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For those of you who might be wondering what I'm wearing today, I think my friend [ profile] forgotten_relic has captured it best:

The under bust is real. Steel boning and a steel busk. If cinched super tight, I wouldn't have been able to breathe. )

The last one is so you can see my awesome boots. XD

That, ladies and gents, is what I spent the whole of September fighting with. But it was worth it. So very worth it.
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! ...Or not. )

I'm sharing this not to win, but to share the fun. And because Maleficent is AWESOME. Photo taken Saturday night - the pumpkin is now at my parents' house where it will be enjoyed by the trick-or-treaters, since I don't get any in my apartment complex.
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So I don't know when it started but one year, when we lined up everyone's jack-o-lanterns on the kitchen counter, someone said, "Well, those are some great pumpkins!" and they somebody yelled, "Great pumpkin!" and it sort of caught on. So now when someone says, "Great [insert noun here]!" everyone else yells back, "GREAT [insert noun here]!" Even on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, carved my pumpkin tonight. After a couple of years of pumpkins of being of questionable freshness when Halloween finally rolled around, my family started doing it a couple of days before. Disney's family site had a bunch of pumpkin templates for designs featuring their characters - Jack Skellington to Phineas and Ferb (and Perry the Platypus!) to Ariel and Mater. I opted for Maleficent's dragon form from Sleeping Beauty, which is appropriately creepy but also fun. Though Jack Skellington was a close second.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! )
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Tonight we collected 232 food items. Combined with the 475 from yesterday, that brings the grand total to 707 items of food (hell if I know how many pounds that is) for the local food bank. Also, something like ten bucks. (But cash is good, it allows them to get perishable items and things like infant formula and baby food.)

All in all, it was a successful venture and we got a great community response. I don't know if we'll be doing the same thing again next year - Halloween is on a Monday so I suppose it's possible we'll be open Sunday/Monday in order to continue the food drive, or perhaps since it's established people will just bring donations. Which would be all kinds of awesome.

I think I'm going to sit and chill for a bit - maybe go diving for fanfiction. I'm tired but not exhausted, and I managed to spend most of tonight in the house because Sheena's a little on the thin side. (Duh, she's made of broad cloth.) My baby sister was freaked out by the size of my boobs (for my new friends from the ToS community, read this entry about my adventures in getting a bra to give me the proper bust for Sheena) which are, for all intents and purposes, foam. Yes, those wonderful Bombshell bras from Victoria's Secret really do add two cup sizes. I go from a D to a DDD in a matter of seconds. And they jiggle when I laugh. Apparently, they also make it really awkward to hug me, as my sister found out today. My mom snapped a few photos when I was at the house, and once she gets them posted on Facebook, I'll figure out a way to share them with my friends here.

Okay, I think I should probably start the wind down, now. G'night everybody.
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But totally worth it. We collected 475 food times tonight for the local food bank. We're hoping to get a bit more tomorrow. I am now going to take a shower and pass out and stay dead until football pre-game shows tomorrow.

In which case I'll probably spend most of the day in half of Sheena's costume because it's comfy.
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So I mentioned the newspaper article AND that one of the local stations covered the house.

Here's the segment from this evening's news.

I'm not mentioned, so we're clear, but should we be covered tomorrow I'll make sure to put up links to that as well.
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Yeeeeeeesh. Went from the front page of the newspaper to the evening news. Only one of the local stations (the ABC affiliate, I think), but it's possible that the other stations will end up covering us either tomorrow or Sunday.


We are officially the biggest thing to happen on Halloween in our town. WTF?!

(On the plus side, I'm really hoping that this means that we'll be getting some really good donations for the local food bank. The more publicity we get (via Facebook, me Tweeting, the local newspaper and being on the local evening news), the better the outcome for donations. Over the years our local food banks have struggled to have enough for needy family in the area so I'm really hoping that this will help them out.)
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I am a zombie.

I'm running on about five hours of sleep. And here's why.

I went with four of my friends to the "local" (in quotation marks because it's a three hour drive from where I live) amusement park as in October they turn it into a horror park on the weekends. Riding roller coasters in the dark? Check. Riding one in the dark and backwards? Also check. We left a bit later than we would have liked, and because we also had to stop for dinner, we didn't get to the park until eight - about an hour or so after we would have liked. Naturally lines are something ridiculous so it took us roughly four hours to ride three rides. The park closed at midnight, and considering that we were riding rides at that time, we didn't officially leave the park until almost midnight-thirty.

