparently the Tri-Shitties is getting nil. Knowing us, we'll get rain if we get anything at all.

Nothing huge to report today - my husband is taking the Honda is to the dealership today to have the headlight wiring inspected as per the recall notice, and if it's cheap, an alignment job done. As such, he's probably taking his lunch at twelve-thirty instead of eleven-thirty, so he can get done with lunch and then drive the Honda to the dealership, with me following him the whole way. Once the Fit is dropped off, I'll drive him back to work, pick him up when work is done, and then drive over to pick up the Honda when everything is done. (Which reminds me, [ profile] dqbunny, did you get a recall notice on your Fit? I'm just wondering how widespread it is, as the letter said it was on the 07-08 models.)

Aside from that I was going to be making chili for dinner tonight. Trent had suggested going out, but I reminded him that the last Bollywood Movie Night before Maria moves was on Friday and while I could make the chili tomorrow, he'd be the only one eating it. We decided that the chili would be good for tonight (since snow or no snow, it's still freakin' cold outside), and that he could get into the leftovers from last night's split pea soup or the chili while I was having dinner with the girls tomorrow. Thankfully this can be done in the crock pot, and I'm just waiting on the cutting boards to be cleaned before I start the full prep.

I suppose I should probably try find lunch - I'm debating a salad against a sandwich. Both options are good, but I don't know which one I want more.
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So I made a quick post earlier, but I didn't really have time to make a full post.

I have time now.

Anyway, now that I'm done stating the obvious, I went to visit my grandpa today at the hospital. We visited for about an hour before he started nodding off, and he was sitting in a chair, as opposed to being stuck in the bed. He had also been officially discharged from the ICU, but was still there when I went to visit because they hadn't managed to find a room for him elsewhere. He'll probably stay in the hospital for a few more days, and once he is finally discharged from the hospital I'll be spending time over at my grandparents' house to help out if necessary. Thankfully most of my work can be done from my laptop.

After that, my husband and I stopped and got new tires for the Fit, which greatly reduced the road noise and now the car is quieter and handles better. However the downside of that was that I missed my saree delivery, but they'll try again on Monday (or so says the tracking feature on UPS). Which means I'll get my saree on Monday (odd that they're delivering on President's Day, but then again only most federal agencies will be shut down then) and then my wigs on Tuesday, and that means Tuesday night I may or may not start styling Sheena.

Admittedly she doesn't need to be styled until April - but what the hell. I'd like to get her done and maybe I can do a few photos around the apartment so people can see what I have done. And while my hair is roughly the right length for Sheena, I can't get it to be styled the exact same way. Also, I'm a brunette. With red and blond highlights. Yeah, I'm not dying my hair black for ONE character.

Anyway, I'm currently taking a break from the character building for my first attempt at a screenplay. I'm going to adapt Allerleirauh (linked to it's original format, incest and all) for a movie, preferably your typical family animated fare. This means that I'm removing the incest (though small children will be oblivious to what it is, I know I didn't get it the first time I read the story), creating an actual villain, fleshing out the "King" who has been made a prince and deciding that I'm tired of the idea that at least one parent has to be dead. Allerleirauh's mother will be spared in this adaption. So far the character building has been kind of fun, especially since I like the idea of the Mole making a Heel Face Turn and making the villain a cross of Gaston and Jafar as far as his personality goes. Obviously he'll be fine tuned but at the moment I'm thinking someone with Gaston's ego and Jafar's intelligence. Which should make him really scary when push comes to shove.

Okay, it's official, I'm fading so I'm going to go pass out dead asleep. Besides, if I have to try and slog through any more German names, I'm likely to start hurting myself.
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I don't really have any big plans for today. My husband and I bought a new battery for my car at Costco (about twenty dollars cheaper with a three month warranty than anywhere else) and probably this afternoon or tomorrow morning he'll change out the old battery with the new one. The old one will be taken back to Costco so that they can dispose of it properly.

While at Costco we decided to stock up on a few essentials. I'm pretty sure we now have enough toilet paper to get us through the Apocalypse, along with a crapton of lotion (because winter dries me out like nobody's business), and some supplements. I've been having wrist and hip issues, my husband's bad knee is going from bad to worse, so glucosamine and a daily multi-vitamin were picked up. We'll see if that helps at all.

I've decided that I want to make some Gurren Lagann icons, especially since another member of the GL comm uploaded screen shots of both movies. I'm also toying with the idea of making a GL mood theme. Mostly because I can and I think it would be funny. And what else do I really have planned for today?

