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Today is cool, overcast, with a chance of rain. The perfect kind of day to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. Admittedly, I have some other stuff that I should be doing (like, you know, looking for a job) but the book and tea idea is infinitely more tempting.

Of course, I once blew off school work to sit on the couch and read Anne of Windy Poplars while it snowed several winters back, so you can obviously see which choice is going to win.

Further more I have some cleaning to do around the apartment, as things are becoming cluttered again. I also need to remake the guest room bed, as I actually remembered to strip the sheets yesterday and wash them. I may give them a quick tumble in the dryer to get the wrinkles out (because they've been sitting in the dryer all night) before I tackle that specific task. I also wanted to start on those skirts - I think it's best that I get them done before I really start job hunting, as I can only imagine that it's going to be a major pain in the ass to sew while also juggling a job. And it's not like skirts are hard to sew in the first place.

And thinking of other things I should be doing, going down the gym to hit the treadmill comes to mind. Though I might come up with a "Gym Playlist" of happy, peppy music that motivates me to get moving. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Shamelessly taken from [ profile] bandnerd88.

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

There were a couple of my fandoms that weren't included - because Better Than it Sounds didn't have them. Because THEY SUCK. )

Seriously, if you're ever bored, look up the "Better than it sounds" description for a laugh, even if you aren't intending on doing the meme.

IRL, my husband went fishing on Friday and is getting back sometime today. That left me to do the grocery shopping, cleaning and planting of flowers. Which was fine. Last night I hung out with [ profile] sideshow_ericka and her housemate Krysti. We talked anime and cosplay (because even though I joined the Facebook group about how I like anime but I'm not a retard about it, I can act like a retard about it occasionally and not ALL THE FUCKING TIME) before settling down with the little bit and watching Sherlock Holmes. Which was played fantastically gay. X3

I like anime, but I'm not a retard about it. )

And speaking of work - tomorrow may or may not be my last day. The person I've been filling in for is talking to her doctor tomorrow to see if she has permission to return to work. If so, she'll be back Tuesday, if no, I'll be filling in for the rest of the week at the very least, and maybe into next week as well. I'm being taken to lunch by a couple of coworkers to say thanks for filling in on such short notice tomorrow regardless of the outcome. Which leaves me to wonder, "Where do I want to go to eat?" I've been told that we can go anywhere I want...

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So I made it through my first week at my temp job. It's relatively laid back - answer the phone, take messages, sort and stamp mail, greet visitors as they come in - and quite a bit of time is just spent sitting at the front desk, staring out the window. On the plus side, the corporate administrative assistant (READ: my mother) has several little side projects that she needs to get done but doesn't have the time to do, and so she hands them off to me, knowing that I will do it and do it right the first the time.

This week had an interesting series of "ups" - I would have to say the highlight was watching a submarine reactor being loaded on a truck from a barge. I always knew that sub reactors were taken out on site to be properly decommissioned, but I had never actually seen one before. Just a little west of the barge slip is the planned site of the USS Triton memorial park (see the Wikipedia article on the USS Triton here) which stands in honor of all of the sub reactors that are brought in at the barge slip to be decommissioned on site. Right now it's only the sail superstructure (which is 66 feet long and 23 feet tall) but will soon include grassy areas, paved areas and three flag poles (one for the Stars and Stripes, one for the Washington state flag and probably a US Navy Flag). The best part of it? Right next to the office where I currently work. If, for some reason, I end up being an established worker at FE&C, I can enjoy lunch at the park when it's finished.

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Leavenworth to take part in their Ale Fest. While I don't particularly care for beer, I'll still be going to because 1) it's Leavenworth and 2) it gets me out of town. We're going with his parents, who also enjoy beer tastings, and that means that depending on how much everyone has had to drink by the time we decide to leave town, I will be driving home. I'm perfectly okay with my status as the double d, because I'd rather drive home and know that we got there safely rather than having someone who is slightly inebriated drive us home and have a questionable outcome.

All in all, things are looking good right now. I even got a tentative job offer from a local engineering firm (that isn't FE&C) who is in need of a copy-editor. I may not have gotten my degree in English, but hot damn if I don't know how to write a paper (or a business proposal for that matter).

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Surprisingly, this post has nothing to do with architecture or wasting space.

It does, however, have to do with the fact that for the next two weeks I will be employed. Nothing major, just working at a receptionist at a local contractor's office while their regular receptionist is out on medical leave.

Before taxes, for two weeks I'll earn $696 and for three weeks I'll earn $1044. (FWIW, I earned just over $700 for seven days worth of work.)

I'm glad that I'll have some money in the bank. I put my big paycheck into savings and the smaller one into checking - less temptation to spend that way. Heh.

