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Happy birthday, [ profile] trystan830! Hope it's a great one!
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I'm a fan of my bed.

It's big. It's cozy, especially when my husband isn't hogging the covers.


I stayed up late with [ profile] forgotten_relic, finally turning in at 1:30 this morning. I managed to pull myself out of bed at just after nine, grabbed my Aperture mug filled with coffee (the cake may be a lie, but the coffee isn't), and settled on the couch to surf teh interbuttz. I made sure to post on my brother's Facebook wall for his birthday (he's 26 today), and yesterday most of the family got together to celebrate my grandpa's birthday a day early. (Yes, my brother and our maternal grandpa have the same birthday. It's a family thing, apparently, to share a birthday with another family member.)

Also, today, at least according to LJ, is [ profile] faithchan's birthday, so a very happy birthday to her! I hope it's wonderful!

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, but we're going out to dinner tonight because we figured trying to do it tomorrow would be too hectic. Since he doesn't want a cake, I'm making a blueberry pie (unless he wants a different kind of pie...I should probably check with him) instead. This is going to be my first attempt at making crusts from scratch, which could go horribly, horribly wrong. Or it could just right and I get a perfect, flaky crust.

If everything turns out, tomorrow the "Food Porn" album on Facebook will have a few new additions. (Goober that he is, he's not allowing me to play with my cake decorating supplies. So he'll probably end up with slits in the crust in the shape of a cake because that's how I roll.)

Anyway, I'm more or less just killing time until the Pro-Bowl starts and I'll watch some of that before we go out for dinner. Seattle went from having one person selected to five when four other people dropped out due to either illness or injury. As it stands the Seahawks did okay this past season and I really feel that they're on the right track to give the 49ers a run for the money next season.

I think that sums up everything for me at the moment. Life's been pretty quiet around here. It's been warm (today it's in the high fifties) and kind of wet, but it's always possible that we'll get hit with another snowstorm. I would not be against that, especially since I'm officially off of crutches I can actually go play in it. (Though first I should consider hitting up either Big 5 or REI to find snow pants. Wet jeans suck.)
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First: NaNoWriMo

I'll probably repost this on my official NaNo LJ, along with some of my thoughts on the project. But I feel that I'm trucking along nicely, and will probably do another 2k today at some point. However, long story short, the story keeps veering off in weird directions, that hopefully, with a little editing, with eventually make sense. Until then, I'll just keep writing as it comes to me.

And now a shiny word count meeter.

23224 / 50000 words. 46% done!

Second: Birthdays

This has been the week of birthdays. On Sunday (the 6th) was my step-dad's birthday. [ profile] sideshow_ericka was on Monday. Wednesday was [ profile] cindy_73. Friday was [ profile] antiquitydreams and my kid sister. Today is my mother-in-law and my cousin's birthday. And I want to say that there are a couple of friends with birthdays still to come in the month of November.

Finally, Life in General:

So my husband has been working a shit ton of overtime. With the vendors being dumb and the general push to try and get major revisions and paperwork submitted, approved and filed before the holiday season, my husband is positively swamped. Yes, we appreciate the extra cash this will give us this holiday season, but my husband is getting so burned out that the best he can do when he gets home is slumping into his chair at his desk and play mindless flash games all evening.

As it stands he has to go in today, and he would go in tomorrow if the servers weren't going to be down for their monthly maintenance. He also put in seven hours yesterday (his day off) because he's so behind. I've tried to take up as much of the housework as possible seeing as my job really only takes a couple of hours each week (though that may change, currently submitting myself to the floating admin pool at the local hospital), but he still insists on helping out. I tried to tell him that I'd do the dishes and clean the kitchen today while he went in to the office, but he still emptied the dishwasher and the proceeded to load the dirty dishes in the sink while I took my shower.

So much for making him take a load off. However when my husband gets bored, he gets fidgety. And when he gets fidgety, he usually cleans something. I really can't stop him, even if I wanted to.
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Happy birthday wishes to [ profile] trystan830 and [ profile] jenifermichelle!!
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So. Today is my birthday. And so far it has been awesome.

I was still up at 3 AM as Kate walked down the aisle, which is also when I flipped off the TV, closed the tabs with fanfiction, and said, "Screw it, I want to sleep for my birthday!" I finally crawled into bed at a quarter past and fell asleep at half past. Then my husband thought it'd be nice to wake me up at 8:30 not realizing that I had, at that point, only five hours of sleep.

But what the hell. I was at con last weekend getting less sleep. So.

Husband made me blueberry muffins for breakfast, along with coffee, allowing me to sit on the couch and check email, watch news reports on the royal wedding, and basically dallied online until eleven when I decided that I needed a shower. I'm wearing my Doctor Who shirt that [ profile] sideshow_ericka got me for my birthday a week ago at Sakura-Con and a super comfy pair of jeans. I then spent the rest of the day lounging around the internet, tweeting about stupid things and responding to well wishes on Facebook.

