Apr. 22nd, 2012

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1. Comment with "May the odds be /ever/ in your favor!"
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows

[livejournal.com profile] earthstar_moon gave me the letter E. If you'd like to see the first batch of letter E candidates, please check out this entry.

1) Elizabeth Bennett, Pride & Prejudice - I think we can all agree that Elizabeth Bennett is awesome. And the way that Jane Austen uses her character to poke holes (and fun) at the social expectations of the day was brilliant. She's a strong female lead, who wants to live her own life and while there are certain social constraints she must abide by, she wants to bow to no one.

2) Ermengarde, A Little Princess - I always felt awful when Sara lost everything, but the fact that even though she's lost all of her material wealth, she still had Ermengarde's friendship somehow made everything better. Ermengarde, who is introduced as being so shy and aware that she's not smart or pretty, risks everything to maintain her friendship with Sara even though it's considered socially unacceptable. As a girl I always felt that it was a sign of hope, that things would eventually get better for Sara and that everything would be okay in the end.

3) Eyal Lavine, Covert Affairs - Oh man. Where to start? Eyal started off as a contact of Annie's in one episode, but apparently was popular enough in the fandom that he was brought back for two more episodes and Oded Fehr is willing to come back and do more episodes if asked. He's a great foil to Annie. She's all rookie optimism, he's the jaded one with the experience. On top of which they are HOT together - I always feel like my TV is going to explode from all of the hot they produce.

4) Ernie, Sesame Street - ♫Rubber ducky, you're the one...♫ Honestly, I loved Ernie when I was a kid. I couldn't miss a segment with him. Or Super Grover, but that's an entirely different entry. He was a little out there, which resonated with me. I was always the odd duck out, in my own little world, doing my own thing and to a degree so was Ernie. I'm a bit neater than he is, though. XD

5) Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls - Oh where to even begin? I sometimes saw my grandmother in Emily - domineering, micromanaging, do as I say right now or I will make your life hell. I could see a lot of my family in Gilmore Girls, actually, but the parallels between Emily and Lorelai and my grandmother and my mother was eerie. Ultimately I love that Emily is an extremely complex character and that as the series progresses we get to see more of what's underneath the iron lady veneer.

Wow, that was actually pretty difficult. Having done "E" before I didn't want to repeat so I had to wrack my brain coming up with five more characters with "E" names. Apparently fictional characters with "E" names are kind of rare. I had to dig into guest characters and children's programming to come up the full list. o.O'


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