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So I got to go and pick up my paychecks. One was decently sized, the other was skimpy, but what do you expect when you only work for seven days? On the plus side, I might have another two week prospect on the horizon, and it could stretch into three. This one has no chance of becoming permanent, but it would be good for a little while and put a bit more money in my pocket. I'll talk it over with my husband at lunch and then give the HR rep a call back after.

Well, I suppose this week hasn't been a TOTAL bust after all.

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"This is my island in the sun...hoy hoy!"

Yeah, so.

I don't have a job anymore.

The meeting this morning about my future resulted in, "Uhhh, we're all caught up and we don't need three temporary clerks, just one will suffice." Well, I wasn't that one.

So my six week position turned into six (or was that seven?) days.

However, if I do find another job on site, my HGET training should still be good - unless I get in with ANOTHER group, in which case then I'll have to go through and do THEIR HGET training. Bleh.

I'm back to looking, but I'm not holding up much hope, though. >_< Apparently that hasn't been that much out there.

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I start at 6:45 tomorrow morning.

Suddenly, waking up to take care of Rusty has become a very good thing. It means I won't be an absolute bear tomorrow morning. XD

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So I got a call about that temp job my mom put me in for. They wanted to know what my availability is (wide-freakin'-open, thanks) and if I had to, could I start immediately.


Also, the $12/hour compensation that my mother put down for me isn't a big deal for them either. (I would have been happy with just $10/hour since my last job was making under $9.50/hour.) The guy who's doing the hiring is apparently waiting to hear back about when the position will start and will call me as soon as he knows for sure.

Gainful employment, even if temporary, is on the horizon. X3

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I have showered, gotten dressed, eaten, done dishes and have a batch of cookies in the oven. All before ten. (And once I finish this entry, I'll probably go and make the bed followed by putting a load of laundry in.) Part of this bustling productivity is that I've been getting up at the ass crack of dawn to let my in-law's dog out of the garage. And I've also decided that it's time to start waking up earlier because there is gainful employment on the horizon. (But more on that later.)

All of this waking up early has made me realize that I could, theoretically get up, put exercise clothes on, let the dog out, come back and work out, then shower after. Which in all reality, saves me from taking a second shower because I'm always sweaty and gross after running. (Thankfully, sweat production is always at a minimum while lifting weights, which is probably due to the fact that I do lower weight higher reps.) Today I'm going to get back into exercising because I didn't exercise at all last week, not even yoga, due to fighting off a cold. Let's face it, exercising is teh suck when it feels like you have a ten pound weight settled on your chest. However whatever I had I seem to be over, so it's back to working out.

Of course, this whole routine may change if I get a job. My mother contacted me on Friday with a job opportunity that a business contact of hers approached her with, basically asking her if she knew anyone who could fill a temporary position. Six weeks of working as an administrative assistant for one of the labs (or is it an engineering firm? I can never keep them all straight, all that alphabet soup up there) who are apparently working on a business proposal.

Guess who busted her ass to write a business proposal back in junior college? And guess who found it hanging out on her hard drive? Oh yeah, me.

If I do get a call about it, I'll have to print off a copy to take into the interview just so I can say, "And here's an example of a business proposal I wrote. By myself. It might not be exactly what you're doing, but I think it adequately shows my abilities for technical writing." Also, I'm freakishly organized when it comes to paperwork. Maybe even a little anal.

At any rate, even if it is only temporary, sometimes they'll keep you around if you prove yourself worthy of keeping. Honestly, I hope I do. This is probably a full time position, but it's better than nothing.

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Finally, after several months of looking, I'm finally getting a new car.  And by new car I mean a reliable car with working parts that will not crap out on me when I need it most.  Booyah.  It's a 2003 Mazda Protege ES, which currently belongs to a friend of mine.  Since she just had a car handed to her, she needs to unload the Mazda and is giving me a really good deal - as in pay what's left of the loan and it's mine (which is a couple of thousand dollars LESS than KBB price).  She's getting the windshield repaired tomorrow afternoon, and probably cleaning it out as well.  Apparently it was detailed not too long ago but it's managed to get pretty messy in the past couple of weeks.

The car has everything I need - cruise control, working heat/AC, CD player, automatic transmission - and best of all, FOUR DOORS.  HA.

Reliable transportation will go a long way in helping me look for a job, as I was really limiting myself to what I knew Dirty Diana could handle.  I really never wanted to take her out of my immediate area, even if there were better job offers across town.  Now with a halfway decent car, I can look around in a much broader area.

