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So that huge storm in the Pacific Northwest has finally caught up to me. I believe the snow hit at three am. I woke up about one needing water and nothing had happened, yet. When my husband got up this morning I woke up (partly because I crashed right after White Collar last night) and peeked outside. There wasn't a lot of snow, but it was still falling, and it's snowing harder now than when I officially got out of bed just after seven.

I'm finding my bum ankle to be something of a double edged sword. I don't get to go out and play in the snow, but on the plus side I get to sit around on the couch and watch it.

Since the weather seems to be getting worse, my husband texted me to let me know that he would probably be sent home early. The last time that happened it took him an hour to get home, and we live less than a mile from his office. I haven't heard if they've decided to send people home yet, but I feel that it's only a matter of time. In which case I will probably either 1) play Skyward Sword all afternoon or I'll 2) watch The Wallflower on Hulu. All in all, I know I'm not going anywhere this afternoon and I might as well make the best of being couch bound.
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Today's weather has been strange, to say the least.

When I woke up, it was beautiful. A few puffy clouds in the sky, but for the most part clear, brilliant blue skies.

Two hours later there was a small thunder storm that went by. It lasted all of thirty minutes and again it was mostly clear with a few clouds. And hot. Like, OMG HOT.

Then this afternoon it decided to alternate between beautiful blue skies and cloud cover.

Then earlier this evening it decided to give us another thunder storm, followed by a sun shower (i.e. it's really sunny out AND raining at the same time, for those of you who might not have experienced that before).

Then it decided to clear up again.

Now we've got ANOTHER thunder storm and wind, and what's even better is that I'm pretty sure sure there's another fire out on site. And not too far from the reactor, if news reports are to be believed. (Don't worry, the Hanford fire department lives for these kinds of things, and they rarely have to deal with fires out on site. Though there was that time back in 2000 when Rattlesnake burned...)

Anyway, things are just weird around her today. And now I'm going to go back to my book and try to ignore it.
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So while the rest of the country broils in that lovely heat bubble, I'm in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying cooler than average temperatures.

It's delightful.

Today it's supposed to be in the high eighties to low nineties - perfect weather for a swim in the privacy of my parents's back yard. Also, their pool is warm while the one at my apartment complex is freezing. Which is great when it's 105 degrees out and no so great when you're only up to 85. I'm actually going to don a bikini and try and get some sun. I'm tired of being pasty pale and I certainly would like to get a natural tan rather than having to fake it.

I really should go shower now, seeing as I still need groceries. The fun part will be trying to figure out what I want to do for dinner on Monday and Tuesday as my husband has a business trip and I have the apartment to myself. Knowing me it'll probably be take out in between bouts of sewing.
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Well, had a heck of a storm yesterday. Hopefully some time this afternoon I'll upload the video that I took. We had driving rain, as well as thunder and lightening. Very, very frightening me! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Figaro-oh-oh-oh-oh! We unplugged all important electronics (so the computers, TV and stereo system) and resorted to just sitting back and chilling.

Or in my case, I kept reading. I finished Anne of Green Gables yesterday afternoon and then read all of Anne of Avonlea before bed. This afternoon I'm going to read Anne of the Island (which is probably my favorite out of all the Anne books) and then probably start on Anne of Windy Poplars within the next couple of days. Since a handful of the Anne books are public domain, I got those off of Project Gutenberg to put on my nook so that I can take them anywhere. I do have the entire series in paperback, though, so I can read the entire series without waiting for the rest of them to become public domain. I've also decided that I want to watch the TV movies again, which I can thankfully get off of Netflix.

This does mean that I should probably clear off Farscape and watch those streaming (because they are streaming, and I really don't watch the bonus features on the DVDs), which will also mean that my husband and I can add actual MOVIES to the queue and watch those instead of getting the Farscape DVDs and trying to slog through them. Sheesh, I've had several episodes from season 2 (or is that season 3) sitting on my end table waiting to be watched and I just haven't had the urge. So. Memo self - this afternoon take the rest of Farscape off of the queue and start loading it up with other stuff - stuff that I'm actually going to watch.

