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Meme from [ profile] earthstar_moon:

1. Comment with "DON'T SAY GOOD-BYE!"
2. I will give a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

1) Tamaki Suoh - Ouran High School Host Club: Oh Tamaki-kun, you're just precious. No. Really. He's a total moron, truth be told, but he's so genuinely sweet that you can't help but think of him like a humanoid golden retriever.

2) Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket: She's a special brand of love that can defrost even the coldest of hearts. Like Tamaki, she's genuinely sweet, but behind her kind smile is a seriously broken girl. Thankfully, for all the love she gives she seems to inspire it in return.

3) TARDIS - Doctor Who: Don't tell me the TARDIS isn't a character. She is! She stole a Time Lord (or the Time Lord stole her, we're not sure) so she could see the universe! She knows the Doctor's moods and knows where he should be even when he's not entirely sure where he should be. She will always be his sexy thing.

4) Tenebrae - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World: In a world of either super cheerful determinators or really angsty emo heroes and villans, we got Tenebrae, All Mighty Snarker and Centurion of Darkness. A welcome breath of fresh air as he snarked and sniped about EVERYTHING.

5) Trowa - Gundam Wing: I can't even pinpoint why I love him. Just everything about his character, the hidden depths that we're teased with but rarely see is probably the main reason, though. That, and I thoroughly approve of his use of MORE DAKKA to get the job done. One Macross Missile Massacre coming up!

That said, I really had to wrack my brain to come up with answers for this, as Tamaki and Tohru were the only ones who came to mind. The rest required sifting through my different fandoms to find characters who qualified. Apparently there aren't a lot of characters whose names start with the letter T in my fandoms. Hmmm.
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Today's BPAL scent is Against Idleness & Mischief from the Mad Tea Party collection. Based on the poem by the same name, the scent smells like pollen-dusted honey, tonka, chamomile, and hyssop. It's a bit sweet for me, and a bit too floral for my likes. Not bad, but just not me.

Anyway, it's been raining like crazy where I live. Yesterday my parking lot was almost completely flooded, and the street right in front of my complex was probably under a foot of water. Apparently the drainage system here can't keep up with the kind of rain we've been getting. Even as I write this, there's a downpour outside. I was wondering if I would need to water the plants today, as it turns out, nature is taking care of that for me. I just hope they don't drown because they're getting TOO much water. :/

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, though we'll see if that actually happens. In the mean time, I have some time to kill and the Wii is calling my name.

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"Well, they might have added a Magdalene to it."

"Wow, biblical insults. This is an advanced school."

Todays BPAL scent is Magdalene from the Sin and Salvation collection. It's a light scent of white roses, labdanum, and wild orchid. Touted as, "A stirring yet gentle perfume. The scent of love and devotion mingled with an undercurrent of heart-rending sorrow," on me it smells like talcum powder. I don't know how the last several scents have all come to smell like talcum powder on me, but they do. Kind of irritating because I love how Magdalene smells in the bottle - soft, feminine, without screaming, "Hi! I'm a helpless female!"

In other news, yesterday I played the Copypasta game from various back-up CDs to the HTPC. I transferred all of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation to the HTPC, all but three episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and all of Zettai Kareshi. The only reason three episodes of PGSM wouldn't transfer is apparently due to the way that the files were written onto the data discs. I can still play them from the CD - so it's not like I can never watch those episodes again.

I'm still chugging along on DotNW New Game Plus. I'm glad that I'm up to level 30 already - as it will mean that fighting Decus won't be just a pain in the ass and won't take fifty bazillion tries. >_< And since I've finally figured out how to use Zelos' mystic arte (though I can't say I've ever used Marta's...hmm, I should probably give that a try) I can now bring the pain. Heh. Well, at any rate I should probably find some lunch and then clean off the grill so that my husband and I can do dinner tonight (since we're probably going to end up doing burgers).