I'm still looking for something in the 9-5 range because even though a lot of the retail stores around here are starting their seasonal hiring, I know I'll get the crap shifts where I'd never see my husband.  I'd much rather work a schedule where I can see my husband and not a "he comes home as I leave" sort of deal.  It's irritating, to say the least, and not an easy thing for a fledgling marriage (hell, not an easy thing on an established marriage as my mom working one of those jobs was hell on her marriage to my step-dad).  Besides, it's not like I NEED to work.  Even if something happened and my husband was unable to work, we'd be set for a year - and that's just the savings.  Of course if he was unable to work, I'd be turning my application to the large internet shopping site call center where most of my friends work ASAP.  I know a decent job when I see one, but I don't necessarily need it at the moment. 

At any rate, I'm just relieved that I'm going to have a running car soon.

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Still waiting to hear back from the Clarion.  They have not called my references (or so my references say) which means that whatever hiring plans they might have had have now been put on hold.  I'm also going to see about possibly volunteering at the CREHST Museum, the East Benton County Historical Society Museum, and at the Franklin County Historical Society and Museum.  And maybe, if I'm lucky, they'll have a paid position for someone with a history degree.  (At the fair last year I talked to the nice folks for the FCHS&M and they seemed interested in a young person with a history degree - it's worth a shot at the very least.) 

Also, my husband is officially set to go to Baltimore.  He leaves in exactly one week, at 6:00 AM out of the local airport, which means I'll be getting an early start to my day because I'll be taking him to the airport.  Though I think it's probably safe to say that we could leave at 4:45 instead of 4:30, unless we're planning to stop at the Road 68 McDonald's to pick up some breakfast for him.  I will say that the lucky SOB gets to fly first class the whole way to Baltimore because those were the only seats left, but he has to fly coach on the way home.  We're going to discuss his itinerary when he gets home and figure out a plan of attack.  So I have two lonely nights without him, and I have to say pillows and stuffed animals are poor substitutes to someone who cuddles back and puts off heat.

Which means I may need to borrow someone's kitty.  Anyone have a whore-cat they're willing to lend out?

Other than that, I've been slowly working on my steampunk character.  Sophia is developing nicely, though I need to finish the long, official biography.  Personally, I subscribe to the Third Gunner's logic behind the demise of the cook, pushing Sophia into that roll from rigger with a fear of heights. 

(According to the rumors, the Third Gunner grew tired of the constant indigestion and heart burn, and finally fired him from one of the guns.  Now, this may be true, or she merely USED the gun to run him overboard.  Nobody is sure which, and she's not saying.  At any rate, after the demise of the cook, the entire crew played the game of," Not it!" which Sophia lost - because she had no idea that it was happening.  At first she had to deal with some intense ragging from Darcy and Maggie (one of the few times they've ever been on the same side of anything), but after the first meal, both Darcy and Maggie decided to lay off and now defend the greenhorn when she comes under attack from Bert because she insists that they half-way decent food on board and not whatever was cheapest.  The plus side of her being a naturalist means that if they ever end up in an exotic location, she can hunt for herbs and spices so they don't have to buy them.)  

That, and she lacks any real athletic ability so she did the job because it had to be done, and not because she was suited to it.  I'm currently combing my Illustrated History of the Civil War: Images of an American Tragedy because it is a great reference for weapons and dress of the Victorian era.  If anyone from the group would like to borrow said book, you certainly may - though keep in mind it weighs nearly five pounds.  Whether or not it's worth it to haul it around is completely up to you, as you can drop by at any time to to give it a looksie.  Though a little warning would be nice.  :3

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Today is the official "Grand Opening" of Avalanche, and since my husband and I have made it a habit to have date night once a week, we'll be going there to see the celebration AND have date night.  :3

Aside from that, nothing really going on today.  I didn't get around to straightening up the guest room yesterday, so I'll probably end up doing that, followed by seeing if I can track down the number for the Clarion Hotel today and call and inquire as to their hiring status at the moment.  Since I didn't get the job that I wanted, I'm once again looking.  I can't say that what I've seen on Craigslist is all that promising - y'know, aside from the Pope Hats and the signed first edition of Plato's Republic.  

I'm currently looking at patterns as well.  I want to make a witch costume for Halloween (since it is my understanding that the whole group will be dressing up as witches for our Halloween party, ala Practical Magic) and a new party dress for my husband's Christmas party.  I have an idea of what I want...but I can't seem to find a pattern that I like enough to actually spend the money to make.  Well, let me clarify - I think I found the perfect pattern for the witch costume, it's the party dress I'm having problems with.  Everything is slinky or requires the woman to be a stick to pull off or has no straps.  I don't care if I have the bust line to pull off the strapless dresses...I want straps, or better yet, sleeves!  After all, it's winter!

But I digress...not a whole lot that I can do at the moment.

Well rats!

Sep. 9th, 2009 04:44 pm
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I just got a letter from the Montessori school thanking me for my interest in the job, but another applicant was hired.