At any rate, I do need to do my cleaning before I can do any reading, but that's a given, considering that I can and will spend a whole day reading if I feel so inclined. Tomorrow I'm going to work on TCLBA stuff (as well I should), and try to get as much as that done as I can before I call my mother so we can work out dues and whatnot. (Not that it's particularly hard, but I need to get used to the mail merge function in Word.)
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See, that winter storm watch that all of Washington is under right now is still in effect. I doesn't end until 10 PM tonight. I've only seen a handful of snowflakes all day, while I was eating breakfast. Nearly everywhere around us is getting snow, but apparently the Tri-Shitties is getting nil. Knowing us, we'll get rain if we get anything at all.

Nothing huge to report today - my husband is taking the Honda is to the dealership today to have the headlight wiring inspected as per the recall notice, and if it's cheap, an alignment job done. As such, he's probably taking his lunch at twelve-thirty instead of eleven-thirty, so he can get done with lunch and then drive the Honda to the dealership, with me following him the whole way. Once the Fit is dropped off, I'll drive him back to work, pick him up when work is done, and then drive over to pick up the Honda when everything is done. (Which reminds me, [ profile] dqbunny, did you get a recall notice on your Fit? I'm just wondering how widespread it is, as the letter said it was on the 07-08 models.)

Aside from that I was going to be making chili for dinner tonight. Trent had suggested going out, but I reminded him that the last Bollywood Movie Night before Maria moves was on Friday and while I could make the chili tomorrow, he'd be the only one eating it. We decided that the chili would be good for tonight (since snow or no snow, it's still freakin' cold outside), and that he could get into the leftovers from last night's split pea soup or the chili while I was having dinner with the girls tomorrow. Thankfully this can be done in the crock pot, and I'm just waiting on the cutting boards to be cleaned before I start the full prep.

I suppose I should probably try find lunch - I'm debating a salad against a sandwich. Both options are good, but I don't know which one I want more.
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Since the entire state of Washington is under a winter storm watch/advisory, I've decided that today is a good day to clean house. Especially since I didn't feel like exercising today and cleaning house can actually burn a lot of calories. There is a reason why they call it "house WORK."

It is currently windy as all get out (in the Tri-Cities, NO WAY!), and trying rain/hail/snow/slush. WE HAVE PRECIPITATION, OKAY.

Since my husband and I said that we were going to vacuum and deep clean on Sunday (and then didn't), I'm doing it today. I'm going to try and recover the dining room table again and then unearth the guest room, seeing as in little over a week my baby sister is going to be sleeping there.

I'm not too terribly worried about the dining room table - most of it is paperwork I need to shred and toss, and put my CDs back into my car. There is also the small matter of cleaning out the box that I'm going to store the TCLBA documents in, but I'm also planning on getting around to that today as well. The guest room requires me to find something to do with our old home theater system, as we have no use for it now. The DVD/CD player is a little wonky, but otherwise it works just fine. I think we were going to try and pawn it off on my husband's sister or parents, otherwise we were going to take it in for recycling. I then get to tuck boxes, bags that were brought down due to traveling, and try and find a place for costume pieces. Which may or may not include me taking everything out of the closet to try and get everything to fit. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

At the moment I really should have lunch and get going again, and remind myself to put on a sweat shirt before I go into the guest room because we have it closed off and it's cold in there.
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First of all, a quick update on my weight loss. So far I'm down about five pounds, in about five months. I'm okay with this. There are serious health risks to losing weight rapidly, and I'd rather not go that direction. For the most part I'm exercising for 20-30 minutes Monday through Friday, usually doing Wii Fit. I really should haul my butt down to the exercise room and get on the treadmill and the weight machine. However I'm doing a variety of exercises on Wii Fit Plus so I'm hoping that while I'm not specifically targeting particular muscle groups, I'm working everything over the course of the week with the result of slowly getting rid of this excess weight. Point in case, my calves are looking nice and firm. Now if I could get my glutes and thighs to the same point all would be dandy. Though...actually I'm not interested in looking sculpted. A bit thinner, yes, but I don't want to be able to identify muscle groups though my skin. I'd prefer to just trim down my physique - and I may need to consult a doctor about that because my weight issue may be that hereditary thyroid problem that may take some medication to get straightened out.