The list of swag is pretty nice.

My in-laws got me cake decorating supplies - tips, bags, rings (the plastic part that attaches the tips to the bag) and a frosting spatula. My mom got me a pewter figurine of an angel and a shirt and capris. My step-dad got me a $25 gift certificate to B Cubed. My sister got me earrings. My brother got me a lilac scented candle. My dad got me one of those preloaded credit cards that I could use on whatever (which is most likely going to be my burlesque Sailor Venus costume). My husband got me the Slave Leia apron and the Millennium Falcon window shade. That's right. Han Solo is currently driving my car.

So there was no drama this year. My dad didn't forget - he actually remembered to ask what I wanted (which lead to, "Um...I like to sew and do crafty things...") so I got my gift on time.

Praise the Lord for small miracles.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] earthstar_moon!! Hope it's wonderful!!
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Sorry I forgot this yesterday - I was a bit busy. ^^

Happy birthday, [ profile] sistaofpeace1! Hope it was wonderful!!

Knee Deep

Feb. 28th, 2011 02:15 pm
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First of all:

Happy Birthday [ profile] dqbunny!

Secondly, today has been spent poking at my pay job. I'm still not quite sure how everything works/is formatted/put together, so I'm poking at meeting minutes following the previous month's minutes as put together by the previous administrator for the TCLBA as a template. So far so good, but I took a ton of notes and I have no idea what all goes into the minutes and what can be excluded. I guess right now I'll throw everything in and then I'll have my mother go over them to make any necessary changes.

Thirdly, I have the second to last KNRC fundraiser meeting tonight. [ profile] travellyr just informed me that they're putting hockey stick key chains onto business cards (for the upcoming hockey night with our local hockey team) and if they don't get done by the meeting, the meeting will be recruited to put them together. I volunteered to go in early as I usually spend half an hour or so at the library waiting for the meeting to start because I refuse to drive in the rush hour traffic if I can avoid it. So I'll be heading in to help attach key chains to business cards and promptly became the most loved person in the NRC office.

Finally, I had a nice dinner with my adopted sister last night. She's in town visiting my older sister and her family, and made time to have dinner with me and my husband. We went to P.F. Chang's for dinner and then to a local ice cream shop for dessert. After that we dropped her off at my sister's house (where she's staying) and went home. I watched the end of the Oscars, and then spend another three hours poking around the Internet, as I had slept late that morning and therefore wasn't tired until LATE.

That, of course, bit me in the ass this morning when my alarm went off at seven-thirty. I promptly hit "Off" and slept for another two hours. I finally dragged myself out of bed to take a shower and have a cup of coffee before diving into cleaning and work, all while listening to the Nerdist's podcast with Nathan Fillion. And probably in a little bit I'll do some exercise with Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (the dancing game is a full body workout), then shower and get my but to the KNRC office.

I suppose I should get back to the meeting minutes. The more I get down now the less I have to worry about before next week's meeting. At least the wind has died down.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] bandnerd88!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] forgotten_relic!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!! Thanks for being my adopted sister!!
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] hikari318!!!

In other news, I've finally arranged musical viewing with my friends, and we're going tonight. The musical is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which I've never seen before. My baby sister plays one of the secretaries in the production, so I'm going mostly to cheer her on. She's put a lot of work into this (as my alma matter is notorious for having one of the best drama programs in the state and thus the whole production has a lot of work put into it), and I'm really excited for her. And I'm glad that a couple of my friends will be there to share it with me as well.

I can't really think about anything else that's worth posting. The meme from this entry is still open if you'd like to play along, or not. Whatever.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna play some more Zelda. I've been coordinating musical tickets, etc., today, and the list of attendees now includes [ profile] amberdexterious and Sabrina because my mom had a couple of extra tickets that were originally picked up for her parents, but they've caught a bug and can't go. But that's okay. I know my friends will be there for Jax. :3
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So my birthday is over. Technically it was over yesterday, but I hadn't celebrated with my family yet.

My birthday-birthday was pleasant enough. My mother and I went out to lunch that afternoon because otherwise she wasn't going to see me at all on my actual birthday. I also had several friends wish me well on Facebook. [ profile] teamspyder called me and sang to me while [ profile] genetic_drift sent me a lovely V-gift. [ profile] bandnerd88 wished me well in an entry. My dad did actually remember to call me, apparently there's a story there.

He had an alarm to remind him set on his cell phone, except the alarm went off at 8 am EST. That's 5 am PST. He thought about calling me then, and then realized that I would be mad panda if he did that. So he decided that he would wait a few hours. Except he kept putting it off all day (remembering when he couldn't actually call me) until he nearly forgot. Just before he climbed into bed he called, claiming that he didn't really forget, he had been busy and hadn't found a spare moment to call me.

