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I've made it absolutely no secret here that I love to cook. I've posted numerous entries of either recipes or experiences in trying/making new foods.

I was talking to my family last week about my cooking (my brother and his girlfriend were up from Florida and as a result my mother invited her parents along with me and my husband over for dinner). It came up over the course of the evening's chatter, about how I had been cooking pretty much since I could read well enough to follow recipes. Hell, I got my first cookbook for my fifth birthday - before I started kindergarten.

I still have that cookbook, twenty-three years later. It's well used - the cardstock pages have warped and discolored due to years of spills - and I realized that I still default to it for lots of recipes. If I'm making brownies from scratch, I'm using this cookbook. Mashed potatoes? Muffins? Homemade "fried" chicken? A quick refresher on the finer points of cooking eggs? A strawberry butter to put on French toast?

I've managed to collect a number of cookbooks since - my husband and I have a great affinity for the basics along with a few niche ones. I have an entire cookbook for the slow cooker, another deals exclusively with snacks to serve with tea. We also look for recipes to try online. Blessed is the Internet that provides us with inspiration.

But it doesn't matter how old I get, the "kid's" cookbook that I got for my fifth birthday is still the one I go to for the basics. I've really been using it when it comes to steaming vegetables. No joke, the section is titled "Non-Yucky Vegetables" and gives you the proper cooking times for an assortment of veggies with the goal of getting them hot but not steaming the bejeezus out of them so that they're roughly the same consistency of baby food in your mouth. And even now it's a God send.

Sometimes wonder if I should have gone into culinary school rather than getting a B.A. in history...
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So while the rest of the country broils in that lovely heat bubble, I'm in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying cooler than average temperatures.

It's delightful.

Today it's supposed to be in the high eighties to low nineties - perfect weather for a swim in the privacy of my parents's back yard. Also, their pool is warm while the one at my apartment complex is freezing. Which is great when it's 105 degrees out and no so great when you're only up to 85. I'm actually going to don a bikini and try and get some sun. I'm tired of being pasty pale and I certainly would like to get a natural tan rather than having to fake it.

I really should go shower now, seeing as I still need groceries. The fun part will be trying to figure out what I want to do for dinner on Monday and Tuesday as my husband has a business trip and I have the apartment to myself. Knowing me it'll probably be take out in between bouts of sewing.
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Appetizer: Coquettas de Jamon, no dipping sauce required.

Main course: Cuban style black beans and rice with tostones as a side.

Dessert: Flan

Drink: Honest to God Cuban mojito.

That is my idea of a perfect meal. I wonder if I can get my dad to make it for me the next time I go down to visit?
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So, with my parents all over the local (and even non-local, is some cases) news, I'm expecting some chaos tonight. Probably not helped by the fact that when I used the Captain Mal's Wisdom app on Facebook yesterday, my dear Captain said, "It never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?"

I really hope that it's just a fluke and not a prophecy for tonight. :/

Anyway, I really should be eating a light lunch (because dinner will be early because of what time I have to get over to my parents' house to help out tonight) but I'm not really hungry, coupled with the fact that I have no idea what I even want to eat. At any rate, I'm probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon doing some tidying up around the apartment because I'm going to invite my parents over to watch the Seahawks game tomorrow because they won't be able to really watch it tomorrow. Not that their house lacks TVs, but I just figured I'd extend the invite to come watch it in HD at my place because their usual TV (the behemoth that lives in the corner of the living room) is currently covered by Halloween decorations.

All things considered, what I should do is have a quick bite to eat, followed by doing a little cleaning (mostly picking up odds and ends from around the apartment and dusting), and then sitting down and working on the slip stitching on my dress.

Speaking of my dress, it's more or less fully constructed, with the final bit being to slip stitch the bodice lining to the rest of the dress. I finished hemming it yesterday, so aside from the slip stitching and making a few tacks to get it properly fitted (and maybe a little clean up on some of the edges and folds), I'm practically done. Because Lydia is a series of straight lines along with the spider webbing being drawn on by hand, she'll take me all of an afternoon to complete.

Of course, I also need to start thinking about NaNo - which will probably be all kinds of fantastic, as the first couple of days will be combined with sewing in some way, which may mean my first couple of days aren't very productive. It also means that the first couple of days will be spent writing on the couch when I'd rather be writing at the dining room table. Ah well, not much I can do about that until I get everything cleared off the table and that won't happen until Lydia is done. So.

High time I find some food so I can get on with the rest of what I should be doing. Even if I don't get all of the cleaning done today, I really should get as much done as possible so I don't stress myself out trying to get everything done before tomorrow's football game.
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Today's scent is Versailles - reminiscent of King Louis XIV - from BPAL's Wanderlust collection. It smells like gilded red and gold citrus with amber, ruby roses, jasmine and orris, and reminds me faintly of baby powder. ^^;; It's not a bad scent, but I don't think it's for me.

In other news, I finally beat DotNW last night, after much swearing at the TV and Richter in general. After a couple of mystic artes (specifically, Lloyd and Zelos, because of the original ToS cast, they can do the most damage in single hits) I managed to finally beat Richter into submission. Oh yes, this also took me something like ten tries and forty-five minutes to officially pull this off. I'm hoping that on the New Game Plus I'll be a little more leveled up so that I don't always get immediately pwned by Alice or Decus, or Richter for that matter (even though you really only have to beat him once, all other battles do not result in Game Over).

I suppose I should start going through cook books trying to determine what I want for dinner this week. I'm not really inspired and there's nothing that I've really been wanting so I'm completely at an a loss.


Nov. 10th, 2009 06:10 pm
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As per usual, most NaNo related entries are found at [ profile] penismighter but this I'm going to share with my whole f-list. Some of you twice.

17490 / 50000 words. 35% done!

I am freaking delirious that I'm actually head. I mean, I'm always head by around 300 or so words but I'm actually head by a pretty good chunk - almost 1000 words.  However seeing that little "35% done!" is making me very happy for some reason.

I think I can now go find food.  I just have to decide on if I want split pea soup or lasagna.  

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I'm drowning here folks, drowing in wedding plans.  Freaky-deaky.   I have a dress.  I have shoes (finally!).  I need a bra.  We have flowers.  Catering.  Location. Need official.  Need string quartet.  Have cake topper (well almost, but more on that later).  I need to light a fire under m fiances ass, and get him to go and do the tux thing.  Because we're doing this a Prom weekend (he's reading this as type, over my shoulder) he needs to get going on that.  

As to the cake topper, I have a family friend who is a glass blower.  He's going to make it, but it's still in the conceptual stages right now (read: sketch with notes).  Hopefully he'll have some mockups for me to look at and we'll finalize everything.  He's also really excited about using the real gold to embellish it.  An ounce of said gold is over $800 per ounce.  Oh yeah, hitting the big time here.

Well, I'm going to go find foodage.  The fiance and I were starting to get hungry.


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