Though, I probably should finish cleaning the guest room. My dad called me yesterday and asked if it were possible for him to stay with me when he came up to visit. I'm not entirely sure what the plan is beyond him spending Christmas with my sister and her kids. I know that he wanted to visit with me on the 22, and I have no idea if I'm supposed to be making dinner, but that may be the night that I plan for something that could possibly be good for 3 people. Hm, my turky-loaf, perhaps. That said, he also mentioned traveling on the 23rd. I have no idea where to - I know he was talking about going up to Pullman for a quick visit but I have no idea if he was planning that before or after Christmas. And where he proposed trip to the Walter clan in Wenatchee was planned for.

Anyway, I've got roughly two weeks to finish getting things cleaned up around here - mostly because I do want things clean when my dad get here. (Which means I should try and find a frame for a print I picked up in Cannon Beach over two years ago. It's still not framed and thus not hanging on the wall like I originally intended.) I have to try and recover the dining room table again because 'tis the season of copious amounts of junk mail and catalogs. I need to sort through the ones that I might potentially be ordering out of, or else stick them in to be recycled. I also need to find a home for the poinsettia that I've inherited from my mother-in-law. At the moment I think it's going to end up on the coin operated candy dispenser right next to my aloe.

Okay, it's official. I don't want to do anything right now so I'm gonna just sit on the couch and play video games.
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Not like it matters that I'm not writing for NaNo right now - I'm pretty far ahead so it's not like I have to write today. Obviously I still am, and I'll probably write tonight as I watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars, Skating With the Stars and Castle. I've written less than 500 words today, but it's less to do with being uninspired and more about "Oh hey, it's snowing!"

Speaking of snow, I mentioned last night that it was really coming down. When I woke up it was very lightly snowing and petered off after half an hour. At eleven thirty it was starting up again and by noon there's enough that it's starting to pile up again. Normally I wouldn't care and would just enjoy it, but I have a meeting for a fundraiser I'm working for at 5:15 tonight. I'm planning on leaving a hour before and spend some time checking out the library (it was remodeled last year and I am as yet to officially check it out) before going across the street to the meeting.

My car's battery is on the old side, so there was slight paranoia about if my car would even START. If it didn't it's not like it's a big deal to catch the bus, but I'd rather not. After some coughing and sputtering my car finally started up and purred quite nicely. I cleaned off the snow as I let her sit and warm up, before turning her off and heading back in to officially eat lunch. I'm going to have to clean off my car again, but it's better than having the three to four inches that was already on it to have an addition one to two inches.

That just leaves driving. Last year I never really had a reason to drive in the snow, and while the previous owner says that the car does well in the snow, I've never actually tested this for myself. Because it's warm enough out that the roads are just wet, I should be fine. I probably won't be doing any driving tomorrow because it's gonna be slicker than snot on a door knob. No chance of a Chinook blowing through either, because it's supposed to be cold and STAY cold through Thanksgiving.

On the plus side, theoretically it should be pretty and white as I decorate for Christmas this weekend.

Anyway, I should get back to NaNo - I have some tea and good music to write to.
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So I can check a few of those items off of the "To Do" list for Seattle.

1) Car Washed
2) Oil Changed
3) Interior cleaned
4) Tires inflated

At about eleven this morning my husband and I headed to his parents house to change the oil in my car. I hadn't had it done since December, so obviously it was about time (even if I had only driven about 400 miles since then). That was a bit of an experience as my car is low to the ground and getting it up on the ramps to elevate it enough so my husband could get under it took some work.

After changing the oil we headed to Freddy's to pick up a few odds and ends for the car (and an aluminum water bottle for me) before heading to the car wash to get all of the dirt and grime that my car had accumulated since we bought it at the end of October of last year.

I hardly recognized it once we were done.

Once the car was washed, we headed back to my in-laws house to wax and clean the interior. All of the upholstery was cleaned (and stain guarded), all of the floor mats vacuumed and spot treated, and all of the plastic and faux leather was treated. (The car now has a lovely chemical clean smell.) While I worked on the interior, my husband worked on the waxing, and my car is now so shiny, I can see my reflection in it.

Once all of that was done, he inflated the tires, including the spare. And it was a good thing he inflated the spare because it was roughly 49 psi UNDERinflated. So if I had gotten a flat, I would have been S.O.L. The tires on the car itself weren't bad. A little under, but not dangerously so. However, now that they are properly inflated, I will now see that I get a little better fuel economy.

On the Thursday before we leave, I'll gas up the car and get some snacks. As I now have a Rewards Card with Freddy's I don't have to harass my husband for the fuel card anymore. I still have to fill out the paperwork and hand it in, but it's not like there won't be time. As it stands, I was thinking about going and getting another pair of pants from Freddy's ANYWAY so it's not a huge deal.

Anyway, I'm glad my car is clean and aside from the fact that I need to put in my new air freshener, everything is looking good.


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