The phone call lasted all of five minutes. I find it hard to believe that he couldn't find five spare minutes to call me. (And in true Dad fashion, the content of the call revolved around him. Didn't really care what I had to say.) He apparently has been so busy he didn't even have time to get me a card. Or a gift.

And speaking of gifts, I have an idea of what I want from him. One of the scent lockets from BPAL. And maybe a bottle of perfume, too. My husband got the me Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! shirt from ThinkGeek and Tales of the Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I'm currently replaying the first ToS game, and when I'm done I'll load the save data into DotNW. Though I've heard it really doesn't help much. ^^;;

My in-laws got me an hour long massage at one of the local day spas, so I'll make an appointment here before too long and go and spend an hour relaxing and hopefully all of this tension in my back will go bye-bye for a while.

[ profile] sideshow_ericka bought me car air fresheners in lilac and vanilla lime, as well as a hook that you put on the table to hang your purse on at restaurants to it never touches the dirty floor again! Practical AND awesome!!

My younger siblings (Jack and Jake) bought me Animal Crossing: Wild World so I can play AC on the go (which will be good for road trips and whatnot). Also, so I can move out their game, where I started many moons ago but then rarely played because I didn't have a DS of my own at that point.

My mom bought me a $100 JoAnn's gift card, which I'll probably put towards a dress form. I figure it's a good investment, especially with as much costuming that I do. She also bought me good exercise clothes, because we had been talking about getting active and working out. Since my apartment does have the nifty little exercise room and I'm unemployed (again) I'm looking to start working out more.

My step-dad got me the first season of Merlin. I've seen it advertised and I've always thought that it looked interesting, but I never got around to watching it. I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching it, though. I enjoy Authruian legends and mythology, so this is something right up my alley. He also got me a lovely pair of earrings, which I hope I can wear because sadly, my ears are very sensitive.

All in all, things were good for my birthday. :3

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So guess who called me at five to seven tonight?

That's right - my dad.

Apparently he didn't forget my birthday - he just put calling me off until it was almost too late.

So, for shits and giggles, Sixteen Candles, in 30 seconds or less, re-enacted by bunnies.

"Oh sexy girlfrieeeeeeeeeeend!"

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Not so much "they" but more like "he."

The "he" in question being my father.

I've usually heard something from him by now, or at the very least gotten a card in today's mail.

I've gotten neither. And I seriously doubt the phone call because it's half an hour until nine Miami time and he usually goes to bed about nine or nine-thirty.

Oh yeah...I'm probably not getting squat, though tomorrow he's in for a very interesting phone call if he does forget.

Thanks, Dad. I feel loved.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] forgotten_relic !!!!

You've reached the quarter century mark!!!

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Very brief, actually. ^^

Happy birthday, [ profile] teamspyder!!!!!!!!

Have an awesometastic day!!
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Today is my baby brother's 12th birthday....which makes me feel old. Aside from that, nothing really interesting going on today.

In other news, you get this: The 20 Most Bizarre Craigslits Adverts of All Time as decided by the Daily Telegraph.

God bless the Brits for finding, and ranking, the best of Craigslist.

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Happy Birthday [personal profile] trystan830 !!! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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It's my birthday, and so far I've gotten a thread devoted to me on the Adventures in Anime boards, two text messages and a mumbled, "Oh yeah, happy birthday," from my husband. 

I'll get more as the day goes on, I'm sure.  I still haven't heard from my dad, my brother in Florida, or any of my other family members who usually give me a buzz this time of year.  The cell phone is here by my side so that when I get a call I can actually answer.  

Mmm...I'll have to report back with swag later.


Apr. 28th, 2009 10:06 am
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So tomorrow is my birthday. I don't have any plans. Once you reach twenty-five, birthdays are kind of a blah event. You stop caring about parties, and would much rather hang out with your friends and/or family than have some big brouhaha. I'm all for video games or sitting down and watching movies rather than hitting up the bars or going out to do something.

All I know for sure that my friend Ericka is going to be stopping by to give me a gift, I'll probably get a phone call or two from family, and my parents and two younger siblings, grandparents and in-laws will be stopping by to wish me well and join us for cake. Which means today I have to clean out the freezer some to make room for the ice cream cake. And I also have to clean out the fridge to make room for the top tier from the wedding cake (my one year wedding anniversary is on Sunday).

Still need to clean house as well, so that the apartment isn't a total mess when everyone comes over.  I don't care if there's a little clutter when my friends come over - they're used to it - but I do want it to be clean when my grandparents, parents and in-laws are over.  I also have to pack because I'm leaving for the weekend on Thursday.  >_o

How'd I end up with so much to do, anyway?


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