To add to my exercising, my husband and I have been focusing on eating healthier. This including buying a lot of fruits and vegetables the last time we went grocery shopping. Instead of grabbing junk food for snacking on, I grab either a clementine orange or an apple. We're also focusing on light, reduced fat, and fat free items, as well as reading food labels in an effort to cut down on fat intake because not every thing comes in fat free or light options. I think I'm going to try and plan all of next week's meals out of the Ellie Krieger cookbook, where the emphasis is on healthy eating and substituting higher fat items for lower fat and healthier items. It's certainly not going to kill us to eat out of that cookbook, on top of which the recipes are all really good and certainly don't taste low fat and low calories. Hooray for not eating cardboard!

Weather wise it's starting to warm up. It's only supposed to be something like 36 today and it's already up to the mid forties. Naturally the snow is melting quite rapidly - and we're going to stay warm(ish) for the next week or so, meaning that by the middle of the next week most of the snow will be completely melted. I think the only snow that will remain will be whatever was shoved to the side in the parking lots. At least until it starts dumping on us again.

I think I'm going to take advantage of my husband being at work this afternoon and start wrapping presents, as well as printing off the photos from the WSU campus for my dad's collage. I kind of miss the days where I would be done with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, meaning that the moment the tree was set up, I would start wrapping and tease everyone with their gifts which sat under the tree for nearly a month before they could open them. I'm still waiting for a few of the gifts to arrive (as I only ordered them yesterday), but that's really not an issue. I can finally stop hiding the presents under the bed in the guest room and taunt my husband with them under the tree.

Anyway I'm going to get lunch and then take care of the photos, which are really the only gifts I have left. Except my step-dad. I still have no idea what to get my step-dad. I've resorted to asking my mother but apparently she had no idea either, so short of calling him and picking his brain or visiting with him this weekend to try and figure out what he wants, I'm going to have to wait until my mom gets back to me with ideas.
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Actually, my apartment isn't freezing. It's 68 degrees, but I'm also wearing two pairs of socks (one pair regular cotton and the other pair fleece), my Doc Martins, Jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a zip up hoodie. I'm actually quite comfortable. This is probably also helped by the fact that I had a pot of water on the stove simmering in an attempt to get some humidity back into the air.

It's still colder than cold outside - but I'm fully planning on spending my day inside, with cocoa or tea, and working on my novel. We shouldn't be getting any more snow dumped on us for a while, but this stuff is going to hang around for a while - followed by freezing rain. Oh joy. (Please note all intended sarcasm.) I volunteered to go help my grandma clean house and whatnot tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll make it over there. For one it might be too cold and my car won't start. Secondly, I have no idea if the roads will be good enough for me to drive on. Yes, I would like to know how it handles in snow but I'm certainly not about to test it in these conditions. And again, I have no idea if my car will even start. So much for getting the battery replaced before the cold hit.

Anyway, back to work on my novel. The finish line is close and I'm gunning to get as much done before Thanksgiving as I can.

And on an unrelated note, happy Festivus.
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Of what I've been dealing with today:

All this snow is wreaking havok on the community. )
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Not like it matters that I'm not writing for NaNo right now - I'm pretty far ahead so it's not like I have to write today. Obviously I still am, and I'll probably write tonight as I watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars, Skating With the Stars and Castle. I've written less than 500 words today, but it's less to do with being uninspired and more about "Oh hey, it's snowing!"