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Today's BPAL scent is Sacred Whore of Babylon, touted as, "And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. An ancient formula that inspires unrepentant decadence, lechery and debauch." It smells musky, with incense and oils, probably what ancient brothels smelled like (I'm guessing, I can't honestly say that I know for sure). Honestly, closing my eyes and taking a whiff reminds me of sex. Go figure.

Yesterday I started my New Game Plus in DotNW, and I opted to keep all of my monsters. That has turned into something as a Game Breaker, as Titan, the wolf I caught in the beginning of my first play through, is almost level 90 and basically can one hit kill any opponent. This includes bosses. So while I'll probably make sure that Titan is in my ranks when I face off against Alice and Decus the first couple of times (and probably Richter, by default), the rest of the time he'll be hanging out with the Katz Guild while I level up my other monsters. Like Zanatu, who I used until I got better monsters. Poor widdle imp. X3

Anyway, I really should do my cleaning...I just haven't felt like it. ;_;

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Today's scent is Versailles - reminiscent of King Louis XIV - from BPAL's Wanderlust collection. It smells like gilded red and gold citrus with amber, ruby roses, jasmine and orris, and reminds me faintly of baby powder. ^^;; It's not a bad scent, but I don't think it's for me.

In other news, I finally beat DotNW last night, after much swearing at the TV and Richter in general. After a couple of mystic artes (specifically, Lloyd and Zelos, because of the original ToS cast, they can do the most damage in single hits) I managed to finally beat Richter into submission. Oh yes, this also took me something like ten tries and forty-five minutes to officially pull this off. I'm hoping that on the New Game Plus I'll be a little more leveled up so that I don't always get immediately pwned by Alice or Decus, or Richter for that matter (even though you really only have to beat him once, all other battles do not result in Game Over).

I suppose I should start going through cook books trying to determine what I want for dinner this week. I'm not really inspired and there's nothing that I've really been wanting so I'm completely at an a loss.

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Today's BPAL scent is The Light of Men's Lives, inspired the Grimm's Fairytale "Godfather Death." I don't really know how to describe the scent - bittersweet, I suppose, with a hint of wax and musk. And the vague scent of something burning, as well. I think it's supposed to be reminiscent of a burning candle. It's okay, but it's not a favorite.

Anyway, I'm gearing up to face the final bosses in DotNW - so I'm currently revisiting past temples and dungeons to pick some fights and gain some experience points to boost Emil and Marta's stats. I want to try and get through the final bosses without using a bazillion items. And see if I can't get at least two of Marta's speed cast abilities. Unlike the original, side quests are a long running affair and about the only way you're going to get them is if you instigate them in previous chapters. Well, I suppose it's something to keep in mind for later play throughs.

I thought I would have most of this weekend to sit around and play, get my bearings, see if I could totally beat all dungeons, etc., because my husband was supposed to be going out of town this weekend with his dad. They were supposed to do some pest control in back woods Idaho, but the weather is teh suck there, so now they're not going. >_< There goes my nice, relaxing, weekend.

Bleugh....I have to clean out the fridge now. The left-overs are starting to reach critical mass.

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I smell mysterious. Exotic. Like...Indonesia. Today's BPAL scent is Snake Oil, from their Ars Amatoria collection. It's a combination of Indonesian oils sweetened with vanilla. Like "O" it's got just a hint of vanilla adding a sweetness to the scent. I like it so far, but I've only had it on for a couple of minutes so I have no idea how the scent will hold out. Some age fantastically (like Alice's Evidence or Lorelei) while others just seem to get worse. So far so good, but before I actually decide to buy it, I'm going to let it age and see what I think at the end of the day.