Once we left the park, we stopped at a fast food drive-through, where we ended up in line for half an hour, just so we could get some hot food into us for the drive home. Once we got our food, we hit the road, and the first driver was fine until we got just out of Spokane, where she suddenly started feeling really tired and then starting having issues with her contact. At the first rest stop we found, I took over the driving under the pretext that by the next rest area if I wasn't feeling up to driving the rest of the way (which is about 40 or so miles from our "base of operations"), I would stop and we'd change out drivers. I was fine for the rest of the drive, and about twenty miles out of Pasco proper I was suddenly wide awake and got us home no problem. Which was probably a good thing considering I still had to drive home.

All in all I made it home in one piece, where I removed my make-up, put on my pajamas and crashed into bed. I slept until almost ten this morning (missing my boys on the Fox Pre-Game show, but that's okay), which is when I realized, "Oh, hey, football," and dragged my butt from the bed to the couch. My husband made coffee and muffins so I have breakfast, with little to no effort on my part. It's been quite nice not to have to think much more than, "Log-in to various social networks."

We've decided that if we do it last next year, we're going to leave home much earlier (we had to choice as to the time we left as one of our friends was working until twenty minutes before we left), trying to get the park at six (which is when it's officially "Scarywood") so we can leave by ten or eleven. Also, if for any reason we think we might we be late, we're going to get a hotel, end of discussion. We were lucky that three of us were awake enough to drive home, but had we all been completely exhausted, we probably would have been doomed.

And now, I'm going to watch football and just relax.
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I've been determined to continue with the Wii Fit Plus and not fall of the wagon. I have this nasty habit of doing it for two or three weeks, and then something comes up and then I don't do it for a couple of months. I've decided that if I do it when I get up in the morning, it forces me to do a few things.

1) Get up at a reasonable hour.
2) Eat breakfast - more than just coffee and a piece of toast.
3) Not waste water by showering more than once a day.

This also means that I have the day to spend on projects. Today I'm going to start cutting out pieces for my Sheena costume for Halloween, while watching Gilmore Girls for [ profile] backtodragonfly. Sadly the community is finding itself in a bit of jamb as most of the members are swamped with school and whatnot, and trying to find time to not only watch the three episodes a week but to also write up the responses to the discussion posts. That was part of the reason why I wanted to watch one episode a week (yes, I realize that it would take us a couple of years to get through the whole series, but it would also allow for ample time to watch and discuss, but I digress). So, to my Gilmore Girl faithful who have time on their hands, I ask you to join up to add to the discussion. Heck, if you remember the episodes really well, you don't even need to watch them again, you can just join in on the discussions. It would be much appreciated.

Okay, got off on a tangent. Pardon, pardon. Anyway, I want to get Sheena mostly sewn by the time October starts as I refuse to sew the Christmas Party dress during NaNo. I did that once before and it was almost more than I could handle. I figure I'll try to get as much cut out of the costume as I can this afternoon, and then work on getting the major pieces sewn together in the coming weeks. From there, I need to start working out (probably on scrap fabric) how to make the boot covers and the arm warmers. I'm going to buy pants, as they look like plain black cotton. And those I can buy pretty much anywhere. I may need to buy new shoes and paint parts of them to look right, but that shouldn't be too difficult with either fabric paint or acrylic paint (which, now that I think about it, are probably more or less the same thing. XD)

Once Sheena is more or less assembled (and I figure out how to properly do the hair...there may be a wig involved, or copious amounts of hair spray and temporary dye), I'm going to start in on the Christmas Party dress (view C, or the middle one, if you prefer). I'm actually going to make it in the same color as the illustration (that dusty rose pink) that goes with a set of pearls that I have. The crepe back satin will drape wonderfully, and best of all the dress is great for a figure like mine (more or less an hourglass shape, rather than an apple (top heavy), pear (bottom heavy) or rectangular (even on top and bottom with little to no waist line definition). I figure I'll just use the same shoes and purse that I got for the party last year, and that way I don't have to worry about trying to find shoes and a purse for this year. A couple of my friends have volunteered (I think) to do my hair and make-up, as well. Since the dress has a retro feel to it, we're thinking a finger-wave with nude make-up. The pearls will accent the retro look (they're freshwater, and in shades of pink, green and ivory, with purple beads).

So yeah, I more or less have the next three months planned out. I'll probably spend my evenings working on the outline for NaNo. I'm thinking that I need to go and buy a journal to put all of the info into, such as character biographies, plot outlines and details, and so on. I think I'll start book two of the Magnolia series. The first was called Magnolia Blossoms and I should start thinking about what the second book will be about. Ryder and Gabrielle have finally stopped arguing, so perhaps it's time for them to start courting properly, and of course Miss Olivia's son has his eye on Gabrielle and is sure to cause problems. Ooooh, drama!

Meh. I should find lunch. I need to get going for the day, project wise, anyway.


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