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Got up and took a shower, and then I made breakfast. While sipping coffee I opened birthday cards and have spent most of today answering posts on Facebook and doing laundry.

And reading.

Husband is currently making dinner. Waffles, because they are least likely to upset my stomach since I've been nauseous since I went to Vegas last Wednesday. It could be nothing more than PMS, which sometimes likes to present with flu-like symptoms, or it could be pregnancy. No clue. We'll know tomorrow.
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So. Today is my birthday. And so far it has been awesome.

I was still up at 3 AM as Kate walked down the aisle, which is also when I flipped off the TV, closed the tabs with fanfiction, and said, "Screw it, I want to sleep for my birthday!" I finally crawled into bed at a quarter past and fell asleep at half past. Then my husband thought it'd be nice to wake me up at 8:30 not realizing that I had, at that point, only five hours of sleep.

But what the hell. I was at con last weekend getting less sleep. So.

Husband made me blueberry muffins for breakfast, along with coffee, allowing me to sit on the couch and check email, watch news reports on the royal wedding, and basically dallied online until eleven when I decided that I needed a shower. I'm wearing my Doctor Who shirt that [ profile] sideshow_ericka got me for my birthday a week ago at Sakura-Con and a super comfy pair of jeans. I then spent the rest of the day lounging around the internet, tweeting about stupid things and responding to well wishes on Facebook.

The list of swag is pretty nice.

My in-laws got me cake decorating supplies - tips, bags, rings (the plastic part that attaches the tips to the bag) and a frosting spatula. My mom got me a pewter figurine of an angel and a shirt and capris. My step-dad got me a $25 gift certificate to B Cubed. My sister got me earrings. My brother got me a lilac scented candle. My dad got me one of those preloaded credit cards that I could use on whatever (which is most likely going to be my burlesque Sailor Venus costume). My husband got me the Slave Leia apron and the Millennium Falcon window shade. That's right. Han Solo is currently driving my car.

So there was no drama this year. My dad didn't forget - he actually remembered to ask what I wanted (which lead to, "Um...I like to sew and do crafty things...") so I got my gift on time.

Praise the Lord for small miracles.
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Hey folks - today is my birthday.  XD

And there are only four days until my wedding.  Oh yeah, busy week.

The girls and I partied hardy on Saturday night, hitting the bars, singing karaoke and generally having fun.  The general consensus is that we should go do it again.   The nice thing is that the fiance doens't care, and would actually go along as the DD so that we girls can drink.  He's awesome that way.  Anyway, we look forward to future excursions with the girls and sillines that involves Blow Jobs, Buttery Nipples, and other creatively named shots.

Anyway, methinks it's time to check in with other blogs, etc.


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