Speaking of snow, I mentioned last night that it was really coming down. When I woke up it was very lightly snowing and petered off after half an hour. At eleven thirty it was starting up again and by noon there's enough that it's starting to pile up again. Normally I wouldn't care and would just enjoy it, but I have a meeting for a fundraiser I'm working for at 5:15 tonight. I'm planning on leaving a hour before and spend some time checking out the library (it was remodeled last year and I am as yet to officially check it out) before going across the street to the meeting.

My car's battery is on the old side, so there was slight paranoia about if my car would even START. If it didn't it's not like it's a big deal to catch the bus, but I'd rather not. After some coughing and sputtering my car finally started up and purred quite nicely. I cleaned off the snow as I let her sit and warm up, before turning her off and heading back in to officially eat lunch. I'm going to have to clean off my car again, but it's better than having the three to four inches that was already on it to have an addition one to two inches.

That just leaves driving. Last year I never really had a reason to drive in the snow, and while the previous owner says that the car does well in the snow, I've never actually tested this for myself. Because it's warm enough out that the roads are just wet, I should be fine. I probably won't be doing any driving tomorrow because it's gonna be slicker than snot on a door knob. No chance of a Chinook blowing through either, because it's supposed to be cold and STAY cold through Thanksgiving.

On the plus side, theoretically it should be pretty and white as I decorate for Christmas this weekend.

Anyway, I should get back to NaNo - I have some tea and good music to write to.
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So it's snowing. Like, A LOT.

It's going to be a white Thanksgiving where I live.

(Watch, in two days a Chinook wind is going to blow through and it will all melt.)

And guess who has a meeting she has to drive to tomorrow. X3 I didn't drive my car at all last year in the snow so I have no idea how it handles in the snow. I guess I shall find out tomorrow.
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The Pacific Northwest is being slammed by a storm today, so intense that they've closed down various river mouths and bays (Columbia River mouth, Tillamook (pronounced till UH muck - saying till UH mook will earn you laughter and scorn) Bay and the Siuslaw (pronounced sigh YOU slaw) River mouth) because the storm is supposed to be so bad. Being about 300 miles inland, we're not going to be slammed, but we'll get a fair amount of rain and such, so needless to say I'm going to enjoy the fact that I can sit on the couch and watch my football (that's American football, to those of you who are not American) and not have to go anywhere.

Speaking of wacky weather, it was pouring when I took my shower, and when I got out ten minutes later it was bright and sunny. It's gone back to being breezy and overcast, with the promise of rain in the next couple of hours. Like I said, the perfect day to sit on the couch and watch football. The Seahawks don't play until 1:05 PM PST, and so I have a couple of hours to kill until the game starts.

The way I'm thinking about wasting time is by playing some Animal Crossing: City Folk. If you're a little lost, you can read this entry where I talk about the game and how it works.

I've finally managed to get the perfect town. One of the goals of the game is to get the perfect number of trees and flowers in each acre and create the "perfect" environment. If you do and keep it perfect for fifteen days, you can get a gold watering can that has a special effect on flowers, as well as the elusive Jacob's Ladder flower will bloom. (Well, the Jacob's Ladder will bloom on the first day of the perfect rating.) I'm trying to maintain the perfect rating, and I have to play every day to do that. Also, I've been buying candy like mad woman because at Halloween your neighbors "Trick or Treat." Give them candy or they'll take something from your pocket, change your clothes, and all in all make you miserable. Giving candy to the Halloween spirit Jack will earn a piece of the Spooky furniture set. Of course, the snag is that your neighbors are all dressed up like Jack. Should be fun trying to find the real one. At any rate, I've got a ton of candy stored in my drawers, and I'm READY for Halloween.

Anyway, I think I'll go play. As fascinating as Mythbusters and Ghost Adventures are, I wanna play for a bit. :)
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I'm sewing a couple of skirts. One skirt is made out of an off-white linen. The other is made out of black and white striped linen. The fun part is hoping that I cut the fabric correctly so that it doesn't make me look wider than I am. So far all of the stripes vertical where it counts (center front and center back), but once everything gets sewn into place I have no idea if it'll still be that way. :/

So...tonight I probably start pinning everything into place to double check. I may even start sewing, as I'm sewing mostly straight lines which theoretically means that I could finish the skirt tonight and then have tomorrow to finish the second one. Seriously, straight lines. I'm a big fan of sewing in straight lines.