Guess I'll just have to start hounding the Clarion now.
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So I had a nice chat with the teacher (almost an hour long!), figuring out how I would work in the classroom and what my responsibilities would be, and we both agreed that it was something that looked good on my resume and school applications if and when I get back to doing graduate school. So I'm waiting now to hear if I would be an acceptable addition to the school.

In the meantime, I'm working on my steampunk character's back stories - making them imperfect in their own special ways and not MacGuyver - and, oh yes! I updated devART!

Pictures behind teh cut! )

So that about sums it up around here.  Photos from my trip to Florida but not in the, "Oh gee look!  We're in the Everglades and look at the alligator!"  Because as some of you remember, the trip into the Everglades did not go well for me.

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My second interview at the Montessori school is today - at 12:30.  I'm nervous because me getting a job there really depends on if the teacher likes me or not. 

Damn it, I should NOT be so nervous.

In other news, must try to steer my steampunk characters away from Mary Sue-ville, but not quite sure how...
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So, my interview at the Montessori school went SO well today, that I've already been called back for a second interview with a teacher tomorrow.  After that I'll have to take into consideration which job I want to work with, as both have some major pros and not a lot of cons.
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So I got a call from the Montessori school about five minutes ago.  They would be delighted to see me.  I go in for an interview tomorrow.  Which means I get to do the stupid, "What the hell do I wear?!" all over again.  But it'll probably be a skirt...nope, just saw my legs.  Slacks, flats, and a nice blouse (I think the pink one will go nicely with my black and white pinstripe slacks) it is.
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I had my first interview at the Clarion Hotel today, which I found out was the "pre-interview."  It came down to the hiring manager reads through applications and resumes, calls in people she thinks would be good, gets a feeling for them in the pre-interview, calls references, and if everything works out, calls the prospective employee in for a second interview with the big boss. 

I think I made a good impression, highlighting my years of customer service, my ability to be self-motivated (thank GOD for distance learning courses where you have to be self-motivated to pass!) and computer skills (thank you, Internets, for giving me a useful skill!). 

Anyway, I'll hear back from her sometime next week (she said that if I hadn't heard back from her in exactly one week, I could give her a call).  I'm actually kind of stoked to be working again, though I might need to get a couple of new pairs of slacks. 

Oooooooooh, exciting!!
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First of all - I have a job interview at the Clarion Hotel tomorrow.  ^_^  Completely unexpected, but not wholly unpleasant.  It's a nice place, the rehearsal dinner for my wedding was held there.  Anyway, hoping for something front desk part time if I can.  Otherwise I do have other options since I applied to a Montessori school today (and have my resume out to other places as well). 

Secondly, just watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I've been doing a Jones movie night for the last four days - leading up to Crystal Skull since I started watching it while waiting for for a friend to finish at the plasma donation center (and got an hour and fifteen into it, I found out tonight).  To this I have to say: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, if you're going to do anything with aliens, stick with Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind respectively.  Not that it was bad - it IS a send up to the B-action movies of the 1950s and all - but there were some parts where I just sort of sighed and rolled my eyes.  But what the hell, it's a fun movie, made me laugh, and kept me entertained for two hours (though for parts of it I was doing other things, like mending a dress or updating Facebook or taking calls regarding interviews).  John Williams is a genius with the score, as always, and it was nice to hear Marion's theme again.  And since we're on the topic of Marion, there's really no woman for Indy than spitfire Marion Ravenwood, probably the only woman who could best Indy, PERIOD.

And Harrison Ford.  The man has aged brilliantly.  :3  Even in his mid-sixties, he's kicking like he's in his he was when the ORIGINAL movies were done.  Shia LaBeouf is amazing as Mutt, who is a greaser with a prep school upbringing.  The leather jacket and the motorcycle - yeah, pretty nice.  He's an amazing actor and there will be great things to come in his future.


I'm excited about my interview - tomorrow will be spent in my closet going, "What the hell am I going to wear?!"


Aug. 23rd, 2009 09:34 pm
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So - I have a to do list tomorrow. 

Groom to make myself look decent (the unibrow must go away). 

Go to my mother's house, print out completed form from the KSD re:background check and mail it into the KSD because my version of Adobe Reader won't let me save the document and email it in like a NORMAL person.  >_< 

Drop off resume and perhaps talk to people at the Montessori school about potential job, and see if my cousin really does work there. 

Go into CREHST Museum and talk to them and see if they need a volunteer (better than sitting around the apartment all day) or perhaps a part time employee/researcher/tour guide.  Well, not that the CREHST needs tour guides because the museum is small, but people who know about the displays and can talk about them to tour groups, students, etc.

Also - I think part of the reason why I love history so much is because of Indiana Jones.  Too bad I don't have the rack, I could try and pass myself off as Lara Croft.  X3


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