In DotNW (which my friend [ profile] travellyr hilariously pointed out that she reads that as "Do Not Want"), I'm up to Altamira. Joy of joys, I'm wandering around the resort town without the luxury of being able to really wander (damn Vanguard). I have found that I've finally adjusted to the battle system, and using Mystic Artes to PWN thine enemy is ridiculously fun. ^_^ Hopefully on subsequent play throughs I'll be able to use more than just Emil's Mystic Arte - as most of the original cast has some pretty epic fire power (but more than anything else, I just wanna see Zelos' angel wings!!). And, y'know, be pathetically leveled up. DX Sadly, Emil doesn't level up all that quickly - mostly because while your chances of being experience points are good, they've really upped the number of EXP that you need to get to the next level. Usually the only time you're going to level up is if you're wandering around dungeons looking for fights (which isn't always a good idea) or beating a boss. I prefer the boss beating method - but sometimes that just won't level you up fast enough. Though I usually avoid battles (and thus using items/artes unnecessarily) I'm finding myself actually running into enemies because otherwise Emil will be pathetically leveled until I can earn either 2x or 10x the experience points. *sigh* No way around it, I guess.

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When my sister was in college, one of the dorms she lived in was called Orton. They actually put on their dorm shirts, "It's all about the O. How loud is yours?" (Compared to the ones that my husband's dorm wanted to put on theirs ("Engineers do their best work on their backs"), this was relatively tame.)

Today's BPAL scent is simply "O," from their Ars Amatoria collection. They describe it as, "The scent of sexual obsession, slavery to sensual pleasure, and the undercurrent of innocence defiled utterly." The scent itself is of amber and honey with a touch of vanilla. As a general rule, I can't stand vanilla as a scent. It's often too heavy for me and gives me a headache. However, blended in with the amber and honey, and being as light as it is, means that I smell sweet - and debauched. ^^ I like it, but I don't know if I actually want to buy it. More thought is required...

In other news, in DotNW I'm up to the Temple of Darkness, retrieving Tenebrae's core after he went from Deadpan Snarker to core state due to cute-but-evil-sadist-bitch Alice being, well, sociopathic. I actually tried to beat the damn thing last night but died. Part of it is that even though you're revisiting a lot of locations from the first game, they've changed things up, drawing you in DEEPER. It's not necessarily a The Developers Though of Everything sort of moment, it's more, "Let's put a lot of ambiguous doors that you can go through into the temples." And the enemies. And the frakking battle system. And oh yeah, the enemies certainly don't believe in the trope of If You Want To Fight Me, Get In Line. They will all gang up on you and PWN your ass and you have to do everything in your frakking power to get away long enough to have Marta heal you, or use a recovery item.

Oh, have I mentioned how annoying it is when you use too many "artes" or items? The characters actually yell at each other. "You're using too many items!" or "Don't just use artes!" Of course, then there's a snarky reply to each statement ("It's to win!" for the former, "But it's more fun this way!" for the latter), but you still get the feeling that you should 1) be better so you don't have to use a bazillion items just to stay alive, or B) learn how to properly combo attacks. As it stands, half the time I forget to use Emil's artes so the latter statements are almost never directed at me. I am guilty of using too many items. I kind of like being alive, you know. Makes it easier to win battles that way.

I suppose this afternoon I'll try to beat the Temple of Darkness. I have to remember that I can't just rely on what I already know about the temple (even if I found that "hidden" treasure chest because of it).

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Today's lovely BPAL scent is Marie from the Diabolus collection. It's violets and tea rose, the favorite scent of one very spoiled Austrian teenaged princess whose husband was most (The fact that they had children was probably a direct result of thinking about other people and a duty to the family line.) Anyway, it's an old lady scent again, and on me it smells a bit sour. Oh yeah, I won't be buying this one.

In other news, I wrapped up Tales of Symphonia last night and officially started Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Part of me wants to slap Emil, however, he is the Woobie Destroyer of Worlds and I know part of the reason for his timidness is the fact that he's basically starting from scratch - he has the look of one person, the name of another, and absolutely no memories of either. (See, "Sucks to be Me.") Functioning well in society isn't something he does.

So far it's a little weird - new voices for a good chunk of the cast (only Kratos (the narrator), Colette and Presea have the same voices) and it's going to take some adjusting. But I'm sure I'll make the adjustment. I do enjoy that I can still navigate around towns based on previous experience, though. ^^ On the flip side, battle systems are going to take some adjusting (see, "Damn You Muscle Memory").

At any rate I'll be playing some more this afternoon, so hopefully I'll have a better grip on the game play by then.


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