Nothing else exciting going on around here. It's cooled down a bit, but we've been dry with high winds. Basically that translates to, "If anything catches on fire, we're screwed!" Knock on wood that we haven't and WON'T.

WTF Weather

Jul. 9th, 2010 11:42 am
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It suddenly decided to be summer in the TC. I'm fairly sure, with today being a Hanford Friday Off, most of the population will either be in movie theaters or out on the river. I plan on hiding in the apartment with the AC on. After all, I still need to watch Main Hoon Na and cut out fabric for skirts ('cuz, you know, I've been saying that I'm going to cut out the fabric for a couple of weeks now) so I might as well get them taken care of, together.

I was debating going out shopping, but pretty much anywhere I go will be packed (i.e. the mall) save a couple of places, like the grocery store or the fabric store. I'd rather not mess around with the crowds, because, let's face it, people tend to be really irritating when they're hot (myself included).

I suppose all that's really left is a little bit of cleaning. Making the bed, getting the last of last night's dinner dishes washed and put away, and making sure that I did in fact dust EVERYTHING yesterday. Which reminds me...yesterday I spent getting things cleaned up around the apartment - dusting and vacuuming because those I only do when I remember that it really should be done - and that's a good thing since I may be watching my husband's cousin's daughter for a couple of hours next week. I'd rather things were cleaned up around here instead of messy. Admittedly, she's ten so I don't think she'd mind the mess, but I really feel better about things being clean. At any rate, the house was due for a good cleaning so I might as well get it done while I'm motivated to do it.

I suppose I should finish what's left to be done. The dishes won't do themselves and the bed still needs to be made.

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Today's BPAL scent is Against Idleness & Mischief from the Mad Tea Party collection. Based on the poem by the same name, the scent smells like pollen-dusted honey, tonka, chamomile, and hyssop. It's a bit sweet for me, and a bit too floral for my likes. Not bad, but just not me.

Anyway, it's been raining like crazy where I live. Yesterday my parking lot was almost completely flooded, and the street right in front of my complex was probably under a foot of water. Apparently the drainage system here can't keep up with the kind of rain we've been getting. Even as I write this, there's a downpour outside. I was wondering if I would need to water the plants today, as it turns out, nature is taking care of that for me. I just hope they don't drown because they're getting TOO much water. :/

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, though we'll see if that actually happens. In the mean time, I have some time to kill and the Wii is calling my name.

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There's a storm on the horizon - it's dark and foreboding. The rumbles of thunder are giving me chills.

Dude. It's AWESOME.

Anyway, today I skated three miles in an attempt to shake up my cardio routine. Aside from a few dirty looks from walkers, all went well, though I think I need to hydrate myself better before going out. I'm also thinking that we've officially gone from "WTF COLD" to "WTF SUMMER" in the span of about three days. WTF weather.

I'm debating whether or not I go skating again tomorrow or drag my butt down to the gym. Maybe down to the gym to lift weights and then on Thursday, after I let my in-laws' dog out, go down to the park and skate. Meh. Whatever.

In other news, I've decided to sample my imp's ears from BPAL, deciding on what smells good in the bottle, what smells good in the bottle and on me, what smells horrible in the bottle but smells good on me, and what smells bad in the bottle and on me. I'm currently wearing Fascinum, which I like in the bottle and actually smells pretty damn good on me. Though I think it might be more a scent for my mother, so I may let her sample it to see if she likes how it smells not only in the bottle but on her. (And upon looking up what a fascinum is, I think maybe not. Something tells me my mother won't be too wild about a perfume that is associated with phallus charms. But damn does it smell good.)

Anyway, shows start soon. Ta!


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